[CCN] The Christmas Carriers Convoy


Colonia - humanity's first outer colony, 22,000 light years from our ancestral home - needs you!

Out here, life is hard.

This is the new frontier. Infrastructure is in its infancy and the securities we've all taken for granted back in the Bubble are only just becoming established. There is little luxury out here; only hard industrial endeavour awaits those who venture to Colonia looking for a new start and new life out near the Galactic Core.

The foundations for a strong and thriving community are now in place. The early pioneers who first arrived here got Jaques Station back online. From this endeavor grew the Colonia Citizens Network, bringing individuals, groups, and factions all together in a unique attempt to create a cooperative community and establish a strong colonial identity.

The Colonia Militia now safeguards the growing civilian population by patrolling the region, and offering escort through the mysterious Sagittarii Conflux - the prime shipping lane between the Bubble and Colonia.

The Colonial Marines are ever present, ever watchful, on alert, waiting. Waiting for the first signs of alien or rogue AI incursion into sovereign colonial space.

So what does the colony need now?

It needs people. People like you. People willing to leave the Bubble behind, move out to Colonia and become part of this unique experience. An experience that hasn't occurred since 2150 AD when humanity's first colony away from Sol was established on Tau Ceti 3.

Back then, Tau Ceti was the new frontier, a mere stone's throw from Earth. Here and now, the next boundary is being drawn 22,000 light years into the unknown.

You can be a part of this new chapter in the long galactic timeline - see it first hand, mould its future, and make history.

CCN is inviting pilots to assemble the largest merchant fleet in history. A single convoy of passenger liners, tourism transport ships, freighters and fighter escort. Your goal is to bring the next influx of colonists to Colonia along with much-needed equipment, commodities, military hardware and Lavian Brandy.

This expedition is hoped to rival Distant Worlds in its scale.

The convoy will depart the Bubble the day after the Distant Worlds Fleet Reunion event at Mitterand Hollow, and over the course of four weeks will travel across the Sagittarius Gap, pass through the Lagoon and Omega Nebulae, travel along the Colonia Connection highway--visiting the refuelling and repair outposts along the way--cross the mysterious Sagittarii Conflux, and skirt around the southwestern edges of the Galactic Core before entering Colonia space and arriving en masse at Jaques Station after 30 days of travel.

The Galactic Mapping team will map out a Neutron Highway for those that wish to add some 'spice' to the hyperspace grind during their 22,000 light year trip.

The expedition will be escorted by the Colonia Militia and Colonial Marines for the duration of the expedition, protecting them through the Sagittarii Conflux (a region that has been rumored to contain a dark secret!)

If you are interested in joining this venture and helping shape a new chapter in Elite folklore, fill your cargo and sign up…

Erimus Kamzel



The Expedition


The Convoy has launched on the 2nd of December 3302 from LTT 9846, codename Miami.

Spread among a dozen instances (EU, US, Free, XBox), each led by a Beacon and protected by Escort and Patrol pilots, more than 200 Cmdrs joined the CCC Departure Events. The voice comms were very busy - with no less than 140 pilots accounted for on the dispatch. In a tightly yet successfully coordinated fashion, all instances followed the pre-planned and scouted route outside the Bubble, enjoying both epic moments and smooth gameplay.

Wilson: SYNUEFAI QH-U b49-1
Nevada: SYNUEFAI SS-S b50-2
Monroe: SYNUEFAI WY-Q b51-2
Alexandria: SYNUEFAI LE-J c25-7
Osaka: SYNUEFAI CA-P b52-0
Copernic: SYNUEFAI AF-P b52-0
Juarez: SYNUEFAI TU-D d13-60
Kepler: SYNUEFAI DL-N b53-3
Crimson: SYNUEFAI JM-L b54-3
Tau-1 Aquarii​

From there onwards, the Convoy hit the road, headed towards Colonia. No death has been reported; and despite a few interdictions, all Carrier pilots made it out alive, thanks to the exceptional skills and reactivity of the Escorts. The Convoy shall reach Jaques Station within a month, taking advantage of the new refuelling outposts (for those who can dock) and the Neutron Highway. Non-Horizons players can join the arrival mass-drop. The Fleet is free to travel in any mode they want from start to finish (see FleetComm private group application form below).

DepartureHillary DepotAmundsen TerminalEagle's LandingSacagawea Space PortGagarin GatePolo HarbourJaques Station
LTT 9846Blu Thua AI-A c14-10Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117Skaudai CH-B d14-34Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31Boewnst KS-S c20-959Colonia

Fri., Dec. 2nd

Sun. 4th

Fri. 9th

Wed. 14th

Sun. 18th

Wed. 21st

Sun. 25th

Mon., Jan. 2nd
22,000 ly20,112 ly17,845 ly15,113 ly10,220 ly7,863 ly4,786 ly0!

18:00 IGT

All day

All day

All day

18:00 IGT

All day

All day

18:00 IGT

LTT 9846A 4 aA 1A 2 a5 G aA 4A 2 aJaques' Bar

Meetups usually happen late afternoon-early evening in the EU and the US timezones. Don't hesitate to ask around in #ccconvoy if anybody's at the basecamps when you arrive!

Registrations are closed.

The Logistics


To have access to the dedicated channels, send '@Jeeves join <your fleet role>' in the #bots channel.

Fill the form below if you want to join the FleetComm PVE in-game private group. Don't forget to send an in-game request too.

The Fleet

RoleCarriersMilitia EscortStratotankersFreelancers
Requirements- Mid-pad ship or bigger
- 2 lasers OR point defenses MAX
- At least half your hold filled with cargo
- Any armed ship
- Understanding of the responsabililty
- Ready to sacrifice themselves for the safety of the Carriers
- Enough fuel and limpets to perform several rescues during the trip
- Ability to work with others and respect dispatch, if any
- Respect of security directives during basecamp meetups
- No other requirement
Discord Role[CCC] Carrier[CCC] Escort[CCC] Stratotanker[CCC] Freelancer

The Roster

Ship TypeTotal CountShip TypeTotal CountShip TypeTotal CountShip TypeTotal CountShip TypeTotal CountShip TypeTotal Count
Adder0Anaconda159ASP Explorer66ASP Scout1Beluga Liner34Cobra Mk.III15
Cobra Mk.IV2DiamondBack Explorer9DiamondBack Scout3Eagle1Federal Assault Ship1Federal Corvette9
Federal Dropship1Federal Gunship2Fer-De-Lance9Hauler2Imperial Clipper16Imperial Courier7
Imperial Cutter32Imperial Eagle0Keelback5Orca6Python38Sidewinder3
Type-614Type-715Type-9 Heavy21Viper Mk.IV7Vulture4

