Horizons Decoding the ancient ruins mission from Ram Tah

Hello commanders, I heard about the Ruins mission last week and decided to go and do it. After all the credit reward was 100,000,000 credits. However, when I got to the meene system and received the mission it said the reward was only 10,000,000.
I'm want to do this to make some money and to also have a good time so...
A few questions
-Is the time and effort worth it when I could make the same amount in about 2-3 hours of hard grinding planetary scan missions?
-How much is the bonus if I complete all the combos?
-Is it a good experience/enjoyable?

Thanks in advance.
Don't do it for the credits.
How enjoyable it will be for you depends. Do you like a mystery or puzzle?
Are you going to have a go at solving it all yourself or follow a guide?
For me trying to find these sites was good fun and did manage to find a new one. It's easier now.
Then exploring them was good also.
Working out the puzzle would take me for ever so after a while I did use a guide but that's still fun for me.
The mission reward was reduced to 10m credits but you get 1m for each site scanned and you can do the mission multiple times.

Check out Factabulous's guide for more info:
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