CTD/Game freeze on Supercruise/Hyperspacejump?

So i decided to play some elite today, continuing my exploration. First weird thing that happened was that I got a pop up window saying there was some new content detected and it needed installing. since it appeared that i could not play the game without doing that I let it install. After checking the livery store i decided to boot up in single player and head off to my next destination.

I take off from the planet i landed on, near a Geological site. have to go to supercruise first to be able to line up my next Hyperspacejump. the moment the countdown is done and i make the supercruisejump the game freezes, audio included and after a few seconds black screen and back to the Xbox dashboard. I try to do it again after booting up, then the screen freezes at the exact same moment (I am however no longer landed when i booted up the game, but in space where i attempted to jump to supercruise), but the audio keeps on playing.

when i try after a restart of my xbox again i get the freeze and CDT again. then as a last attempt i try to do a direct hyperspace jump to a system i can get to from this side of the planet. and on the jump the screen freezes while the audio keeps on playing.

Here's a video showing the hyperspace jump: Proof

Also i am not sure why my ship got so hot from this attempted jump, maybe due to the gravity of the planet?

anybody else having this issue, or if there's a fix for this?
the only thing i can do without resorting to a re-install is shutting my xbox down completely and then boot up again.

Might put this on the issue tracker if the reboot does not help.
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