Ships Challenger - Having fun with it

So far this ship has been the perfect all rounder for a fairly novice and casual pilot like myself. Now that it's engineered I rarely have to visit the outfitters to tinker with it whenever I feel like switching roles/mission types, which means I'm having much more fun in Elite again.

The overcharged 6A PP feels like overkill and I can pretty much fit any modules I like. It stays cool and calm most of the time. Jumps easily around my local part of the bubble dropping in and out of Signal Sources, laying waste to anyone who gets a bit too close. Lately I tend to run assassination and scavenger missions and I can face down an Anaconda pirate that would normally have me jumping away as quickly as possible. The 64t cargo room even lets me take a well paid haulage mission now and again.

If a Krait or FDL is a bit good then my 1 large + 3 small efficient beams take down the shields and with thermal vent I can spin up a shield cell almost simultaneously. This means my terrible flying (I get hit a lot) is forgiven when the 3 medium multi-cannons open up to finish the fight. It soaks up so much damage against NPCs.

Sure you can find a ship that's faster, prettier, more agile and better suited to specific roles. But for me it holds its own in a fight, has a great canopy view, a dashboard that doesn't smoke like my T7, I can fit big guns that fire forever, and carry all sorts of limpet controllers. It really does anything I feel like doing and seeing as I upgraded from a Chieftain and reused most of the parts it feels like great value for money too. I want to say it's the SUV of space travel, but it's probably the minivan.

Here's my current build, any advice is much appreciated:
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I've started using a Challenger for ratting in the Amber CG and I am loving it. I have some mild engineering into it, but nothing too extensive. I'm only Competent combat rating... So I'm almost an Expert, lol. I've only been using it a day or so, so this build is still a work in progress!

I'm running laser turrets on top (class 3 efficient beam and three basic pulse turrets), a long range plasma slug PAC under the nose, and pack hounds on the other two hardpoints on the bottom of my ship. It has a fatty 6B fuel scoop, solid 6A shields, enough cargo space for some limpets to scoop materials from my kills, and it flies like a dream. I could deal with a bit lower fuel scooping speed. It's honestly scooping too fast, so swapping slots around (the class 6 scoop for the class 3 cargo hold) may be warranted in the future (especially for cracking into megaships) but it's fine for what I am doing now. While I'm getting the build zeroed in, I've been jumping over to an engi or Jameson Memorial to refit and tweak a bit so it's good to have a quick scoop.

I could easily see myself swapping out the Collector limpets, Interdictor, and ADS to work other roles.

I have the military compartments slotted balanced for SCB, MRP, HRP, but I could also imagine running multiple SCBs in there as well.

Idk anything about Thargoid hunting yet...
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