Console Profile Transfers and 2022 Updates

Presumably the early 2023 key content update will be Engineering.

Good news for the console account transfers, about as good as it could have been. Remember folks, don't buy any more ARX on your console account.

Looking forward to seeing what patch 12 & onward brings, but mostly I'd like to know that the next DLC is being worked on and what it is.
This is definately a moral boost, certainly better news than I anticipated. I would like some clarification from Fdev regarding account merging, the merging of the existing PC account with the old console account. Basically I don't want to lose the achievements of my PC account in order to get the data from the old console account. Will we get the option to just take the cash if we want to disolve the old console account. Definately we have some good news here but I think some questions remain unanswered.
So I have a commander that I play odyssey on pc, however, I have an Xbox account where I’ve spent a lot of time. I don’t see anything about account merging. Will there be a merge option or will it only be a direct copy of the moved account?

I dont expect any merging. Not at all.

I have 2 PC accounts (Steam, Epic)
If i will option for transfer i will expect to get a 3rd account on PC and not a merge between my XB and either of my PC accounts.
I tried to ask on the stream, what if your accounts on Xbox and PS4 are all linked to the same e-mail address as your steam account? Will they merge or will I need new CMDRs or new E-Mails?
Console Profile Transfers
  • Ships, Holo-Me, weapons, SRVs and SLFs
    • Including Cobra Mk IV if owned
  • Core progression (this includes…)
    • Inventory
    • Reputation
    • Navy Ranks
    • Permits
    • Codex Discoveries
    • Engineering progress
    • Guardian Tech Broker progress
  • NPC Crew progress
  • Cosmetics*
I'm actually quite impressed by this. My question remains the same - will there be a merge option for console CMDRs who already bought Horizons on PC, or is the only option to import as a separate, new "alt" CMDR? If the latter, will that alt be a free account, or will we need to buy another copy of Horizons to transfer over?

Another related question - you emphasized that Horizons on console is going nowhere, and that servers are not shutting down anytime soon. What does this mean for Horizons on PC? Will it remain as-is, or are there still plans to merge Odyssey code down into Horizons creating basically an "Odyssey Lite" game to replace Horizons?
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