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April 24, 2019
I have some big news to share with you all. Charleston Gardens Amusement Park today announced we are buying a zoo. That's right we will be the new owners of Carolina Zoo in Charleston SC. When we take ownership of the zoo next year the new name will be Charleston Gardens Zoo. More information to follow.
April 28, 2019
Here is an article about Charleston Gardens Amusement Park buying a local zoo.
Charleston Gardens Amusement Park Buys Local Zoo
A very popular amusement park in Charleston SC just announced they just bought Carolina Zoo and will start running it for the 2020 season. The Ritchie family which owned and operated Carolina Zoo since the 1980's decided it was time to retire. Tom Ritchie and his wife felt now is the time to retire and relax and spend more time with family. The new owners of the zoo are very familiar to the Carolina's. Ryan Kucewicz the General Manager of Charleston Gardens Amusement Park decided on buying the zoo because it goes hand in hand with the amusement park and it makes Charleston SC more of a tourist destination. Ever since I became General Manager of Charleston Gardens Amusement Park back in 2009 I always wanted to own a zoo. Ryan Kucewicz said when Charleston Gardens Amusement Park takes over the zoo next year look for some changes. One change is the name of the zoo will change from Carolina Zoo to Charleston Gardens Zoo. Also look for special admission prices to the zoo along with the amusement park as well.
New This Year At Charleston Gardens Amusement Park
If you go to Charleston Gardens Amusement Park this year you will find some new additions for this season. One new addition the new section of the park called Old Charleston. This new section takes you back to being in a traditional amusement park. With 5 new flat rides and a new wooden bobsled roller coaster. Also new this year are some new food options. Like Charleston Gardens Amusement Park famous BBQ ribs which are making a come back after a 5 year absence. Also new this year are pasta bowls where the guests can create there own pasta. Charleston Gardens Amusement Park is open on Weekends now until Memorial Day and then are open daily starting Memorial Day until Labor Day.
May 13, 2019
As you can see land has been cleared in the back of the park near the Blue Comet Roller Coaster. I wonder what can be coming in this section of the park in 2020? Announcement will be made at the end of August. Let the guessing begin.
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