At the end of my wits with connection issues..

Today it logged me in randomly INSIDE A STAR. That sure wasn't where I logged out. And I lost a fair bit of my hull and module integrity getting out. So I don't know how much I trust Frontier moving my cmdr XD
If it was a binary system it might be possible that the star moved while you were logged out...
Nope. Nothing but one boring old red dwarf in the system. And before logging out I'd done what I normally do and flown directly away from it for about 5-10 minutes while I brushed my teeth, etc. before bed.
Not for me, just now I've had to restart the app twice to get in. Never had such frequent issues before 2.3/2.4.

It loads the main menu slowly, then once I try to get into any mode (solo, private, open), it'll give me a really long loading screen, a cannot connect to server error, then it will hang loading the main menu, forcing a restart.
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In fact, it seems worse now than before. I'm experiencing the same thing as CMDR Murf. And just in the last five minutes have had three crashes to just a black screen and back ground music and four lost connections to XBL.

Pretty frustrating considering I was doing fine before this "fix."
In the last few days visiting my partner's house I've had maybe two "Connection error" messages forcing me to restart the game.
The "Logging into Frontier Servers" message sits on the screen for a while every time I log in, but otherwise I seem to be getting in eventually each time now.
Aaaand today it's back again. I do wonder if it's something which hits around 1am and lasts for an indeterminate amount of time, up to around 12 hours, because the game was working fine before midnight, and this is similar to my experience from tuesday to wednesday...

I'm definitely wondering if there's something at the specific player account level which is to blame, because while the game logs in to the frontier servers every time, and I can access everything news-related, etc. from the menu just fine, and all my cmdr data like location and credits shows up, indicating I'm definitely able to connect to the servers even when I cannot get beyond the title screen - when I do eventually get back in, the one constant is that my ship has always been moved to a different location ingame to where I logged out, once it does finally let me in several dozen attempts and many hours later (also all my power pips have been reset, which I actually have a note pinned to my board next to my chair to remind me of every time). And this would tie in with the people reporting that deleting their ED saves from the XBox fixed it for them. Possibly some kind of clash between the saved data at frontier's end and the saves in the XBox cloud?
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It's definitely a daily problem now. and when the problems do start it doesn't matter where I am, or what I'm using to connect, so it's not isolated to any specific hardware (same issues with routers, dumb modems, etc), or to any specific ISP (Virgin, Sky, BT), or to specifically wired or wireless connections. It also seems to only happen for specific time periods. So it was affecting me shortly before I left my partner's house, and after I got home, then the next morning, but had gone by the afternoon. It seems fairly consistent in beginning sometime in the evening or early morning UK time, then lasting until late afternoon the next day on the days where it happens, which are sadly now most days
Yeah, I've had no joy with Virgin, BT, or Sky, no matter where I've gone, and in all cases the router MTU was set to 1500 by default. Tried it wired, wireless, even using phones as the access points (which I normally do any time my regular internet connection at home goes down) - and it's the same on any of them, it connects, takes me to the menu, and then sometimes it lets me load in, sometimes it doesn't.
It's that consistency though, across all internet connections, and at the same times of day. That's what gets me. If one internet connection doesn't let me play the game, none will. If I can connect on one, I can connect on all of them. That's the indicator that the problem lies either at Frontier's end (Since all XBox Live stuff like any other games otherwise work fine, so any XBox Live issue would be something only impacting ED, and it still connects to let me into my ED account), or somewhere with something localised to the individual XBoxes in question, hence me pondering if it's some issue with the save files not matching the remote data on Frontier's end.

I'll be trying to test this with another XBox next chance I get, seeing if the problem persists when logging in the same account on different devices.
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Have you tried a new CAT5 or CAT6 cable? Have you tried a new Xbox at the same location? Sounds more hardware issue than game.
My XBox is the one piece of hardware I have not tried a different one of, since I only have access to one, but literally everything else runs fine. I even redownloaded the game to a different drive, so it cannot be simple corruption of the game files (and that would not explain how it sometimes is an issue and sometimes is not) but the problem is ONLY with ED. It's unique to this one game out of the dozens of MMO-type games on my system. The issue only ever occurs in ED, and during the hours when it happens, every other game works fine. Plus it's unlikely that dozens of other players would all have the same hardware error.

