Bug, or am I missing something?

Ah, cool! A slight step back to the old ways, but a better mechanic than looking for "the blip". Thanks!!!

To me it's a definite step side-back:
  • the "heat map" (which is not actually a heat map) is only visible from supercruise
  • while in supercruise you need to fiddle with the filters to switch what type of bio/geo is showing you
  • the not-a-heat-map is not enough for someone to find the desired bio feature, one must also know the topographic conditions the specific bio needs (plains, hills, mountains top, mountains low, rugged, ridges, etc) - i would expect the not-a-heat-map should have been coded to mark exactly the locations where the thing actually grows
  • there is no sensors able to locate the features - one must fly low and slow to eye-ball for the bio stuff. Something like the SRV's wave scanner would have been nice to work for Odyssey BIO stuff too.

Sure, it's more than scan the planet, target the POI in the nav panel, fly to POI - but in this case i find that more is less.
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