#Cmdr NameDiscord Name (if different)TZRoleShipShip Name
1Gustave FlaubertQohen Leth | Gustave FlaubertEUCarrierBeluga LinerSalammbô
2ErimusErimus KamzelEUMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteDSS Resolution
3Charles von HackbeilEUCarrierImperial CutterThe Mostly Harmless
4FredmanEUCarrierImperial Cutter
5StarlancerStarlancer/NovalanceUSMilitia EscortPythonBlue Jacket
6SouvarineEUMilitia EscortAnacondaLord Of Kobol
75parklesCMDR BranchesOfSinsUSCarrierPythonThe Hestia
8WishblendEUCarrierBeluga LinerQueen Of The Stars
9Johnny CaseEUFreelancerSidewinderSpirit Of The Frontier
11Maximilian ReachEUCarrierType-9 HeavyBig Daddy
12TharrnEUCarrierImperial ClipperVanguard
13D4RKS4V4NTEUCarrierImperial ClipperSir Honkalot
14LGOPTIMUSONEEUFreelancerAsp Explorer
15Alex RingessEUMilitia EscortPythonOrion's Sword
16HansowEUMilitia EscortPythonDefiant MkII
17ChrystophUSMilitia EscortVultureFGES Mantis
18GearshyEUCarrierAnacondaDelayed Gratification
19BaradoenEUFreelancerImperial ClipperEightfold Path
20Helium7EUFreelancerCobra MkIIISerenity
21RunnybabbitEUCarrierType-9 HeavyHarry
22TheGreatArgonCMDR TheGreatArgonEUCarrierBeluga LinerParadise Bubble
23King_INF3RNOUSCarrierAnacondaThe Defiance
24The book 0f eliThe Book Of DumptruckUSCarrierBeluga LinerSol Bianca
25AblativeUSCarrierBeluga LinerThe Briney Hiney
26Shinji YamazakiEUFreelancerAnacondaPride Of Toluku [EoT]
27James MinderbinderJamesEUFreelancerType-7Nostromo
28kjkb1980EUMilitia EscortAnacondaLight Cruiser Drogon
29Kel SolaarUSFreelancerFederal CorvetteFNS Tramontana
30Juniper Nomi'Tar[UGC]Juniper Nomi'TarEUFreelancerCutterArthur Guiness
31HalcyoneEUCarrierAnacondaVoids Arrow
32grunt n moanAUSFreelancerAsp ExplorerEloise
33_FissureUSFreelancerAnacondaWhen Daylight Dies
34PnyxUSCarrierImperial CutterNonsuch
35AstacedAstaced StarseekerEUFreelancerASP Explorer404 name not found
36Kitten_CozmickittyAUSCarrierImperial Cutter
37Mack WinstonEUCarrierBeluga LinerJames Prescott Joule
38DavyJonesEUMilitia EscortFer De LanceINV Vigilant
3913A13A/24BEUFreelancerDiamondback ScoutMoondance
40Mr. KEUFreelancerCobra MkIIIStarstrider
41idr!'M A SNOWMANNNNNAUSCarrierImperial CutterIndonesia Pusaka
42Danger NoodleUSStratotankerType-9 HeavyBit And Barbel
43Hepburn3dEUCarrierOrcaThe Disparity
45LyneiraEUCarrierImperial CutterSonic Glacier
46Empiricist6767MistakeNotEUFreelancerAsp ExplorerThe Probable Balance
47OmegaStageThr33USCarrierCutterElvira's Love Suite
48DiggaEUFreelancerAsp ExplorerRanger
49KahouKahō AokiEUCarrierConda or Beluga
50Chang Kai ShekAUSFreelancerAnacondaSpace Bidness
51AnnouncererEUFreelancerAsp ExplorerDora
52Dave H SchiffUSCarrierBeluga LinerOdatass
54KT421USMilitia EscortFederal Assault ShipFor Fun And Profit
55Gudjon262EUFreelancerAnacondaThe Raven
56Mr PedersenCmdr PedersenEUCarrierAnacondaAngel Of Darkness
57EfilOneEfilOne (Ornas Diehl)EUCarrierType-6DST Far Sight Lost
59Enzo WolfVodkaWolfEUFreelancerAsp ExplorerStarWolf
6027duuude27δUSFreelancerAnacondaThe Medic
62ElectrikcatUSMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteSS Doble Penetrator
63simEGEUCarrierBeluga LinerOutvision
64Bran Tse MalloryEUFreelancerCobra MkIIIAhhotep
67SimoniniUSFreelancerImperial Cutter
68Jimbo LazyEUCarrierAnacondaSun Dragon
69Montagye DruittEUCarrierAnacondaThe Lying
70Scout_des_MonatsEUCarrierBeluga LinerSanta Maria
71hillbillypolentaAUSStratotankerAnacondaThe Good Ship Lollipop
72BeliallTMEUCarrierBeluga LinerSerenity
73OldMrBrewsterEUFreelancerAsp ExplorerDumbo
75Hikowa DeanEUCarrierAnacondaFDN Vidette
76NohjJrc4055USMilitia EscortDiamondback ScoutAgnarr
77TOPBLAZER85 [ALT]TOPBLAZER85EUMilitia EscortImperial Courier
78SquiggleEUMilitia EscortAnacondaDamaged Goods
79QwertyuiopasUSMilitia EscortAnacondaCMV Upon Reflection
80Manuone KenobiEUCarrierBeluga LinerUrsa Polaris
81ExploitedEUCarrierBeluga Liner
82StargreaseUSCarrierAnacondaDoom's Folly
83HasmodaiCmdr HasmodaiUSMilitia EscortAnacondaCMF Cerberus
84Nacho ManCMDR Nacho ManAUSMilitia EscortAnacondaShip For Brains
85Judy L HoppsAUSMilitia EscortFer-De-Lance
86ZimzCMDR ZimzUSStratotankerImperial CutterVesperia
87Cyrillus KreekSimon (CMDR Cyrillus Creek)EUFreelancerImperial CourierGoldfinger
88AztekeaztekeEUCarrierAnacondaGalactic Ana. Tpt. H3R1N6
89EaterOfShoesEUCarrierType-9 HeavyCorpulent Pilgrim
90Coolguy6316EUMilitia EscortAnacondaClementine
91Pendragon55555USMilitia EscortAnaconda
92Putin Stronkπ=3‽EUMilitia EscortImperial ClipperCMFS Hippokrátēs
93Ar'VessahEUMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceAdrasteia
94BafautEUMilitia EscortAnacondaSol Bianca
95Barney_gEUCarrierBeluga LinerIES Khonsu
96Heathen JesterMuninnEUMilitia EscortAnacondaThe Longboat
97DukrousUSMilitia EscortPythonSEPPorter
99Kancro VantasUSMilitia EscortAnacondaEEV Arauca
100Adept GeradenAUSFreelancerAnacondaPecuniary Interest
101NixiliusEUCarrierImperial Clipper
102BadBoyUKTonytotheBUSMilitia EscortPythonMichelle
103Ed GeigerEUFreelancerImperial CutterAngel One
104CoronaScamperEUCarrierImperial CutterEternity
105DrykaelEUCarrierImperial CutterDarasuum Cuyan
106TheeMightyJimmyEUCarrierType-9 HeavyRubber Duck
107M. VolgrandEUMilitia EscortPythonISS Stormspike
108GerbilzAUSCarrierType-7The Tragic School Bus
109MostlyAwolUSMilitia EscortImperial ClipperStellar Flare
110PrawpsUSFreelancerImperial ClipperNSW New Adventure
111Thanatos676USFreelancerImperial CutterHinterlight
