Commander, this is Ground Control

Preordered from Steam Alpha Deluxe version.......even i know how delusional and unrealistic are those ED trailers!
Spend that money wisely FD, on more complex atmo planets (dense atmo, waterworlds, weather and maybe even ELW)!
Same happened with me but then I went back to the front page to log on first. It failed when I tried logging in at the purchase point.

Frontier's website has never been a great experience if I'm honest. Not since 2014.
Hi, i tried, and on edge and chrome...
then went back to Steam via mobile and was able to buy it this time, even though previously it only ported me out to the frontier site.
What happens if I have multiple accounts on pc but I buy Odyssey only from one? Will that mess with the other accounts?

Well I did. Awesome little video, looking forward to Alpha/Beta, best of luck. Let's knock this one out of the park shall we?
Greetings Commanders,

Take a look at our new Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gameplay trailer that premiered at The Game Awards below!

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available to pre-order NOW on PC!
Elite Dangerous Odyssey

Will include:
  • The Odyssey Expansion
  • Exclusive 'Pioneer' suit skin

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Deluxe Alpha Expansion Pack option

Will include:
  • The Odyssey Expansion
  • Official Digital soundtrack
  • Exclusive 'Pioneer' suit skin
  • Alpha access - more details to follow in the new year
Pre-order for PC here!

o7 Commanders

Will the OST also include the newer, currently unavailable, music that came out with content like the Guardian sites? Examples here and here. Also, like with the original OST release, which came with the E3 trailer music, will we get trailer track(s) included like the sweet alternate 'Frameshift Suite' used for the original Fleet Carrier trailer?
Oh do come on man! This is the game forum, why the emphasis on "antisocial media"?

Because the forums are a tiny fraction of users. Because most users on the forums won't get any kind of notification about the post without coming here specifically to check (as opposed to thousands of people seeing it in a general feed as on Twitter etc.). And because the forums...... are a form of social media.
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