Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 1

so the canopy is an intended change ?? intresting
in actuality nothing really changed, the amount shown pre patch was wrong from the get go (if the canopy said 30 it was really 15), theres a reason why the canopy broke when it reached half pre patch, because there was always only half that was actually shown for the canopy pre patch.
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Well done to the devs, there's certainly a lot of fixes in there. Here's to hoping that there will be more than 1 Exploration/Codex fix in the next patch. But thanks for the 1 we got.

so the canopy is an intended change ?? intresting
Still no canopy fix :mad:
See this post from Will

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you for your reports and your feedback. The canopy used to break when it was at 50% integrity, however, we have fixed this so it correctly breaks at 0% integrity bringing it in line with all the other modules.

Therefore, to maintain the canopy’s current functionality, we halved its integrity. This means that the canopy should be reacting in the same way as before the April Update.
We’ve tested internally and found this to be the case, however, if there are any instances where you are seeing an issue, please let us know.
Am i the only one who experiences outrageous loading times after the April patch ? Takes almost a minute from i click Play in the launcher until game windows appears, then another 5 seconds until the Frontier logo appears but from there it's normal.
In brief from just finished AXCZ with Hydra in wing of four:

1. I’m losing the canopy at the moment the shields are down;
2. The interceptor spawns shield when the heart is exerted… multiple times;
3. Double size swarm;
4. Wrong heart bug still persists (if you shoot at different from exerted heart, you can destroy the exerted one, which is indestructible otherwise)
5. Shutdown field before second to the last heart;
6. Caustic damage either scales with people in the instance or it is silently increased;
7. Necro scouts, the NPCs are shooting in the same point, at close distance you can see and target the red triangle, but nothing there. This bug causes the AXCZ to not be able to be completed. All players have to fly 50 km from the center of AXCZ and occasionally it works;
8. AXCZs with infinite scouts, we have the interceptors warning, but no interceptors are spawned
9. Should I continue?
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