112Aggie NinepenceEUMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceCMS Badb Catha
113Hotto DoguEUMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceFNS Seraphim
115Froggit BlakeMarlon Blake/Froggit BlakeUSCarrierBeluga LinerWhale Gone Wrong
116KungFuFerretUSCarrierCobra Mk.IIIEndeavour
117Deth JestaEUFreelancerSidewinderPixel
118Trevor GoodchildEUMilitia EscortAnacondaNo Stranger To Violence
119AshnakEUStratotankerPythonOut Of Coffee Error
120.Stryker.Stryker the StrikerUSStratotankerAnacondaThe Behemoth
121PipedreamUSCarrierFederal CorvettePrometheus
122RaikkonenEUCarrierBeluga LinerThe Empress
123Sonar ChiefUSCarrierAnacondaProvidence
124TheSeryogianUSCarrierImperial CourierPillar Of Autumn
125LuxanLuxan58EUCarrierAnacondaThe Fabulous Ironclad
126Penny UmbraEUCarrierType-9 HeavyDemeter
127Bal HarkonnenCMDR Bal HarkonnenUSCarrierType-9 HeavySchildkröte Wal
129Valiant CrickValiantCrickAUSCarrierKeelbackPhobos
130JareddEUCarrierType-9 HeavyColossus
131ThudPuckerUSCarrierBeluga LinerNymphStar
132Ramses OverdakUSCarrierAnacondaDSMV Arktika
133Jed212USCarrierType-9 HeavyUSS Deckard
134Sheer LuckEUCarrierBeluga LinerThere Will Be Cake
135TazbertEUCarrierImperial ClipperThe Unbearable Beigeness of Being
136HasenearlCMDR HasenearlEUMilitia EscortPythonInterceptor
137Zulu RomeoEUFreelancerCobra MkIIIZRS Useless Reptile
138Heathen JesterMuninnEUMilitia EscortAnacondaThe Longboat
139GorantuUSMilitia EscortAnacondaBunsHun
140N. NazariTarek TavariaUSMilitia EscortKeelbackTsovinar
143DeathtripperCMDR DeathtripperUSCarrierAnacondaBreakdown
144DougieliciousDougieUSCarrierAnacondaAerosmith 35
145BennerzEUCarrierImperial CutterSS Beagle
148Bovine JoneyCMDR Bovine JoneyUSCarrierBeluga LinerCSS Arcadia
150Blade433EUCarrierASP Explorer
151IfrusOlconUSMilitia EscortDiamondBack ScoutBlizz
1522301EUMilitia EscortClipperGlory Of Olympus
153Dahak MaeglynnUSCarrierBeluga LinerLusitania
154NordishEUCarrierAnacondaSS By Nature II
155Lord_aNOOBisEUCarrierAnacondaS.E.S. Pendragon
156The AnimaniacEUMilitia EscortCobra Mk.IIIThe Rocket
157JSxJenkinsEUCarrierASP Explorer
158ZephrowEUMilitia EscortAnacondaF.L.V. Gronosov
159TathUSCarrierASP ExplorerEndeavour
160Ulysses WolfUlysses Wolf [CoR]EUCarrierPythonApollo's Bow
161SMEUCarrierType-6Sun Rise
162Timmy01EUMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteBigBetty
163Intellectus PrimusEUCarrierOrcaHaida Gwaii
165TruderEUCarrierImperial CutterObstruction
166WellseasonedvegEUMilitia EscortVultureMad Squire
167Jazzy 'Pickle' RoseAUSCarrierBeluga LinerLady Elizabeth
168Jezter DarkomenJezterUSCarrierASP ExplorerLina
169Richard AndersonAUSMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteEden's Hope
170Keith The ThiefEUCarrierAnacondaArgo
171GunnetAUSCarrierImperial CutterOneroa
173Mart ReiterEUFreelancerAnacondaPolaris
174MemphisukEUCarrierType-7The Wandering Mist
175TKensingtonUSFreelancerImperial ClipperUSS Ambrosia
176Nuclear-BirdaljazbirdEUCarrierType-9 HeavyMiklavž
177Hawkeye ConnormouseconnormouseEUStratotankerType-9 Heavy
178Takodacmdr Tak OdaUSMilitia EscortAnacondaHMS Khopek
179Shack BuchananUSFreelancerASP ExplorerCentury Chicken
180LibaneckEUCarrierPythonNoisy Vic
181LeasleyCmdr LeasleyEUCarrierBeluga LinerHMS Independence Of The Stars
182IAmBob224USCarrierAnacondaThe Aggregate
183SafteybotUSMilitia EscortDiamondBack ExplorerInteresting Developments
185KayahrEUCarrierImperial ClipperSally Sparrow
186LocnorUSCarrierBeluga LinerHófvarpnir
187ElaidariEUFreelancerCobra Mk.III
188ThinkingAboutItEUFreelancerAnacondaThinkin Tardis
189CaldeonEUCarrierImperial ClipperRaisin Bomb
190NovabakaEUFreelancerASP ScoutNight Glider
191Crix BerussEUFreelancerASP ExplorerScorching Hawk
192EnoroEUCarrierASP ExplorerPeople's Bliss
193SubSonicEUFreelancerCobra Mk.III
194KaiburrUSCarrierASP ExplorerThe Aurion
195BadMoose9BadMoose99USCarrierASP Explorer
196PetManEUFreelancerASP ExplorerMaganda
197BooboobearEUFreelancerImperial CutterVoyager
198D'AmicoUSMilitia EscortViper Mk.IVHMCS Enforcement
199DrzdeanoAUSMilitia EscortDiamondBack ExplorerRolling Thunder
200TechN9meCmdr.TechN9meUSCarrierPythonH.M.S. Trinity
201B3rz3k3r321USMilitia EscortASP Explorer
202MaxsamEUFreelancerAnacondaEndless Chaser
203Alex BestAlzaeroUSMilitia EscortPythonStormdancer
204Belial8915USMilitia EscortFederal GunshipKearsarge Fd/g.02 D.x
206Sgt.GloryUSCarrierImperial CutterAutarkia
207Master YodaUSFreelancerASP Explorer
208Reginleif HristReginleifAUSCarrierAnacondaHerja
209AlexBrentnallEUStratotankerAnacondaFlagship Of Eir
211FlooberAUSCarrierBeluga LinerReefback
212Mike BeringMike Bering [FSP]EUCarrierAnacondaNautilus
213Stingrey StingerrGB~Stingrey~StingerrGB~EUMilitia EscortAnaconda
214John AllbrightCMDR John AllbrightUSFreelancerCobra Mk.III
215GuiharUSCarrierImperial CutterDivine Will
216Scot BernardKuronoUSStratotankerType-7
217GabilanatorUSFreelancerDiamondBack Explorer
218UnleashedEUMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteFGS Reluctance
219K1979Gustavo PrestaUSMilitia EscortCobra Mk.III
220MinscerEUMilitia EscortAnacondaThe Normandy
221Woderik BlumpkinEUFreelancerAnacondaThe Rusty Trombone
223Dr YayoMeisterUSFreelancerAnacondaMoo Moo
225Sir MunchiesUSMilitia EscortVultureFNS Vengeful Revenant
226AcademicDust894EUCarrierFederal CorvetteThe Wonderful Leanne
227KorvuzUSMilitia EscortCobra Mk.IV
228Nightstalker87EUMilitia EscortAnacondaBetty
