Buckyball Racing Club (and Loose Screws) presents: Ring Tossers Rally (Triple Eight Championship, Race 2)

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The Loose Screws Ring Tossers Rally : Ross 104 : May 25 - June 2, 3310​

The Loose Screws Podcast Network welcomes you to the second race in the Triple 8 Championship: the Ring Tossers Rally, sponsored by Niebla's Artisinal Tritium, "If it's not Nieblas, it's only sparkling hydrogen."

The Race ( 25 May - 2 June 3310 ):​

The structure for this race is simple, though the race itself promises to be anything but. It takes place within a single system: Ross 104.
In that system there is a set of ringed bodies, designated ABC1 through ABC8.

1. Take off from Bunch City in Ross 104​
2. Fly between the ring and the planet for each ringed body in the ABC grouping​
3. Return safely and swiftly to Bunch City​

Ross 104 Bodies.png

Among those eight bodies, six are contained in binary pairs (ABC2-3, ABC 4-5, ABC 7-8). Depending on your approach, you may be able to find a single line and pass through both at a high rate of speed (or you may not).

Race Submission Form​


Build Rules & Ships​


The regulation build for this race will continue to be the stock Cobra. While it is possible that future races will include the now available SCO Frame Sdhift Drives, this race was originally intended to be appropriate for ships limited to traditional FSD technology.

The regulation build is linked here: https://s.orbis.zone/m1g-

Detailed Surface Scanner is not included in the Regulation build (if you forget and didn't actually use it, that's okay).


Any ship type is eligible for the Unlimited class, with the exception of the next gen ships built to accommodate the Supercruise Overcharge Frame Shift Drives (for now, just the Python Mk2).

SCO Frame Shift Drives are allowed (and encouraged).
No Autopilot
No Docking Computer
No rebuys, but repairs are permitted (though unlikely).
No changing of modules or your ship once begun.

NOTE: According to a new rule introduced for the 888 Championship, any racer who places in the top 5 in unlimited will have that ship "locked" and will no longer receive more than 15 points (6th place) in any following race that season during which they enter the same ship type. This should encourage the top racers (last season this would only affect 10 racers) to spread their wings more and explore a variety of vehicles for mayhem. If you do not place in the top 5 this does not affect you. If you do, don't use that ship type again in unlimited for the season.

Barnstorming bonus:​

The race will include a barnstorming bonus contest, in which pilots may submit their single highest speed at point of transit, as well as the body in question. A bonus will be applied according to the Bruski factor, devised by and named for our season's Manager:
Square root of Speed in C times 15 rounded down.

This translates to:
1c = 15 second bonus
4c = 30
9c = 45
16c = 60
25c = 75
36c = 90

Final Standings​



Sponsored promotional content (and prize!):​


"In the gas clouds and asteroid belts of Screwspace drifts some of the finest Tritium anywhere in the Bubble, waiting to find its apotheosis in the skillful hands of Niebla's Artisinal Tritium. Visitors to Flynn Horizon in Lambda Andromedae can find a friendly price on top shelf Tritium, and if you know who to ask, we'll even load it for you.

We're proud to offer a special prize of 3,000 tons of Tritium to the winner of each class in this race. No cash equivalent. Fleet carrier ownership not required, but the winner is limited to all they can carry."

Good luck and enjoy 🤞
Commander MrIndigo – Buckyball Racing Club

P.S. As always, come and join our Discord. It's fun.
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Intent to carefully work out the optimum route between all the planets, and then blast through them at random.

Reg Cobra: There Goes Me Whippet!
Unlimited: I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to use

3. Return safely and swiftly to Bunch City
Ummm, no. One or t'other, can't do both 😬
Intent to toss those rings like battered eggs on the 4th March!

I LOVE this race concept! Did some practice runs this morning in both regulation class ("Ask Again Later" is back once more) and unlimited (rocked up in my Titan bombing Chieftain "Passion Aggressive" so decided to just try it in that).


Why haven't we done anything like this before? It works brilliantly as a race concept. Love the difference in pace between the non-sco regulation runs where Orrery assisted inter-system route plotting is the new meta and unlimited where the sco drive brings a whole new meaning to threading the needle!


This is going to be epic!

P.S. I think I broke my FSD.

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To paraphrase my declaration from last year's "Tunnel-ish Vision"...

Intent to shut my eyes and pray for each and every tunnel ring passthrough. 😖

Regulation class: Sag Wagon
Unlimited: TBD, have some testing to do!!!

I gave this a brief test run last night in an SCO-equipped ship and it is total madness. Absolutely love this concept! Can't wait to see what insane speeds people reach!
I’m worried about approaching the GGs too slowly in case the gravity well slows me to a crawl. So I’ve been approaching at full SC, and keeping it there. At that speed you can’t see the gap until it’s too late so you have to make a guesstimate each time. Up to 50/50 success rate atm. Maybe I’ll figure out a better approach but…

this way is REALLY FUN! What an insane challenge!
  • Ships finally transferred from carrier and re-equipped with ludicrous drives (does anyone want to buy any finely tuned FSDs? Fully engineered, one careful little old lady owner who only used them to drive to church on Sundays, honest, guv...)
  • One visit to T Hadad resulting in bombing runs till I ran out of torpedoes (15mil Cr and my first 100 Arx for being there when a heart went down)
  • Several runs around the course to "familiarise" myself with the route - avoiding the rings is really hard when you can't see them (looking at you, ABC 8)
Today has been a good day, really enjoying the new drives, even though I'm out of mats to engineer them :cool:
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