Brookfield Zoo

So, with the notification that an Aussie pack was actually coming out soon. I started to prepare this area of my zoo for an upgrade. The pack didn't really have the animals I was expecting, so I had to mix things up a bit to make it fit better. But this also resulted in an immediate growth area for this part of the zoo.

I decided to add a large dedicated koala habitat and restructure where the birds would go as well.

The red area will be the koala's. The blueish box around the red will be the indoor part of the exhibit.
The gold area will be the cassowary, with the green box being their inside shelter area.
The purple will be the keeper/staff areas.

Here is where this expansion will go compared to the rest of the Australian area already built.
here are the two new enclosures taking shape

The red is the cassowary outside area getting built. it will be viewable from the train ride.
Blue is the keeper's area which will serve and have backstage access to both enclosures.
Yellow is the shelter house for the cassowarys.
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