230Echo WakeUSCarrierType-9 HeavyFP Midnight Shadow
231SuperChuUSCarrierASP ExplorerFernweh
234GloriousMongrelUSMilitia EscortPythonUSG Valor
237MF1VEmf1veUSCarrierImperial CutterDr. McNinja
238PhaedraEUFreelancerAnacondaBlack October
239Mathew Of TegalusMathew | TavenarEUCarrierAnacondaOSS Grand Crusader
240E1ghtRoundsRadidEUFreelancerASP ExplorerRun To The Hills
241StuttlepressUSCarrierImperial CutterHold My Beer
242AyNuhsdigitaldiatribesUSMilitia EscortDiamondback Explorer
243PrimehEUCarrierAnacondaSpace Whale
244FilouEUCarrierImperial CutterThe Last Shadow
245Ellis HewinsEUFreelancerAnacondaH.M.S. Tea Trolley
246Terchif JrUSFreelancerAnacondaAnne
247KubackiewiczEUCarrierASP Explorer
248A WatkinAUSMilitia EscortDiamondBack ExplorerLong Range Support Mk.II
249Vayne XezioUSMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceSlayer
250MatDallTacEUCarrierASP ExplorerVSI Effraie
251Caroline H.CarolenaUSFreelancerCobra Mk.IIISS Endeavour
252XedEUCarrierPythonMSV Olympic
253Sigma 88EUFreelancerDiamondBack ExplorerBumblebee
255TomarinEUFreelancerASP Explorer
256LuchadorMrLuchadorEUCarrierType-7Lycku Luchador
257xXTheDriveXxEUMilitia EscortASP ExplorerThe Hush
259VoorhezEUCarrierAnacondaISS Terra Nova
260Potato TypotypoUSFreelancerHaulerHauleration
262ShetayEUCarrierAnacondaFNV Winter Runner
263EikoopEUFreelancerASP Explorer
264SikWhiteSikEUFreelancerASP Explorer
266Wafflez7WafflesUSFreelancerImperial CourierTiger II
268KotiCharizard3USMilitia EscortAnacondaYoshua
269SuluranitUSCarrierAnacondaR.R.V. Intrepid
270LooperCMDR LooperEUFreelancerASP Explorer
271ToropicanaTroTroEUFreelancerAnacondaThe Devil Reject
272Hanna HunterEUFreelancerASP ExplorerFou à Pattes Bleues
273LaffelrogEUCarrierAnacondaAnaconda Cargo XLR
274Astrix SwayerastrixEUCarrierOrca
275IceFireIceFireEUCarrierImperial Cutter
276Shand GrufflyCMDR Shand GrufflyAUSMilitia EscortASP ExplorerImpact Crater
277Leighann TiarellConventiaUSCarrier
278AsamithEUMilitia EscortAnacondaOur Lady Of The Void
279JKBEUCarrierType-9 HeavyAlbatross
280PtolemeusEUFreelancerASP ExplorerAlmageste
281Shamrock EvergreenUSFreelancerPythonThe Seventh Leaf
282BuckohareghostdragonEUFreelancerImperial Cutter
284KrewzurFreelancerImperial Clipper
285BatchatEUCarrierAnacondaBavarian Beerbox
286QuailCluwneEUFreelancerImperial CourierMona Lisa Overedrive
287Donald DuckEUMilitia EscortAnacondaArgo
288RuikoAshEUMilitia EscortImperial Clipper#Brexit
290Ra SencheRa'Senche ☾☾EUCarrierAnacondaVladimir's Claw
291BranabonBIGnewtUSCarrierAnacondaJebediah Kerman
292RaijinUSCarrierImperial CutterCandyvan
293VegassimusEUMilitia EscortPythonNoosphere 2
295DeadspinUSMilitia EscortAnacondaDFS Last Wish
296WoodentopEUCarrierType-9 Heavy
300Rabbit-HH [UGC]EUFreelancerASP ExplorerVasco Da Gama
301Jo'Baccaroo [UGC]Jo'BaccarooEUCarrierAnacondaUGCS Stolz Von Anequina
303Joe WandererEUCarrierAnacondaHeart Of Gold
304Aaron StarrUSMilitia EscortASP ExplorerENS Zephyr
305DuckfatherEUMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteROU Killing Time
306Tiddly OggyEUMilitia EscortPythonMurphy's Law
307MoonWebEUMilitia EscortAnacondaQ-Blades
308SlkjZabnork (slkj)USFreelancerASP ExplorerSwordfish II
309Admiral DarkcloakUSFreelancerCobra Mk.IIIScimitar
311Candido2EUMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceFroskostein
312Corvos_Left_HandEUCarrierType-6The Great White Brick
313Ultros HumongousEUMilitia EscortPythonThe Disjunction
314SkyrishMillar 27EUMilitia EscortDiamondback ScoutWanderer
316Tizzo513USFreelancerAnacondaLost in Space for the 2nd Time
317VeloceRaptureUSMilitia EscortPythonMonty
318DesitoEUFreelancerCobra Mk.III
319Kitsuniro KuzukoUSMilitia EscortASP ExplorerCMV Dawnstar
320VacendakUSFreelancerAnacondaEbon Hawk
321Anarchust210Anarchist210USFreelancerAnacondaUSS Arizona
322EvilscoopEUStratotankerASP ExplorerScoopy
323Aligator2bEnraged Wolf SquadronEUMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceU pugnu
325MrChillaxoEUCarrierAnacondaSlice Of Life
327Radar105USCarrierAnacondaSpear Of Zeus
328MarcomadsEUFreelancerASP ExplorerGettysburg
330ZombieMosesUSCarrierType-7Aurelia Augusta
332RepentantCR85YuriEUCarrierAnacondaBig Bertha
333Ortu PhoenixcasualphoenixUSMilitia EscortAnacondaPhoenix Rising
334AcrociCMDR AcrociUSStratotankerAnacondaDauntless
336AzukijimaAUSCarrierPythonMoon Of Prismrivers
337RiddledEUMilitia EscortViper Mk.IVN7242C
338Arikm TaylorCmdr Arikm TaylorEUFreelancerASP ExplorerInfinite Explorer
339KaellitoUSCarrierOrcaKurald Emurlahn
340Tri VeloUSMilitia EscortAnacondaProphecy
341SoutaEUCarrierType-7The Expanse
342EgonsiEUCarrierAnacondaAz Ezüstszárnyú
343MotarasuEUMilitia EscortPythonHekatonkheires
344Rogue949USMilitia EscortAnacondaShield Of The Expanse
345Ch4ch4zUSFreelancerASP Explorer
346KrakYourFaceEUCarrierAnacondaWonder Jumps
347Evelyn MioneVRMasterUSCarrierAnacondaTCN Aurora
348FireBut13Infernal-JawaUSMilitia EscortKeelbackS.S. Tracyn
350FosdykeEUFreelancerType-9 HeavyLady Starhawk
353Koka1nEUMilitia EscortViper Mk.IV
356TheTAB01USStratotankerASP ExplorerThe Jesus Sing Along
357Makihara7822MakiharaUSFreelancerASP ExplorerhoNe Box Mk.II
358Matilda TheCowDogUSMilitia EscortFederal CorvetteLiberator
359Tall BirdBertleBee~EUMilitia EscortAnacondaNoctulenta
361Avida DollarsEUFreelancerAnaconda
362Judge RhadamanthusEUCarrierCutterThe Judgement
363Kumicho OyabunKumichoOyabunUSMilitia EscortAnacondaKusogaki
