Day 2 Feedback

Gameplay and Performance
  1. Wounded time feels overtuned and could use some tweaking
  2. Pathing feels weird sometimes with Grey Knights making weird unnecesary steps to reach some locations
  3. Grey Knights with random ability points feel very frustrating. They should come with their ability points unspent for players to specialize to suit their needs or match their random talent.
  4. Purgators can get Melee talents.
  5. Optimization could use some work. There's many FPS drops in random instances.
  6. Using the Scatter Shot ability of the Psilencer causes a huge FPS drop until the ability is confirmed or cancelled.
I haven't found any bug yet, so that's a plus. Loving the game, and I hope this feedback can be of use. Would love to see more content and improvements for the game in the future :giggle:
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We're aware of the Scatter shot issue and are investigating. For point 2, just checking you are aware you can set up waypoints to choose how your Grey Knight makes their way around the map. They will charge in a largely straight line if told to go from point A to point C but you can add a point B along the way (If you have the action points available) to define the route a little better.
Gameplay and Performance
  1. Wounded time feels overtuned and could use some tweaking
I get by with 8 dudes and careful play on Hard about day 180 (i.e. just beat the craftworld mission) and don't consider myself masterful by any stretch

A couple of thoughts on mitigating wounds:
1) If knights have aegis active before they encounter enemies, then they have it active for the first round of combat. This means you tend to set up to ambush or bust through a door--aegis everyone, then engage. This makes a huge difference.

2) There are ways to manipulate the AI into shooting at your terminators. Consider how it prioritizes easier shots and you can often draw fire to these guys so you get hurt less.

3) The upgrade to medical is very impactful as to this.

Also, being lightly wounded or wounded isn't really that bad. It's to be avoided for sure but sometimes you won't. I think it's actually tuned pretty well.
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