1. C

    Ships Feedback on Beluga Build

    First of all here's the build It's main purpose of for the Robigo - Sothis passenger run but i will equip either a 4A or 5A fuel scoop for longer journeys when needed. I wondering i could get feedback on how i can improve the build in anyway e.g. passenger cabins, shield and engineer...
  2. Z

    Beluga liner configuration

    Good afternoon, I want to buy a beluga whale to make passengers with good profit and I do not know how to configure it or what engineers to make it better. Advice please. Thank you.
  3. Krash

    Which is the better combat vessel: Dolphin, Orca or Beluga?

    I've been mat farming the past few days with this in mind, but I'm not sure which is best. I have many of the standard combat ships and thought I should add one these passenger liners to have a bit of fun with it for combat purposes. I prefer large ships, but not exclusively as I have fun in...
  4. Mrs. L

    A week in the making - A rare, indigenous Stealth Beluga!

    Have you ever been ferrying wanted criminals around and had this thought: "Why am I only ferrying this one guy around in secret... when I can isolate myself in deep space with dozens of possibly violent individuals at the same time?" Thus, I bring you the rare and exotic Stealth Beluga Build...

    Change a Beluga internal to class 7 - scooping is so slow!

    As the title says, while the last update was an absolutely excellent and very required buff for Saud Kruger ships, there is one major flaw that is still unresolved... and that is that the Beluga scoops very, very slowly. It has 3 class 6 slots, which while quite good for everything else it...
  6. Orbitalai

    Petition to get ship kits for Beluga Liner

    As the title says, this ship lacks both ship kits and has very few liveries. Reply to this thread to 'sign' the petition.

    bad missions and the beluga damn / malas misiones y la beluga

    ok, regards ... I want to complain about the problems I see in making misons and in the beluga ship, first, the missions of recovery of black boxes etc, when you come a squadron of 5 ships for you do not let you finish the mion because or you break or you have to go out and find the signal of...
  8. max9000

    An idea on missions vs Rebuy cost

    I personally feel when it comes to missions, you should get some sort of bonus money based on how valuable your ship is, like first, the initial price of the mission, Plus an extra 50% Rebuy cost money added. The more expensive your ship is the more money you will make through doing missions...
  9. RNGesus Prime

    Stations and NPC right-of-way

    I'm not the first and probably not the last commander to have a gripe with NPC ship behavior in the station mailslot. NPC ships have consistent, scripted paths into and out of stations, which is good as it allows a commander to avoid collisions, but here is an issue with NPC ships around the...
  10. G

    Ships from concept model to reality... Ladies and gentlemen, the phallic liner

    The beluga liner has great internal view, great engine sound, fun flight model. But well, either Braben and his team misunderstood the meaning of the word "cockpit" or I have issues. Should have been a glorious luxury yacht: and we have a male genitalia...
  11. n13L5

    Beluga Liner weird fitting issue?

    You *can* fit a 5A shield to your Beluga liner, but because all size 5 slots are *restricted*, you'd have to stick it into a size 6 slot. This single issue makes it pointless to buy the Beluga Liner, unless you want to baby business/first class customers. (I can't imagine NPC's as VIPs... NPC...

    Lucky Luke.. YEAH THATS ME!

    Well i havent words to describe How Lucky i AM.. i was on my roitine tourist hauling in my orca when some Strange tourist told me he was willing to play 35mill to take them tô a .14 ly station(about an hour travel maybe) .. well i had the time for the long trip , so why not? Well then the Guy...
  13. C

    Ships Beluga Suggestions

    As someone who did most of my missions in a beluga (passenger, sight see, and tried a slightly longer distance one (2200ly), here are my suggestions. Looks: I have taken many screen shots - the design as beautiful - 9/10 Suggestion: - Allow LED mods to be added to the ship as module (if Fdev...
  14. Konnivar

    New Passenger 'Mission' System

    Let's face it: in their current implementation passenger missions are glorified cargo runs with a different kind of cargo bay, and sometimes that cargo wants to go to a pretty place and come back. I've come up with a few ideas that would make passengers more than a different name for "1T of...
  15. T

    Beluga internal optional slots

    Not sure this is a game bug or game mechanic. I was trying to fit a size 5 shield generator on my Beluga it will fit in a size 6 slot but not in the size 5 slot, a friend said the size 5 slots are reserved for passenger cabins. If this is the case the logic alludes me. The beluga suppose to be a...
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