364YingYangJMekelphazarEUCarrierType-9 HeavyDragon's Gold Reserve
365Mystic AngelUSCarrieranacondaPurple Palace
366BlueBlazeCMDR_BlueEUMilitia EscortDiamondback ExplorerBig Bertha
367Ragd0llzUSMilitia EscortPythonBlack Ram
368Abs MonsterPillerFillerEUCarrierPythonHMS AbsMonster
369GogozliEUFreelancerASP ExplorerSnaut
370ComeniusUSCarrierBeluga LinerHonolulu
371Jdude1EUMilitia EscortAnacondaOrange You Glad To See Me
372VoltAmpUSMilitia EscortImperial CutterArcadia
374HaldmanCMDR Stanton/HaldmanEUMilitia EscortPythonThe Helena
375DNYIUSFreelancerImperial CutterGraceful Sorrow
376Zil ZaloEUMilitia EscortFer-De-LanceGogo
377TheSpace GangstaEUCarrierASP Explorer
378David St HubbinsUSFreelancerASP ExplorerHellhole
379RadicalEarlUSCarrierASP Explorer
381ZekonndEUCarrierASP ExplorerZekonned Explorer
382AmeinuAUSCarrierImperial CutterMogami
383Mango FizzAUSStratotankerType-9 HeavyBiff
384DorseyUSMilitia EscortAnacondaGretta's Redemption
385Post_MEUCarrierBeluga LinerThe Bohemia
386Lyon HalliathTarkiusEUFreelancerImperial CourierSleipnir
387Brownst4rUSMilitia EscortFederal GunshipBetelgeuse
388PteroisEUFreelancerAnacondaAstrobiological One
389Zer0gravityZerogravityEUStratotankerASP ExplorerFarmtruck
390VeyronierEUCarrierAnacondaThe Leviathan
391KamishonerUSFreelancerViper Mk.IVDa Kamishon
392PotentialStormUSMilitia EscortAnaconda
393AesFoxUSCarrierPythonAF Hyaena
395Cuddles McDeathUSFreelancerType-6Esmeralda
396Sand dan GloktaEUStratotankerBeluga LinerWayward Whale
397NicOpOpsEUCarrierASP Explorer
398ChixEUCarrierAnacondaTom Crean
399CreepekzEUFreelancerDiamondBack ExplorerJiraiya
401JimbodiahEUStratotankerAnacondaUSS Money Pit
402MillStoneBarnEUFreelancerAnacondaThe Anaconda
404Liger95USMilitia EscortViper Mk.IVC.N.V. Azure Nova
405NambolaEUMilitia EscortCobra Mk.IVRed Rain
406Leo SaganEUCarrierBeluga LinerThe Pacific Princess
407CiezUSCarrierType-9 HeavyOgre
408JudderBuddersUSCarrierASP Explorer13fox
409Senan TorrMaxAccelerationUSMilitia EscortKeelbackNew Venture
410Flirble RasokMacros BlackEUMilitia EscortPythonSerenity
411PtolemeusEUFreelancerASP ExplorerThe Almagest
413Monty JonesUSCarrierASP ExplorerPNV Lighthouse
414Azrel AisakaUSMilitia EscortAnacondaR.A.S. Arkbird
415BrianPMackUSFreelancerASP Explorer
416ColdGliderUSCarrierASP ExplorerLillehammer
417GlassMan NZGlassAUSCarrierBeluga LinerAdverse Voyage 7
419Andrea O. GiovanniThe TickEUCarrierType-6Rosinante
420BenichEUCarrierASP ExplorerDesdinova
421FrequencySkiesCMDR FrequencySkiesEUStratotankerAnacondaBlack Squadron
422Gargula 41-NUSCarrierType-7Emet II
423The QuiltlessQuiltlessEUCarrierOrcaPride Of Jonai
424grnbrgUSCarrierAnacondaBagger 288
425Sonoshee McLarenklein MemeEUFreelancerAnacondaCrab Sonoshee
428ArzaeArzopixEUFreelancerBeluga LinerBurdigg'
429MakeliusEUCarrierASP Explorer
431EisdracheEUMilitia EscortImperial Courier
432Mokel DeLorean [GPL]EUCarrierBeluga LinerDMC Willhelm Conrad Röntgen
433Wi1dcardUSMilitia EscortAnacondaGypsy
434MintyEUStratotankerAnacondaPhoenix Rising
435JonussEUStratotankerAnacondaLong View
436BlaisePascalEUFreelancerASP ExplorerEspace Infini
437Triumph0USCarrierAnacondaDon't Want None
438Skye CarterEUMilitia EscortSidewinderPuddles
439AmazoeEUCarrierImperial ClipperDuckFace
440Dash AdamsNighthawkUSCarrierASP ExplorerMidwinter
441TasogarenokagiUSMilitia EscortPython
442Shyn DarklyFaydesUSStratotankerAnacondaThunderchild
443OddbludUSCarrierType-7The Christmas Cultist
444Uh CookAegisUSCarrierPythonRaza
445RiceakUSCarrierType-9 HeavySentinel
446MoonlordEUCarrierPythonMoon Princess
448Johny7Kyth7EUMilitia EscortViper Mk.IVLittle Prime
449KindaVanny98AUSCarrierASP Explorer
450Egon DuvalUSCarrierAnacondaAdipem Ceti
451BicsEUMilitia EscortAnacondaMr Pickles
452Devi AlarThaxxar | Devi AlarUSCarrierASP Explorer
453Fractal ShardUSCarrierType-9 HeavyFGES Counter-Grinch
454TybbyEUMilitia EscortPythonBuci Bigyo
455Cyclon3EUMilitia EscortViper Mk.IVDelta One
456AtomicHopperUSCarrierImperial Cutter
457Craig UchuuUchuuUSFreelancerASP Explorer
459CanthorEUMilitia EscortASP ExplorerStarspear
460Toss AntillesCMDR Toss AntillesEUCarrierAnacondaRegina-4
461LocojellyfishEUFreelancerASP ExplorerVulpecula
462Olivia Vespera799 OliviaAUSMilitia EscortAnacondaThe Mark Watney
463NovuskidCMDR NovuskidUSCarrierKeelbackBrokeback Nostalgia
465Amras ArfeinielEUFreelancerAnacondaAnka
466MadManInABoxEUCarrierASP ExplorerPenelope
468Steve GreenwoodSbg1967EUFreelancerAnacondaKevin
469AvawariEUCarrierASP ExplorerDagon
471MaleksEUFreelancerASP ExplorerOrion72
472ShadowsolUSFreelancerCobra Mk.IIIShadow Raith
473Drky46EUFreelancerASP Explorer
474Halo JonesEUCarrierAnacondaThe Black Pig
475JohnathlonEUFreelancerDiamondBack ExplorerThe Robin
478Finn McMillanUSCarrierAnacondaQueen Cassiopeia
479Coldfire 1986USFreelancerAnacondaDaedalus
480LtCMdrPACUSFreelancerASP ExplorerSS Phoenix
481KSI WarMachineUSCarrierBeluga LinerFNS Northern Stars Express
482Dallas CooperCmdr Dallas CooperEUMilitia EscortFederal DropshipPrimestar One
484It's TimeEUFreelancerASP Explorer
485DCLXVI Your GodEUFreelancerPythonIn Praise Of The Morning Star
486K467KrytonionEUCarrierImperial CutterElvira Madigan
487Opel KadettEUFreelancerHaulerAce Of Clunkers
489Unknown ZombieUSFreelancerCobra Mk.III
490UltimusEUCarrierType-7DSF Poseidon
491Lone WolfpackEUFreelancerPythonClara's Ghost
492VandaahlEUCarrierAnacondaRainbow Warrior
493StarcarionEUFreelancerASP ExplorerGolden Sun

