Beluga liner configuration

Two cabins, and fit it with weapons and fighter to keep you busy and the passengers safe. have fun with it. its also possible to get it to 50ly, in this configuration.
Good afternoon,

I want to buy a beluga whale to make passengers with good profit and I do not know how to configure it or what engineers to make it better. Advice please.

Thank you.
It depends if you do short range passengers missions or long range.
For short range I suggest you to install First Class Cabins as much as you can and then look for a system in Boom status and become allied with the factions. You'll get soon missions with 40+ politicians or business men that require First Class cabins. These missions can pay up to 10 million per run if I remember correctly.

I'm not expert for long range in the Beluga so we should better wait for @Rick6549!
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