Celebration of Early Astronomy 6

Celebration of Early Astronomy 6​

Dates: January 7, 2022 to March 18, 2023​

Official Announcement Post: https://theexpedition.info/Announcement
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Come start your new year 3310 with an expedition that tours around to various real-world celestial objects in the in-game galaxy! Celebration of Early Astronomy 6 is the 6th iteration of CMDR Kezika's expedition focusing on real celestial objects. This time around we will be heading eastward over the course of 7 weeks to the furthest east real star, V429 Carinae.

We begin our journey on January 7th from the "Keltim" system, which is the real binary star system HIP 17346 as well as home to our player group. We will then proceed from there on an 7 week, 7 leg trip. We will also be looking to discovering new interesting waypoints in the eastern reaches of the galaxy in areas with low density of known POIs in the Galactic Mapping Project and Galactic Exploration Catalogs.

Then find out more, get links, and sign-up at https://theexpedition.info/

EDSM Page: https://www.edsm.net/en/expeditions/summary/id/191/name/Celebration+of+Early+Astronomy+6


Please fill out a sign-up form if you're coming along!
Note: even if you're not sure yet all your details, the form will give you an edit link once you submit so that you can come back and edit your submission in the future with any changes you make. Just make sure to save your link!

Sign-up form: https://theexpedition.info/
Roster: https://theexpedition.info/Roster
EDSM Page: https://theexpedition.info/EDSM


Summary and Information

: January 7, 2022 to March 18, 2023
Waypoint Count: 8 Basecamps, 22 Main Waypoints
Expedition Discord: https://theexpedition.info/Discord



: Keltim
End: V429 Carinae

Current Waypoint List

Leg 1 – 1/7 – 1-14​

  • Keltim (GL 149)
  • Alnitak (Orion’s Belt)
  • Mintaka (Orion’s Belt)
  • Phi Velorum
  • HD 78344
  • GCRV 715 (The Southerner Nebula)
  • NGC 3590 CLA 15 (NGC 3590)

Leg 2 – 1/14 – 2/4​

  • Statue of Liberty Sector LC-V c2-12 (Statue of Liberty Nebula)
  • x Carinae
  • V405 Carinae (NGC 3293)
  • Eta Carinae
  • Eta Carina Sector JH-V c2-9
  • GCRV 6493 (NGC 3211)

Leg 3 – 2/4 – 2/11​

  • GCRV 6432
  • HD 92023

Leg 4 – 2/11 – 2/18​

  • NGC 3199 Sector LC-V c2-5 (NGC 3199)
  • OGLE-TR-211
  • AG Carinae
  • GU Muscae (GRS 1124-683)

Leg 5 – 2/18 – 2/25​

  • Prie Aec IX-L d7-6

Leg 6 – 2/25 – 3/4​

  • Preou Aip JY-U c2-0 (Paleta Carmesí)

Leg 7 – 3/4 – 3/11​

  • V429 Carinae (WR 22)


This post may be updated with more information as the expedition approaches.


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Looks like a thing to do. Count me in! o7

Some of those waypoints toward the end are a bit much for my 44ly Courier, even with boost. We'll see how far I can make it before I have to hitch a ride on a carrier.
For the experienced explorer, I highly recommend signing up to this exploration. This will be your only chance to reach V429 Carinae, a very distant wolf-rayet star, without flying your own fleet carrier 40,000 ly!
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