Capital Ship Controversy...CAPITAL SHIPS DON'T DIE? (PATHETIC)

What the Heck is going on!

Am I being Cheated or Mislead?

We gathered more than 10 Ships and attacked Zamina Torval's Capital Ship the Xanadu over 6 times, and took it down to "0" Hull each time, but its wouldn't die.

Look, if a Capital Ship can't die, then it shouldn't be an active participant the game, or if an NPC, Senator, or Primary Character in the game should not be allowed to be in a Capital ship if its said that such characters can be killed.

Get this Right F.Dev. please.

Either let the Capital Ships Die with whomever is on board, or Place NPC's in Cutter's, Corvette's, and Anaconda's with large armadas, and let whatever happens happen.

Your Players Demand Clarity on this issue ASAP.


Commander OMNIGOD66
Agree it shouldn't be there if it cannot be destroyed. Bit of a let down for you and whoever assisted. It is yet another thing in the bugged game that needs attention.
FDev really need to pull their finger out and fix these small bugs as they are spoiling the game.

Fly safe Cmdr's
Look at the thing. Dont you think that if it wasnt nerfed into the ground it wouldnt just beam laser you out of space at will? So it cant kill you and you cant kill it and we are all happy in the safe space :)
You guys are taking out the cells right?!

you can't physically destroy the things (although it would be cool to see one split in half and list lifelessly away) but you can force a retreat by causing a 'thermal cascade' of it's interiors. destroying the external heat vents/cells on the ships will cause this. end reward is 150k..which is a touch sad if you do it solo :D

although the hull figure is displayed it does not reflect on the ships integrity (although it would be cool to physically kill them as well!)
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