Parks Blast Point Resort

It's wonderful! I would love to visit too.
Come along. You're also on the list. [big grin]

please tell me this is going on steam workshop
Probably. But not yet though. I'm adapting Nightshade into a blueprint and I'll upload some of the buildings though.

Woah, Blast Point resort looks amazing and very colourful! [big grin]
Thanks buddy. I think the builders went a bit mad with the paint pots [wink]
Wow, beautiful! That hotel gave me an idea of a ski resort that I'm now very eager to do :) I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!
Thanks, you three [heart]

Blast Point Resort - Opening Day

Opening Day is finally here. The competition winners and VIPs that were the hotel's first guests join the crowds on the packed plaza, waiting to be let in

It's open!

Across the bridge and between the towers, we get our first glimpse of The Point and Blast Street

The left side of Blast Street

The fountain is a great place to sit relaxing or having a snack

The right side

At the end, is the Blast Street Restaurant. There's loads of seating inside, or outside on the front decking or roof terrace

Meanwhile, the hotel is deserted. Everyone is in the park

At the end of Blast Street, is the Point, a huge rock that can be seen from all over the park

Behind is Tormented Woods and Nightshade

Also at the back is Guest services where you can get a map, information or buy your fast pass tickets and Annual Pass.

Inside the rock is a big centre piece to block the view all the way through. There's a spiral of lights that reaches up into the middle of the cavernous ceiling. There's also the entrance for The Point Restaurant. You can see the lift on one side and the stairs on the other.

The Point is the resort's premium dining experience. It's advisable to book before your visit. The food is amazing and if you get a table on the outside sky deck, the views are astounding.

Thanks for coming. Next time we wander into the Tormented Woods.
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This is really nice!
Blast Street is simply amazing! I love all the color shapes, very inspiring! [up]
WOW! Super awesome park. It looks huge! <3
Thanks mate. It's all just long at the moment, but not very wide

Very nice resort! All the bright colors and things that aren't rectangular! Quite a lot of work there.
Thanks. I wanted it to be really bright and colourful and once I'd built the hotel with it's sweeping lines, I wanted to have lots of curves in the park.

This is amazing! Spectacular job.
Thank you very much

This is really nice!
Blast Street is simply amazing! I love all the color shapes, very inspiring! [up]
Thanks. You saying that it's inspiring is a really great compliment.

I'm just putting the next part of the opening day update together. It's going to be a full tour of Tormented Woods and revealing Nightshade in all it's sinister glory.

I'm finally getting on with the second part of the opening day update, so that'll be coming soon. Here's another shot of Nightshade to give you a taste of the Tormented Woods.
Very nice creepy Victorian mansion up there on the hill. It would fit right in looming over the Bates Motel :)

BTW, I only just now recognized your avatar is part of the hood (bonnet) of a sports car. All this time I've been thinking it was some part of the face of like a Pokemon :)
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Thanks you two. And Bullethead, LOL, you're right. It is a car. in fact, it's my car.


Into The Tormented Woods

Away from the bright colours of Blast Street, something darker is lurking.

Along the side of the Guest Services building, a shady path leads you to the entrance of Tormented Woods

Signs welcome you and remind you that The Dead Are Watching You.........Always

Early morning on opening day. This is the first view you get entering the Tormented Woods.

Most of the crowd are bypassing the Haunted Carousel and heading straight to Nightshade. Everyone wants to be the first to ride

Wicked Bites sells tasty snacks. To the right, next to Nightshade's exit path is Nightshade Photography selling on-ride photos

Between them, you can just see the path that leads to the toilets

Nightshade entrance

The Rack is a torture device that's never short of victims

And right behind The Rack is Tormented Treats gift shop

Nightshade, an intense B&M Wingrider with 6 inversions and plenty of head-choppers

When entering the queue, you either turn left, into the Fast Pass, or turn right and go through the crypt and into the graveyard. You then go past the abandoned house and round the lake. Don't look too closely into the water as you may see faces of the dead looking back at you and into your soul. The dead are watching you.

Nightshade's station sits inside this creepy old house on a hill

Unwary souls wait to be dispatched

Flying through the abandoned house for the first time, floorboards and roof beams narrowly miss your head before you're thrown through a Zero-G roll

Smashing through the abandoned house, riders hope to keep their head and feet.

Through the final smash-through, then around past the photo shop and toilets and into the brake-run

The late afternoon sun throws long shadows

As darkness falls, things get more sinister

Behind the trees, the bright colours of The Blast Point Hotel seems so far away

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Honestly I do not like it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! [heart]

This is so great. I really love the beauty of your creation. It looks amazing. You have put so much effort in the details. The Coasterstation is spot on. The little town and the surroundings fit the theme so perfect. And the Wingcoaster... Nemmie that Wingcoaster is WOW [yesnod]

Great work on everything. No words... Times like this I feel sorry that English is not my native tongue because I can not describe in words what I would like to say. Best thing would be that you think of a lot of amazing and picturesque words and pretend that I said those [haha].
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