Completed Arti's items

as I have said before - great stuff here. Thanks for sharing with the community
Thank you wowman, i really appreciate it.
When or if you build with some of those items, would be great to get some feedback
on how they work for you or if there are any variations that might be useful.

Incredible Work Arti - already putting some of these to good use! (y)
Thank you Matt :)
IF you like you can post a screenshot or two, curious to see how and where they are being used.


New Uploads:






There currently are 2 variants of the Hollow Beam,
each available as HD and SD versions.
The HD version is consistent with
PlanCo's 256px/sqm. texelation standard.
The SD version uses lower resolution textures to
save on filesize.
(It would only really make a difference
on a very slow machine I still added the option for you)


1. Rivet Steel Hollow Beam A1 - HD
2. Rivet Steel Hollow Beam A1 - SD
3. Rivet Steel Hollow Beam A3 - HD
4. Rivet Steel Hollow Beam A3 - SD

Who's hungry?


PS: Icon Colour Code - You may notice some items have a blue border and others a rainbow-coloured border.
Blue means the item is not recolourable, the latter distinguishes items that ARE recolourable (this doesn't concern older items)

PPS: I just updated the original post of this thread, please take a moment to read it, i'd very much appreciate it. :)


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Niiice, super happy they fit so well!
Great atmosphere, nice work! :giggle:
Thanks, they're a perfect fit and we're definitely using more of your items in the park too (and will credit you accordingly when it's released!) - I know Fisherman has used some of your metal beams, will see if he's happy for me to share a pic! :)
@Fisherman1 It's so cool to see those in action! Thanks for posting! Definetly keep me updated :cool:
Keep up the good work!


Latest Workshop uploads:





I still have a dozen or so more items for the Steampunk Set queued up, another half dozen waiting for fixes or revisioning.
Parallel i'm working on new content related to that tasty Croissant AND i'm way behind Schedule with beginning to roll out
that Cyberpunk Set i've been preparing in secrecy. I wanted to beat the release date of CBP2077,
but i should rather finish the final Steampunk items first, before finishing the next.
(There MIGHT be a first Sample of what to expect from the Cyberpunk-style Set on the Workshop soon. Keep an eye out.)

And last but not least, here's a few Teaser shots of one of the next items to hit the Workshop.



Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by! 😊
And here it is:



PS: I would very much appreciate it, if you hopped by my workshop and give it some love.
I've uploaded roughly 50 items this month and maybe 3 commenters in like the past half year... it's a little disappointing to see so many people use my items,
few of them even give you credit, and yet you see your stuff in pretty much every PlanCo screenshot out there... (slightly exaggerated, but not as much as you might think)

I found a thread from 2014 in a Community forum that explains best how i feel about this:

Anyhow, a little appreciation for all the hard work would be nice.


Thanks for the support, you guys! 😁


I'm actually trying to stay cool here... 🥶

Here's the latest Workshop additions:

These two Belgian Brick pieces are a perfect fit for old harbours or historic districts.
There's two variations, with and without moss. The latter also works well as a wall piece.

w/ Moss

w/o Moss

You will not want to leave your guests without
sturdy Plastic Trays.. Don't miss the opportunity!


Speaking of food....
Those Croissants came out the oven early, but the bakery has more to offer.
The dough is still resting, but the rumour is there'll be a real food frenzy come January.
wink wink nudge nudge

And still speaking of food....

You really shouldn't miss out on this freshly disinfected Ceramic Kitchen Tile Floor/Wall Piece,
These will make your dining locations the envy of the competition. Slippery resistant, self-cleaning.
Oh and of course it's seamless and recolourable... not 1, not 2 but 3 colour slots to allow your creativity to run even wilder.


One more reason you should have a browse through my Workshop. This makes it item no.170, btw, can you believe it?
Over 60 of those have been made available within the past 50 or so days..
i think that is unprecedented, especially with the level of detail. 🤗
(Actually i'm also trying to prove a point but i'll get to that at a much later point.) 🤫
Super cool - all of these, of course!
And on the food - that'd be so great. I have a real thing for food. :) There does appear to be a real food shortage in the Workshop, so that'd be awesome! :) But, if you want a donut the size of a house, we gotcha covered. LOL Thanks so much! I can't wait!
Super cool - all of these, of course!
And on the food - that'd be so great. I have a real thing for food. :) There does appear to be a real food shortage in the Workshop, so that'd be awesome! :) But, if you want a donut the size of a house, we gotcha covered. LOL Thanks so much! I can't wait!
I currently can hardly keep up with all the ideas and ToDos on my list, but by now i feel quite comfortable with the Cobra engine so i can implement my models much quicker than
before, i also optimized the workflow a little AND foremost, i feel quite motivated. If i can keep up with the pace Planet Zoo will soon have some serious competition regarding the graphics detail (Mwahahaa). (Disclaimer: I'm joking. (kind of))
For the next two or three weeks i'm gonna take a break for the holidays, though. But after that i will jump right back in there.
Thanks so much for the support, @Cheers 😁
Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! Stay healtthy!



Ok, this is a long story. Where should i start (trust me this is an interesting read).

Back in 2018 when the TMTK converter was made available it had a few bugs mainly concerning the Blender files,
i use 3Ds Max for as long as i can remember, so i never got acquainted to Blender,
I don't like Blender but it's great software none the less. Anyhow, Static models and animated models both worked fine for me.

In December 2018 Frontier made an update to the TMTK converter code and fixed the Blender issues,
this same fix broke something in the interpretation of scale and rotation with animated models made with 3DsMax.
So, ever since i tried to find a workable solution to the problem, and even though i still haven't fully worked out the whole logic of the matter,
but by now i had a few opportunities to test several solutions. The thing is, there is no numerical logic to it, it just defies any common sense.

You might think this is mediocre and 'what is this guy talking about??' but now i'll tell you why this is so intriguing and like a puzzle that WANTS to be solved.
When you import an animated model (made in 3Ds Max) into PlanCo, it's armature axes work correctly, but all models are tilted by 20,23, or to be exact, 20,228 degrees from its normal rotation on the X axis (bone rigs in Blender need to be rotated by 90 degrees on the x axis in order for it to work). Usually, if it was just a regular scaling thing, it would be something like 1:100, 1:1000, 20/360, 180/360... that's what i mean by "logic". However, there is an issue both programs share, a tilting of the X axis.
Though, this weird value makes it impossible to pinpoint the cause without taking a few things into account.
First of all, the difference in how Max and Blender interpret their respective fbx export.
Secondly, what else could be influential to the sum of the value.

Like i s said, i'm not QUITE at the goal line, but i think i can post a workaround solution soon.

But what lifts up my spirit even more is that i can finally share a model i made all the way back in 2018 but had to abandon
(i was still finetuning the textures and the last working upload had unfinished textures) because of the bug i mentioned above.
Keep an eye out on the Steam Workshop today (Sunday) 😁


Latest Uploads:

Two Industrial Railings, 2m and 4m
(both are slightly smaller than their target width for more convenient placement)

Modern, Industrial, Urban, Gritty... and foremost, recolourable with 2 separate slots.



And this is one somewhat of a Christmas present,
i might expand on this snow styleset,
but i doubt i can make it in time before the holidays are over.

But still, this already should give you a ton of possibilities to give
your snow biomes a more realistic touch.

It mimicks the colours and style of the Vanilla Snow rocks and snow scenery pieces VERY closely!





Happy Holidays! Stay safe! ✌😷
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