Cavernous Coasters map.

So after I 100% scenery all my queues, I built a hyperspin on the path that wasn't being used. I then proceeded to research souvieners for hats and placed that down beside my toilet and added a first aid right outside my cube and charge £1.10 for use.

current pricing for April year 2

Kick Flip - £11
The Cube - £12.50
Radius Deep - £9.50
Hyperspin - £6.10

1 janitor and 1 maintenance guy on basic pay (none have left yet added lots of bins)

Just achieved Silver star.
So I had £10k to spend and built bumpin derby beside my hyperspin. Charging £6.50 (apparently good value), I then sat and watched my income for a bit before building the pre made coaster Downforce - 100% scenery and then tickets are £11.20 currently (im keeping an eye on it and increasing till I receive no comments on pricing) - its now May Year 3 and I have £8k to spend. now researching food, drinks and souveiners for balloons. Once im happy I will adjust the coaster (which will take forever - to meet the Gold requirements)
After that will be a case of either adding new rides till my monthly income is increased (fluctuating between £2k and £3k per month) and also marketing for more customers....
I will add that I play this on highest speed setting and don't pause as to maintain a steady income and to not prolong the game more than I need to (I hate waiting around ;) ) I left this career till the end as it mentioned coasters and I hate coasters xD but I've not struggled too badly on this one. Once I receive my gold that will be all completed. If you need any more advice help let me know and I can post photos etc of my layout.
Good luck
I'm pulling for you Trixi! Did you get the gold yet?

I think everyone who's participated in this thread will agree the best way to beat this map is playing fast without researching, plopping rides down quickly, racing the 3 year aging clock and keep all rides close together to contain the limited number of guests to a small space for maximum ride throughput/profit. I hope you don't get stuck in the 25 year rut as I did my first time. Good Luck! [up]
So I had two months of a £4k profit, then it went to -£1k, then fluctuated constantly. I have literally just left my game to run on its own all day to wait it out like previous posters said for the 25year mark. I've added new rides, done marketing, done research but my income is not consistent at all. I closed down my park and got 2 months of £4.5k profit but the third month declines. I don't understand how this fluctuation works exactly. I'm currently on year 17, monthly profit £1,255.31, next month -£626.60, next month £58.05 then -£1k, then £2k profit. How does this make any sense at all? You can also turn of aging but that made no difference at all to anything.
I really thought I had this in the bag, my coaster went so well, even editing took less than 10 minutes as all I did was extend the end a tad and boom Silver achieved.
I'm waiting this out, as I said it's been running unattended all day >.< no one has ever quit on starting salaries so I'm ignoring it now >.<
This is my last star before I try challenge mode, and have used this as a tutorial/learning. I just don't understand this one at all, the rest was spamming decorations or slowly building up your park, this one just sucks xD
yeah.. I was that previous poster, [ugh] heh...

Everybody on this thread agrees the 25 year, to coin a phrase... "toilet tycoon" is not the way to go.. including me.. Its best to beat the scenario before the rides hit "old" at 3 years . You cannot turn off aging in this "Holiday Update" set of scenarios. The devs made it that way on purpose. Your profits are staggering because only 600 peeps are allowed in the park. I would not recommend going the 25 year route, I feel your pain... Its not fun to try to maintain profit for that long. It is doable.. but, I think you should try starting over.

Its beatable if you rush the clock, don't research, only use the rides and amenities the scenario gives you. and just plop stuff down really fast and close together.. use only one segment of the path nearest the entrance and move kickflip to the front. Delete Radius immediately and all the paths around for some extra coin. As soon as you can afford to build the coaster.. do it. Don't make it fancy just a lot of ups and downs to get the 6.0 excitement. This is not a very fun scenario. One suggestion.. practice making a hypercoaster in sandbox mode that meets the reqs for cavernous coasters or build the cheapest one possible that you can blueprint and drop in as soon as you can afford it.

Good Luck
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Pricing works like this, for every Prestige Star you can charge $6 so if a ride is rated 2.5 stars you can charge $15

here is a guide for the highest price you can get for each ride (without scenery)

with the ride aging system the game can drag on and make your parks last for decades, but if you charge the maximum per ride before they start to age you can finish just about every scenario in only a few months of game time. I completed Cavernous Caverns in just over 4 months of game time using the above guide. Once you realize how each prestige star equals $6 it makes things a lot easier.