The Basecamps


Shapley 1
Map Ref: Shapley 1
A stunning Wolf-Rayey system, just 1,000 LYs from Sol.
Shapey 1 was the first basecamp waypoint of the Distant Wordls Expedtion 3302.

Map Ref: Blu Thua GI-B b55-2
A visually spectacular earthlike world with a double ring system. The inner rings are orbiting so fast that it is visible to the naked eye.

Hillary Depot (Sagittarius Gap)
Map Ref: Blu Thua AI-A c14-10
Basecamp #1
Situated in the inter-arm gap between the Orion Spur and the Sagittarius arm, roughly 2.000 LY wide.
Inexperienced explorers, setting out from inhabited space and straight across the Gap towards the Lagoon Nebula, should take care to avoid the Aucocks Pocket near the southern edge of the Gap.

Thor's Eye
Map Ref: Thor's Eye
Black Hole system situated approx. 250 LYs 'south' of the Lagoon Nebula. Thor's Eye is situated in the middle of an open cluster named NGC 6530 composed mainly by B stars and few A. There's an A white-blue supergiant (HD 164865) and many B that have neutron stars or black holes in the system.

Amundsen Terminal (Lagoon Nebula)
Map Ref: Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10
Basecamp #2
A distinctive green and orange nebula situated on the near rim of the Norma arm, approx. 4,500 LYs from Sol in the constellation Sagittarius. It is one of only two star-forming nebulae faintly visible to the naked eye from mid-northern latitudes on Earth.
Herschel 36 is the primary star of the Lagoon Nebula. This hot O-type star emanates ultraviolet light, heating and ionizing gases on the surface of the nebula.
Due to its convenient location just on the other side of the Sagittarius-Gap, the Lagoon Nebula has been used as a waypoint for many explorers travelling towards the galactic core regions. It has also been used as a basecamp for several major community expeditions, including the Sagittarius-Carina Mission and the Distant Worlds Expedition.

Cinnabar Moth Nebula
Map Ref: Traikaae KT-P d6-10
A red and black Nebula resempling a moth or butterfly from certain angles.

The PW2010 Super Cluster
Map Ref: PW2010 210
Close to Omega Nebula this large cluster consists of many A and B class stars, with several accompanying black holes and neutron stars embedded within it.

Omega Nebula
Map Ref: Omega Sector PD-S b4-0
The Omega Nebula is a blue, red and purple nebula located in the constellation Sagittarius at a distance of app. 5.500 LY from Earth. It is a low-density cloud of partially ionized gas which spans some 15 light-years in diameter and has a mass of an estimated 800 solar masses.

