Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta (Week 1)

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I'm pretty sure he means "gets a refund of the price difference and a [basic] discovery scanner" rather than "has a mysteriously empty internal". At least, I hope he means that...

Hi Zieman,

Nope, we haven't taken away peoples Discovery Scanners, just reduced it to the 'basic' variant. Commanders in the black and far from any ports will still have a DS, if they have one fitted pre-Beta.

Hope that clears things up.

Phwew, thanks for the clarification. :)

Forget the money, as long as we keep our scanners however they may be called from now on.
Now this.
You can't really mean that every single explorer gets their Discovery Scanner swiped from them?
As that's how the quoted part reads, since almost no one will have ventured away from the Bubble without and Advanced Discovery Scanner.

Yes every Discovery Scanner will magically morph into the new version and anyone not running the old Basic version will get paid the price difference.
Logged in now, finding USS is a lot easier now than before! This will revolutionize material-collecting for sure.
2000 fixes and still no end to the "pad blocked by npc, get out, revoke clearance, wait, request clearance, another pad blocked by npc" madness?

  • Fixed the targeting reticule displaying when the weapon is deactivated


Any chance we can "un-fix" this? Being able to point your SRV where you want to go, then deactivate the weapons to leave a permanent direction marker on the HUD is a really REALLY useful feature for planetary circumnavigators!
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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