Any rumblings from FD about allowing the FSS to be used while moving?

Sorry... I'm probably being dim... :oops:

So I'm supercruising towards Object X and then want to FSS some of the remaining objects in the system. So I bring up this new FSS Hud overlay over my cockpit, and I can then rotate and zoom around the FSS information independent to my direction etc? ie: So I could somehow FSS objects behind the ship?

I'm struggling to understand how the interface/HUD would look/work?!
Think of it something like a sniper sight in an FPS.

Initially, there would be no FSS HUD. The view out of the cockpit in Analysis Mode in SC shows what the unzoomed FSS shows - blue blobs instead of unresolved bodies.
Before you zoom, you would not be moving a camera, you would be steering your ship (yes, it turns slower - we don't care).
When you have tuned and centred on a target, the first zoom expands the reticle into a 'sniper' FSS HUD overlay showing the zoomed view.
At that point, control focuses on targetting within that zoomed HUD.

That zoomed view control may be steering the ship as well, but that is complicated by the fact that the zoomed body might be close or it might be very far away.
How much the ship would need to turn to remain centred on the target depends on the distance to the body - in some cases there might be a lag because the ship can't turn that fast, or maybe that could be an optional SC flight control (Follow FSS Aiming).

So from a pilot perspective, the FSS could be about pointing the ship at the target (similar to the old DSS).
But retain the option to switch to independent camera control if you prefer that, or you want to resolve bodies you aren't flying towards, and for multicrew.
But that would be counter productive would it not for at least two reasons?
1) You'd have to turn your entire ship to aim at an object to identify it, which in a big ship could be slow?
2) Due to (1), you couldn't supercruise towards object X, while using the FSS to identify other objects in the system?

And the mechanics for Multicrew? ie: A crew member using the FSS would get what interface?
Not at all. Maybe there’s one person who goes exploring in a Type-9, but most Exploration ships are pretty nimble. For multi crew, a simple FPS-style first-person view would be fine.
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