News Chapter Four - Exploration Reveal

Liking what is presented so far but I have two questions,

  1. Are we going to see combined scanner racks?
  2. Will the full map add a POI or marker for things like alien sites once they are found? One that is targetable
So can the probes be used to map non-landable planet surfaces like lava worlds, earth-likes etc. or are they limited to the current landable bodies we have in game right now?

Adam Bourke-Waite

Principal Designer - E:D
For micro-probes, what materials will be needed to synthesise them, and how many can we carry at once?
Hi Whitmann, we don't have our synthesis recipe nailed down at the moment. We are currently working with a ship's holding around a couple of hundred probes. It's important to note that scanning a planet varies based on size of the body and aiming skills of the pilot.
Mostly excited by the signal sources being generated when you enter a system. But this all seems quite promising.

That does sound amazing.

Question: How will the system map work/look after the initial honk and later on?
I've been wanting this since the beginning, and moaning about since the beginning, but is not finally time to do the Orrery View? I realise it's harder to achieve than we think, but I've also read that Frontier can't see any functionality to it. Which would be such a failure of imagination that I can't believe it's true. So if we're not getting the Orrery View can we get a bit more of an explanation as to why you don't want to do it?

But otherwise quite excited!
What you've done here looks great and probably is great.

Until you have to do this 10's, 100's, 1000's of times.
I think key thing here is to make "each thing special". Make it more work, so each discovery is "earned". If you get what i mean.

I personally love all these changes. Looks great. Can't wait for beta and live. :)
looks amazing! really exited for the new changes, would still be nice to encounter new things and mysteries, new types of structures and locations, or some physical beacon you can place. always wanted to put a flag on some geysers
Sounds great! This new ways sounds both a lot more fun and a lot more immersive than the current way. My one concern is that this new way sounds like it will take a lot longer than the current way. Will payouts be increased to compensate for this extra time requirement?
Okay you've actually made body discovery and exploration much worse - this is exactly what I tried to tell everyone in a few previous threads...

What you've done here looks great and probably is great.

Until you have to do this 10's, 100's, 1000's of times.

The good thing about the ADS honk is that it gives you a display of system bodies immediately. From that you could decide which bodies to go and do things with - surface scan them, fly down to their surface, etc.

Body discovery is currently quick. This new system is going to make it very slow.

This might make a few explorer-types happy. It does not make me happy, and for the reason I stated above - once the novelty value of that 'cool stuff' above has been done a few times, the time it takes to merely discover all bodies in a system is going to start grating. Again, please, picture doing this 10's, 100's 1000's of times - this is very quickly going to end up not being a fun activity.
This is a very good point and one that I do hope that they respond to.
This does look more interesting. (I'll still miss the old parallax discovery method from early beta though. :) )

I'll reserve judgement until I've seen a demonstration of it live.
So we need to send out these micro probes to scan a planet or can we also just fly with our ship and suface scanner around and get the same results?

Other than that, sounds great so far.
Sounds pretty great so far, finally some actual game systems for exploring. Looking forward to seeing how this works when we can fiddle with it for real :)
Remove Random USS Spawning: You will now be able to use your skill to locate signal sources rather than rely on luck. you will have the ability to identify a USS from anywhere in the system and then explore and discover these locations.

Some way to make the sensors help on finding USS's?
Give some purpose to the weight that sensors have besides combat =)

Just a suggestion tho.
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