Eagle's Landing (Eagle Nebula)
Map Ref: Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117
Basecamp #3
Small-medium sized nebula situated within the Sagittarius arm, approx. 7,000 LYs from Sol. The Eagle Nebula contains scores of tightly packed young F5 class stars, making it a hotbed of scientific research for short-range exploration vessels.

Sacaqawea Space Port (Skaudai Nebula)
Map Ref: Skaudai CH-B d14-34
Basecamp #4
Medium sized pink and red nebula situated within the central Norma Arm, approx. 11,700 LYs from Sol.

Gagarin Gate (Vostok-1 Nebula)
Map Ref: Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31
Basecamp #5
This red and pinkish nebula, situated in the Heart of the Sagittarri Conflux, sits around 1,000 LYs below the galactic plane.
The nebula is quite dense in places but its lower reaches become extremely diffuse.
The Vostok Nebula was named in honour of the first spaceflight of the Vostok programme and the first manned spaceflight in history. The Vostok 3KA space capsule was launched on April 12, 1961 from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Soviet Union, Earth, with Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, making him the first human to cross into outer space.
The nebula is also home to the Gagarin Gate Outpost, situated in the Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31 star system.

Michell's Legacy
Map Ref: Boewnst AA-A h33
A system containing 6 black holes. One of the highest concentrations of system-specific black holes currently discovered, it is named in honour of John Michell who first postulated the existence of black holes back in the 18th century.

Polo Harbour (The Venetian Nebula)
Map Ref: Boewnst KS-S c20-959
Basecamp #6
The Venetian Nebula is a very colorful nebula, reminiscent of the Lagoon Nebula with its appearance. Due to its location on the edges of the galactic core, it is densely packed with thousands of star systems making the views from within the nebulae itself some of the most spectacular explorers can experience.
The nebula is home to Polo Harbour Outpost, situated in the Boewnst KS-S c20-959 star system.

The Dragonfly Nebula

Map Ref: Eoch Flyuae UU-O e6-2971
The Dragonfly Nebula is a planetary nebula located along the galactic highway leading from the human inhabited "Bubble" to the Colonia Nebula. The swaths of deep blue are punctuated by swirls of faint pink, a sight made even more impressive due to the "dim" nature of the central neutron star.
The Central Star of The Dragonfly Nebula is a neutron star. Careless pilots may find their ships forced out of supercruise, leading to a potentially fatal situation. Pilots planning on visiting the nebula are advised to zero their throttles during the hyperspace jump to the system.

The Galactic Mapping Project.

Route map and basecamp screenshots can be found : Here.

The intermediate points of interest between each basecamp meeting are places pilots are free to explore during the trip. There is no official meetup time for visitng those POIs, pilots should fit them into their own itineary.

Launch Procedure

All Carriers, Escort and Stratotankers taking part to the EU launch event will be expected to have read the Launch Procedure.

Please read and familiarize yourself with the various steps to ensure a safe departure for you and everyone.

- You have to be in the voice channel in order to be dispatched, whether you talk or not. You NEED to be able to listen to directives.
- If you have no shield, you can mention it in your beacon request in order to be placed in a more secure instance.
- Reckless flying will not be tolerated.
- You have to use the #ccc-beacon-request text channel to request a wing.
- About twenty or fifteen minutes before the jump time (1900 IGT), the text channel will be locked and no more requests will be processed.
- It is expected of you to be on the look out, focused and reactive. Once you are winged up and waiting for the jump, you can relax.
- Don't forget that you are not the only person there. Think about the others and follow procedures as best you can.

Once the fleet has jumped from Miami to Wilson, instances will be broken. We will then switch to a second, simpler procedure:

1) Stay in SuperCruise, throttle to zero, align the rear of your ship pointing at the star.
2) Find the next system on the #ccc-beacon-request channel.
3) Target next system and charge FSD as soon as possible.
4) Beacons will check up on you, make sure you're ready for the next jump.
5) Patrol will check the next system and give the fleet clearance.
6) A new countdown is set by Souvarine.
7) Ships align and throttle up, jump.

Repeat until we are clear of any risk. Each jump should take a few minutes and will be about 10ly. Details on what to do in case of interdiction are on the document.

Full CCC Departure Procedure

The aim of this Procedure is to establish several large, stable instances populated by a balanced mix of Carriers, Stratotankers and Escort pilots, in similar timezones, so that everyone can experience a choreographed mass jump. This Procedure is also designed to ensure the safety of all participating ships - all pilots must therefore familiarise themselves with this document, for their own safety and that of others.

Designated Beacon ships establish Checkpoints in the departure system in normal space, and wing Escorts and Carriers down to those Checkpoints. A small Escort task force patrols supercruise, and then scouts subsequent systems for departure.Key people

Roster Command Qohen Leth. Responsible for Carriers, the Fleet Roster and the Expedition. Mission Command Souvarine. Responsible for discipline and overall coordination on launch day. Escort Command Ian Doncaster. Responsible for all Escort ships and mission security.Roles

Dispatch: Qohen Leth. Allocates people to Beacon voice channels in response to requests made in #ccc-beacon-requests
Patrol: Several ships (not winged) sit in supercruise until all the Carriers are in, keeping the system clear of pirates and helping Carriers who have attracted hostile attention. Patrol Ships must carry a FSD Interdictor
Beacon: logistics ships who coordinate winging ships down to the Checkpoints. There will initially be at least six of these ships, with more allocated as needed from the Escort pool.Escort: fighter-class ships to protect Carriers at the Checkpoints and verify cargo. Escort ships with sufficient utility mounts (4+) must carry a Manifest Scanner.Carrier: freighters and stratotankers to carry the supplies for Colonia.System Codenames

Miami: rally system for departure - this and the in-system body will be revealed 48 hours in advance of departure. Wilson: first outbound jump destination Nevada, Monroe, Alexandria, Osaka, Copernic, Juarez, Kepler, Crimson: subsequent outbound jump destinations.Assembly Procedure

