News Colonia Expansion Initiative - Phase One Complete

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Agreed it's kind of a curveball to throw. Still, I'd go ham on the next cg just in case they do something sensible like only the previous month's contributions roll over.
Congrats to all the other winners!
And personal Congrats to Radio Sidewinder, all that hard work payed off!​
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No point in even trying at this point. Good luck to those who still have a chance.
You can contribute 1200 tons with just 4 Anaconda trips. Only requires around 1200 jumps too. Even joining in just now you absolutely have a chance.
YEAH we made it :D
Pioneers and eXplorers 4th place
YEAH totally excited
Thank you to all our commanders!
Was an awesome teamwork and spirit!

Congratulations also to all other factions in place!
Looking forward to make new friends
Cheers for a good neigbourhood
Congratulations indeed to the worthy winners :)
Congrats to all who participated! Whether your faction made the list or not, it was an epic journey and a worthy undertaking! o7
Thank you too Juris (and the other Commanders involved) in bringing guides for the Keepers Of The Faith. Although my group never really stood a chance, I am good with it as it was still fun heading out to Colonia. Maybe next time? And FD? Any chance it could be a non rare commodity next time? My trade ship could do with stretching it's legs. :D
Zac I'm calling shenanigans on these bottom 20. I know for fact my group put in over 1700+ and it very clearly isn't listed.
Gratz! It would be cool if the winning factions could manage stuff in the region.
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Congratulations to the top 10 factions of the Colonia Expansion Initiative!

We would like to offer all factions, who have achieved expansion, the position of delegate on the network so they may communicate and conduct diplomacy discourse with all factions working together towards the benefit of the Greater Colonia Region and all colonists, grouped or independent.​

Who We Are
We are a community that has representation from many different groups who can provide support and cooperation of player run colonial events.
Primarily, we are a collection of individuals all coming together for one cause - to help create a colonial identity and give the colony initiative the community foundation it deserves. We are not a player group, but a network that has helped connect disparate colonists together and foster player-run events in the region ever since idealists started flying out there to create a new life away from the bubble.

The Delegate

Groups who have achieved expansion via the CEI are welcomed to request the Delegate role. You may request to assign your delegate by identifying yourself as a member of one of the top 10 factions of the Colonia Expansion Initiative to a Custodian on the Discord.

6 out of 10 factions have already identified themselves and have gained a delegate. We are looking to get in contact with the remaining factions.
Factions who have not achieved expansion but are still interested in being active in Colonia may join and request the Ambassador role for their group.

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WD to those who got through

Now my question is, can we change who we were supporting in the first round in order to help folks in the second?
I sure as heck hope NOT. That would drive a huge nail into my genuine desire to get the Earth Expeditionary Fleet into Colonia. Allowing players to shift support would be a huge disadvantage to those of us on the bottom end who are struggling to keep up. Bad enough that I have to compete against last month's contributions on top of THIS month's contributions. As soon as the doors are open to allow players to shift their alliances on a whim then competition isn't just a grind ... it becomes political based on a "who you know" mechanism.

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Zac I'm calling shenanigans on these bottom 20. I know for fact my group put in over 1700+ and it very clearly isn't listed.
I'm with you. Earth Expeditionary Fleet's internal numbers would have put us into the top 20 as well. We didn't match your 1700+ but certainly beat INO Research's 1080. We definitely need some tool to track our individual FLEET's contributions, not just our individual contributions. If there is a bug that is preventing individual member's contributions from counting toward our chose factions then that needs to be fixed ASAP before the end of this month's CG.
Personally I am absolutely curious about each of these groups.

  • Ed's 38
  • Aurora Colony
  • Nomads of Nevermore
  • Illuminates of Thanateros
  • Knights of Colonial Karma
  • XBB
  • GVC Flying Tigers
  • Edge Fraternity
  • INO Research

Out of these, I know know of 3. Do the rest of you have links to your group forum thread or discord that I can see. Could you PM it to me? I'll update the above with the links to them.
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I did 2808 in an unshielded Conda - did not have the time to do the Cutter! Mad props!
Well, 2808 in Conda this is still incredible effort so you have my respect :) How many trips 6? 7? I did two and had enough, plus we needed lots of effort to fill all them cutters so I did concentrate on that (thats my excuse anyway ;) )
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