Heres a tip: always pause at the beginning of a scenario and buy as many rides as you can (dont buy scenery until later) once you spent all your cash just fast forward until you have enough money to buy another ride and keep proceeding until you have 2 of every ride.

Don't research frivolously. Only research things you need (usually more rides). ATMs are very important if your park is open for more than a few months, but you really dont need to have a ton of shops in career mode, keep them to a minimal and same for employees. Marketing is also not very helpful, sometimes a cheap marketing ad is fine but the expensive ones just waste your money

The career mode objectives could really use some better balance as the only really challenging objectives are the coaster based ones which you can just download a blueprint for. I think my favorite scenario was the one with the monorail because it felt like maintaining multiple parks at once.

I really don't like the ride aging system, it punishes players for having "slightly old" rides but then rewards us for having extremely old rides, which means middle-aged parks cant succeed, but once your rides reach "classic" your guaranteed to win the objectives just for being patient. I like it better in RCT1 where you had a hard deadline to meet or you would fail cuz it gave the levels more replay-ability since you had a high score you could try to beat
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I have that same guide. its priceless. Wish it was around back in December. Kudos for pointing that out creaper! [up]

That would definitely make this scenario much easier.
Creaper that's a fab tip for future reference.

I've literally just gotten my gold. I really thought after 25years it would be great. Nope.
Aug year 29 !!!!!!

This one really did take the , my end of month summary log is as follows... £1,750, £3235, £2736, £6,418, $6,450 and then the one (in which I hiked up every price possible on the 29th because it was so close... came to £3,579... YES £79 is close.... I stuck up my middle finger, saved and closed it down. Think I need a holiday now >.<
tried this map a couple of times then read these threads, great help thanks everyone, however slight changes I made

1/ did research pirate theme, and ATM this helped keep my rides popular and prices high (worked on around $6 a star as suggested) for ride prices
2/ Once I had the coaster and most of the flat rides(excluded the big wheels) I closed the park refurbished any ride with average or poor reliability
reopened the park and watched the money roll in, gold achieved within 2yrs (start to finish) thx again everybody
Bug for Cavernous Coasters. Please help


I m back to playing planet coasters after some time. I had already gotten the bronze medal, my problem is that I cant get the silver or gold. I already made more than 2500 a month. 2 coasters in my park one pre built the other I built by myself all with the conditions stated but the silver medal is just not given to me...I am already on Year 70.....what the hell is going on there a bug I don't realise ?
Well thanks for all the great advice.

I got the job done was a bit of a ball buster..
I had 4 flat rides and 2 coasters did the trick

My advice would be to keep working at it, the amount of times i wanted to restart but i found having multi saves and making changes and seeing the results was best way forward, if i did something that went wrong i just went back....

Good luck everyone keep at it

Just in case anyone wants further advice:

Carlos on Steam said:
  • Pause at start
  • Remove Radius and all path which is not used
  • Make sure that all rides has 100% scenery!
  • Move Kick-Flip next to the entrance price 16 USD
  • Build Hyperspin and price it 7 USD
  • Build Toilet and First Aid with 1 USD
  • Shops: Max all extras and raise the price with 1 USD
  • Staff: 1 engineer 1 janitor. No need to upgrade
  • When have money build Bumper Car price 9 USD
  • Next is Cube with 15 USD
There are tweaks you can make to the above - I finished mine in Year 1, August.

  • By removing Radius, you get about $4000 in the bank
  • This means you can build Bumping Derby straight away, starting off with three rides
  • Research Hats (I charged $14 per hat)
  • When you have enough money, build The Cube
  • Research ATM. Build when you can as peeps will run out of money for the coaster.
  • Build coaster (I used "Cavern Coaster" by Herp Derp as it was $8000 - the cheapest of the pre-mades. Charged something like $25 / $27)
By changing ride sequences you can up the price. This means you get the dosh quicker.
I used:

KICKFLIP - default sequence. $16 / 616 prestige

HYPERSPIN - clockwise x4. $15 / 507 prestige

BUMPER - default sequence. $10 / 355 prestige

CUBE - forward flip x11. $27 / 1014 prestige

^ clicky
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I remember in RCT there were some really hard scenarios where you couldn’t build above a certain height, or delete stuff, there were some real challenging ones. I assumed the Planet Coaster scenarios were easy. I don’t play the scenarios, I just like to build stuff in sandbox, download others parks.
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