Before preparing to depart, ensure that in-game voice chat is disabled. This is required to avoid interference between Discord and in-game comms.Comms menu, right-most panel (cog), Auto Enable Wing Voice Comms - off.Before the published departure time, the Patrol group will arrive in Miami and begin making it safe. The Beacon ships will each enter normal space at their own separate Checkpoints. Once in place, they will each be allocated a Beacon voice channel by Dispatch to coordinate with other ships at or approaching their Checkpoint.At the published event start time:
  1. Arriving convoy ships will arrive at the departure system (Miami) and must join the CCC voice channel on the CCN Discord.
  2. Convoy ships will request approach clearance from Dispatch using the #ccc-beacon-requests channel on the CCN Discord server, stipulating their role, in-game Commander name and timezone. For example: Sally Jones: “Escort KillerSally requesting wing, NZ” Dobney: “Carrier Dobney45 requesting wing, US”
  3. Convoy ships will then use the Beacon’s wing beacon to drop into the Checkpoint, who will announce their arrival to their instance. Patrol ships will protect them in Supercruise, and interdict all hostiles. If Convoy ships have no mic, they should communicate with the Beacon using in-game chat.
  4. Arriving Convoy ships must immediately leave the wing upon arriving in the Beacon’s instance, and submit to a cargo scan by the Escort ships present. Escort pilots should take a screenshot of any cargo containing UAs or UPs and report its presence to Mission Command
  5. Once the arriving ship has left the Beacon’s wing and had its cargo scanned, it must fly in normal space 20km away from the Beacon, towards the main star in the system. This is to be known as the Assembly Point.
  6. Once at a point 20km from the Beacon in normal space, convoy ships will wait as the instance assembles until departure. They must be stationary - any ship moving erratically or deploying hardpoints is likely to be disabled by Escort.
Rules to remember

  • Beacon voice channels must be kept clear. The only occasion any pilot other than the Beacon may speak is when responding to the Beacon, or reporting an attack. If you break this rule you will be cautioned and then kicked.
  • Escort ships must carry a Manifest Scanner, to scan incoming ships for UAs and UPs. If a ship is found to be carrying them, Escort ships must screenshot their cargo and then report them.
  • Patrol ships must carry an interdictor.
  • When arriving at the Checkpoint, ships must leave the Beacon’s wing.
These are essential.Launch Procedure

  1. Once departure is called, no further arrivals will be accepted.
  2. The Escort and Beacon ships will fly in normal space to the waiting convoy ships 20km away.
  3. The Patrol ships will enter hyperspace, shake off any pursuit, and then begin scouting the first destination system.
  4. Patrol will destroy any hostile ships found in the destination system.
  5. Escort Command (Ian Doncaster) will confirm once the system is clear.
  6. Beacons will initiate checks to ensure that all ships have the departure system targeted and are holding Frame Shift Charge at throttle-down.
  7. Beacons will count down to mass jump.
  8. All ships will jump to that system, then scoop and remain in supercruise to prepare for the next jump.
Beacon voice channels will remain populated and Beacons will continue to coordinate jumps all the way to Kepler, following which travel is at pilots' discretion. Instancing will not be a concern after Miami though.If a ship in a voice channel is interdicted following departure from Miami, they should immediately inform the Beacon who will assign the Escort to wing them up and defend them.Upon reaching Kepler, all convoy ships will make their own way towards Colonia, and the Beacon voice channels can be disbanded and the Convoy can go back to the CCC voice channel.The additional Escort support ships provided by the CMF will return to base.

The launch was epic. First time trying Wings/voice comms/Discord… About everything at the same time. Steep learning curve but fantastic. Happy travels!
– Cmdr Nambola

My salute to all Beacons, and to all organisers,that was the single best managed mass fleet movement I have ever been a part of outside Eve Online.
– Cmdr Aggie Ninepence
It was great. It is the first time I see a group of Cmdrs working together and not looking like a mess. Nice planning. Thank you!
– Cmdr Filou
Being a Beacon was a trully unique experience, and I’m glad that I did it after all. Seeing all Cdmrs jumping under my command, processing them, all of them arriving safe at the last waypoint. Very immersive, they also thanked me at the end. I would like to thank you and the others for this unique experience and for a job well done.
Cmdr Zephrow
It is the best thing I encountered in 30 years of gaming. The priority for social quality, the helpfulness, the general kindness, all this is just stunning. What a group.
– Cmdr Charles von Hackbeil
I’d just like to say a big thanks to all who organised this, I had a ton of fun in the US Launch last night. KT421 was a wonderful beacon, and I can’t wait to bump into Kaellito’s T9 again!
– Cmdr Luchador


A Colonia Citizens Network event, with the help of the Colonia Militia Forces and the First Great Expedition.

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As a colonial marine, I pledge that my wing will serve and protect the freighter that is carrying the colonies supply of cheesy wotsits. I'll make sure the cargo arrives safely.

If we go missing in the Sagittarrii Conflux, its because Thargoids got us, and has nothing to do with us munching our way through 400 tonnes of cargo... honest.[squeeeee]

(oh, and brandy... the Lavian Brandy freighter... we'll escort that ship too).
Would Xbox players be welcome? A few of us took part in the distant worlds expedition.

XBox players are of course invited to take part to CCC; but as we are still desperately looking for an XBox coordinator at CCN, no actual coordination is planned on that side. We would love to have XBox streamers though.
If I'm back in the Bubble by then, I'm in. Currently cruising towards Great Annie from Saggy A*, then planning to turn right towards Colonia - might take a while still.
1ST DEC 3302
24 - MITTERAND HOLLOWEPSILON INDI3 AReunion LandingBarcelo Colony0.09N/ASOON (TM)

I can't be in on this myself as I'll be away from my Elite Pc some of December and unable to fly but you could maybe bring it forwards a day and coincide the launch of this with the reunion of DW. That'd be awesome, the thing that started the exploration trips coming full circle and a new one launching the same day.
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1ST DEC 3302
24 - MITTERAND HOLLOWEPSILON INDI3 AReunion LandingBarcelo Colony0.09N/ASOON (TM)

I can't be in on this myself as I'll be away from my Elite Pc some of December and unable to fly but you could maybe bring it forwards a day and coincide the launch of this with the reunion of DW. That'd be awesome, the thing that started the exploration trips coming full circle and a new one launching the same day.

You can also start your journey one day ahead of the rest, that's much less logistics to manage :D

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I did some quick maths regarding the Beluga, if some of you plan on bringing one.

Explo-hauling fit:

- 3A PP, 6D Thrusters, 7A FSD, 8D Life Sup., 1D PD, 5D Sensors, 7C Tank (128T)
- 6A Scoop, 6D Shield, 2x6E Cargo, 2x 5E Cargo, 4E Cargo,3E CArgo, 3C ADS, 3C DSS, 1I PAS
- Point Defence (haha)

With a grade 5 FSD mod

Empty: 30+ly jump range full tank / 300+ly per tank
Full cargo: 216T cargo / 26.6ly jr / 250ly per tank

Overall cost: 152,881,000 CR in Shinrarta Dezra

Full tank and max scoop rate, takes nearly 2 minutes to refuel, so half-tank is viable to make the journay bearable if FD doesn't buff the scoop class.
FGES Hippocampus standing by...

@Administration - Please change registration from ship type: Orca to Ship type: Python (Haulage config)
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