The hardest part of course, in finding another XBox to test logging in on during these ED outages, is finding one who has not experienced this themselves before. I don't think I actually know anyone who fits that bill.
It's actually super annoying whenever we want to do any winging up to play together, because at any given time at least one of my friends is unable to get online because of this.
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One thing I am doing however in the meantime, to test the hypothesis of it being a save data conflict issue between the XBox cloud and Frontier's servers, is running repeated tests to see if how I log out affects it. Because if that were the root cause, then logging out through saving and exiting to the menu before shutting the game down vs simply shutting off the game or console would lead to different results and a statistically significant increase in the instances of connection issues in the latter group when logging back in after a reboot vs the times it's properly exited to the menu.

This hypothesis I believe has the most supporting evidence so far, in how a common running theme is that when the connection issues stop, the player's ship has often been relocated from its original log-out point, to the system's arrival point. Suggesting that the data on the actual logout location was lost, or actively deleted in order to fix the problem.
I expect it works similarly to MMORPGs I have worked on in the past, where after x failed logins, a flag trips on the account which causes the server to reconstruct the last "good" saved data on player location.
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Games all handle their network data different. I have noticed when running a VPN - the logs don't save correctly every log out... and high gravity worlds are a bad idea because the screen runs about 1.5 seconds behind what's happening in the game. Have you tried swapping your cat5 / cat6 cables for the hardware? Intermittent connection could be your issue.
Well, the MTU change appears to be working here. Playing has been awful the last few months. Thanks for the tip.

For info my MTU had to be set to 1492
Have you tried swapping your cat5 / cat6 cables for the hardware? Intermittent connection could be your issue.
If you'd seen my earlier posts you'd know I've tried it at different houses, with different routers and modems, on different ISPs, and with both wired and wireless connections. Every time I lug it to someone else's house during a period where it's an issue, or connect it to my phone's wireless access point, a visiting friend on another network's phone's access point, or whatever, it doesn't matter, the problem persists. And as soon as the ability to load in comes back on one connection, it comes back on all of them. Same issue for my friends any time it happens to them.
It definitely seems account-based though, because it doesn't hit everyone all at once, but when it does hit one of us, it's consistently around 8-12 hours or so, and affects us wherever we try to log in from.

Alas, I've not been able to confirm my hypothesis about it being an issue with logouts, since I seem unable to replicate it by hard restarting my xbox while the game is running. So that idea seems a bust. The game's loaded fine all day today for me.

Sadly testing it on multiple xboxes is not an option just yet since all my xbox friends live in other cities, so unlike my friends in my neighbourhood who let me use their internet connections for previous tests, I can't really just pop round to their house while it's happening and see if I can log in on their box (and I'm not going to leave my account set to autologin on someone else's console, and wouldn't expect them to trust me with that either to see if I could log their account in on mine) so I'm gonna have to wait on that test to see if logging in on a box with none of my save data present and telling it not to download my cloud saves fixes the issue the same way that deleting save data has worked as a temporary fix for some people.

edit ooh, at midnight exactly it started up again. with a crash exactly at midnight, followed by constant connection errors.

edit the second: eventually after many attempts, it logged me in. repositioned me elsewhere in the system, but this time decided I no longer have horizons. That's a new one. I didn't realise it was even possible to log in in the non-horizons client on the XBox if you own Horizons. That was why the fix for getting stuck planetside only ever worked on PC and needed Frontier's intervention via a support ticket to fix on console.
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Hello there,

During server maintenance yesterday, we've made some improvements to our Xbox servers, which should result in more a stable connection between you and the Elite Dangerous servers, resulting in less disconnections and crashes for those affected!

We'll be continuing to monitor and make improvements to our servers to ensure a smooth experience for all.

Thank you for your patience!
Well I dont know what your team has done, but it's gone from bad to worse.

Previously I had to try 2-3 times to connect to the game in different modes, but once i was in the game was stable.

Now when i do get into the game i get disconnected in about 5-10 seconds.

As with other users, i have absolutely no issues with other games / apps.
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