Colonia On The Brink of War

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Hello, Commanders!

As many of you know, last year a contingent of pilots broke off from the storied Loren’s Legion and headed out to the frontier colony of Colonia. We sought to continue the quest of our squadron’s namesake, Kahina Loren, and to blaze new trails from the ashes of the Premonition event.

Throwing our weight behind the infamous anarchy group The Nameless, we staked a claim not just for ourselves but for any like-minded Commanders who value liberty, independence, and the camaraderie afforded freely associating individuals. After a great struggle with the entrenched powers of the nebula, we secured freedom for the Carcosa system.

Little did we realize what we’d gotten ourselves into!

Bringing The Nameless to power in Carcosa brought a wonderful, unexpected boon to the nebula: a place to buy Federal and Alliance ships. Never before had these been available in Colonia. While this may seem like a small thing to some, we all know the strong attachment commanders have to their ships. Since that time, countless Commanders have taken advantage of Carcosa’s wares while we stood as its stalwart guardians.

But I have to say, and I think many of my squadmates will agree, our presence in Carcosa has become so much more than mere ship salespeople. It’s not just about good deals on reliable vessels or what name is slapped on the side of a rock (as fabulous a rock though Robardin’s may be) but the community that’s been built up around this place. You see, we’ve attracted Commanders from all walks of life. Called to Carcosa by the promise of something different, something fun, and something they can call their own.

Unfortunately not all are pleased by this. A core of traditionalists among the original Colonia Expansion Initiative have been waging secret war against our way of life for many months. This past Monday, for all the Expansion Discord’s ambassadors to see, Civitas Dei’s representatives made its goals unequivocally clear.

They mean nothing less than our complete extermination.

While I’m certainly known for hyperbolic turns of phrase, I’m afraid this is one of the few exceptions. As far as our alleged sins? You’d have to ask Civitas Dei and their friends in the Colonia Expansion Initiative.

As far as Loren’s Reapers are concerned? Here’s what I know: we’ve brought more excitement and fun to Colonia than any other group in recent memory. By securing Carcosa for The Nameless, we achieved what some said was impossible. Not only that, we’ve continued to defy all expectations by keeping Carcosa free. And furthermore, through a series of books we’ve continued one of the greatest stories in Elite’s history. We’ve got no intention of slowing down now.

In short, we’ve done more than our enemies ever could.

So buckle up, folks. Because this is one party that’s just getting started.
Used spaceship sales room ...... or .... statues ..... used spaceship sales room .... statues

Personally I am one of those "no" to anarchy minor factions, regardless of situation. Always concerned me the concept of organised anarchy.

However, as Colonia is 22KLy away ...... shaking my fist at them! Too far to get involved.

Which factions out in Colonia are the nameless allied with? We've seen your pilots boosting an enemy faction out here. We'd much rather fight with you (we don't like EN or their lap dogs) but we may have no choice but to oppose you.
Not a pew-pew oriented CMDR but... don't you happen to have some cargo to be hauled? Would fit my MO - no matter who, no matter where. If there's cargo to be moved and the coin is right I'm here with my ship.
Do you need miners, haulers and passenger ships?
Lookin' for work
As Isaiah says, there's plenty available. Robardin Rock is only 9ls from the main star, so great for cargo runs. Best prices for mining tend to be at Aragon Silo, which is a little bit out, but one of the carriers we have might be able to help you there.

If cargo hauling is your thing, polymers (at 4500cr profit per ton) are always welcome. Being an anarchy we do also have the benefit of a permanent black market if you prefer a more questionable approach to cargo acquisition.
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