Any corvette PvE loadouts?

Smalls and mediums with beam lasers. Large and huges with OC multicannons. Ships melt in front of it, heat’s only an issue if you lean too hard on the lasers.
All efficient thermal vent beams, save one small mc w/ corrosive just to debuff when shields go down, which will be very fast. Fixed or gimballed, whatever you are comfortable with. Can go hours with no reload, and if you need one it's just synthesis for one mc.
2 fixed class 4 beam lasers {grade 5 long range with thermal vent} the rest you can mix and match. Though 2 imp hammers on the medium hard points and a large multi and 2 small multi cannon can be very effective.
my pve corvette has two huge gimbled multicannons, and the rest are multicannon turrets with one large frag cannon turret :D makes for lazy pve'ing

also i run 4 shield banks and 2 heat sinks.

It loves wing assassination missions solo
Dont think fixed are time productive for Pve.
2 gimbaled huge beams, 1 efficient G5, 1 longrange G4 both with thermal vent.
2 turret medium beams efficient G5 with thermal vent. (Kill small ships without aiming in CZ)
1 overchanged large Multicanon and 2 small enforcers.(for acustic fun)
7A overcharged G4 PP
Wapponfocused PD
2x 7A SCB (swich)
2 heat sinks
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Weps all gimbld all grade 5
2 x hge effic laser
Rest Oc’d MC’s one small w/ corrosive
Charge Enhanced PD
OC’d PP Monstered
Prism shields Thermal
8 boosters - mixed
2 x7a SCB Specialised
4a interdictor - wide angle
3a fuel scoop
Fighter Hanger (don’t forget the pilot)
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The cat is out of the bag with huge efficient beams.
Use 2 huge efficient beams with vent,1 large fragment with drag the rest oc mc (1 small with corrosive).
Nose up and shoot with drag then kill in seconds with rest.

2nd option is same but instead of large fragment use large rapid mc and replace small mc with LR rails.

3rd is all turreted phasing bursts with 2 huge efficient plasma.

I have 3 others but I'll keep to myself-))
I think these various replies show that almost any weapon loadout is fine. I use all beams, gimballed. One the small I have turreted as they act like tracers to show me exactly where the victim is.
This is the build I used for ages, can solo wing assassination with ease. vette pve If you wanted to spend a little more and cut down weight on the power plant you could opt for an A, but its not needed for power output, and the build is already great for staying cool, and honestly the weight saving will make little difference.
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