Coasters like in "Thrillville: of the rails!"

Out of curiosity I purchased a copy of the game Thrillville: off the rails.

Turns out it's a very simplistic park manager game but it had the most amazing, imaginative and extreme rollercoasters I have ever seen!

Most of them featured a "Whoa" peice, something so extreme that if it didn't violate what was physically or technologically possible it certainly would have violated what was legal.

Giant pendulums that swung the car round and round before dropping it on the other side, jumps where the car literally came off the rails and sword through the air before landing back on, giant elevators that lifted up the whole train while balancing it precariously. Cars that were launched vertically off the tracks before nosediving and landing vertically on the track again.

My personal favourites were the giant crane that lifted the car off the track and dropped it on to another section. And cars shaped like giant cannonballs that were loaded into cannons and literally fired across the track.

Years ago there was a RCT3 forum that said they were planning a new game. I said it on that forum and are said on this.
Wouldn't it be great if we combined those kind of outrageous coasters and a park management game that was actually challenging?

Yes I know those coasters are unrealistic but then again, planet coasters again where you can build a brick wall for something like five dollars.

Take a look at these videos and see what I'm talking about:
Maybe Planet Coaster 2 can add in these coasters! I would like to see them, albeit done in more realistic fashion (although the crazy elements will still be in).
That would be pretty cool to see. I would like to see those crazy roller coasters in Planet Coaster, and they could appear in a sequel like Kenepo4u pointed out.
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