Departing Frontier Station, for deep space, Commanders

Good luck, Brett,
and thx for all your work for Elite and I wish you all the best in future. It's sad news however, you and Ed were both a people that I had firmly attached with this great game.

Brett C

Brett, thank you very much for everything you did here!
Your legacy and work lives in each of us :D

I wish you the best of best, I loved working with you there as a Volunteer Moderator.
Cheers, lotta cheese and many beers. See ya buddy! :)
Beer and cheese, an interesting combo! ;) Guess i'll have to try that at some point.

Thank you for everything Brett.
Thanks, Orange Spark, and thank you for helping keep the Galactic Academy up and going all these years!

Gutted to see you're leaving us but wish you all the best for the future! Glad I got to meet you at the expo :)
It was great to meet you in person at Frontier Expo as well, 57.

Ohhh the stories I could tell about the thing's Brett has said over the years....

Some stories are best kept untold... :p

Brett, I'm sorry to see you go. You have been an invaluable part of the community and your support for the community, especially for the forums, has been and will always be greatly appreciated. We've had fun times with you around, being our Forums Community Manager on the Planet Coaster Forums which launched late 2015, and I have to thank you for inviting me to the moderation team back in May 2016, which opened the door for me to many amazing adventures with Frontier and the community.

Thank you for everything you did for the community! You've invested countless hours into the community, and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible efforts that you have given to us. I enjoyed your humor back on the Planet Coaster Forums, with the occasional 'troll' replies, and the little chats we had on Discord.

You will be thoroughly missed. I wish you all the best for the future. Take care, Brett, and live long and prosper! 🖖
Thanks for the kind words, Joël. Your support at our events over the years also has been greatly appreciated!

Fly safe, Brett. o7
Thanks, CaptainKirby!
You will be missed. Thanks! o7
It was a pleasure seeing your constructive posts over the years, nrage.

Dang ... sorry to see you go Brett. I figured I'd search the forum for interesting posts featuring both "Alec Turner" and "Brett C". It came up woefully short ... that can't be right? Any chance you could fix the forum search afore ye go? 😜

Best wishes for wherever the future is scheduled to take you next!

I'm just a ninja like that! ;)

I'm sure there are things hidden within the history of the forum over the years. I know I've quoted you a few times! :)

Completely understandable. Brett has finally escaped the farm.
That's an interesting one, one to ponder!

First Ed and now you, I realy hate so see you guys leave but sometimes you need a change of pace, a new road to choose and try to make life as you want it.
It must not have been easy at times keeping us at bay but you guys are doing a great job, much respect.

I wish you all the best Brett and good luck in your future endeavors, for you and those around you.
The reward was always seeing yours and everyone else's excitement for our upcoming updates and releases. That, coupled with the constructive support within all of our community kept me trucking along all these years.

You'll be missed Brettykins! Catch you on the web, and next time you're in the UK, I'm sure we'll get a posse together to torture you further!!!

Keep the shiny side up, your wx monitor ticking, and hopefully the roof on the house! Maybe you should take up stormchasing full time! :)

One of these days, I'll attempt to make it back to the UK to meet y'all.

Fun fact: I did once consider storm chasing full time prior to becoming a community manager here at Frontier!

Thanks for everything, brotha. Take it easy.
Thanks, Jozu. :)

Many thanks Brett! Good luck with your future projects!
Thanks Arimus!

May the star you follow always burn bright. Good luck commander. o7
Just as long as I don't get too close to those jets, right? :p

o7 Brett, fair winds and safe landings !

I'm certain we owe the success of this forum to so many of your efforts and the new forum transfer looked very smooth from this end. Thankyou. :)
Thanks for the kind words, Lightspeed.

Aw, sorry to see you go, you've been an anchor here. You'll be missed. Good luck wherever you go!
Thanks, Codger. :)

Best of luck Brett!
Hey Ian Skippy! Always a pleasure seeing your posts over the years, I think you're in the top five now for most posts!

Good luck, and all the best mate! o7
Thanks, Stephen.

best wishes in your future endeavour
Thanks Dwarden, always a pleasure talking to you on the 3rd party devs discord! :)

Thank you for all the hard work, guidance and assistance you've shared since I joined Frontier, Brett!

All the best for the future and watch out for mad and wild space eels lurking out in the black!
Thanks, Will. :)

Damn, another one of life's certainties vanish!

Good luck Brett!
...I was one of life's certainties? It sounds like something to blame TJ on. ;)

Good luck for the future, o7

CMDR Justinian Octavius
Thanks Justinian Octavius! :)

Good luck Brett. You made a difference, thank you.
Glad to hear and thank you. :)

Brett, thanks for the help in the early days for E: D and all you what did here! :)

Glad to be of service and thank you. :)

Safe travels to your next adventure Brett. It has been a privilege o7 :giggle:
Thanks, Peteris Krisjanis, it was also a privilege serving as one of your community managers. :)

Take care Brett, I'm sure you'll do well wherever you go
Thanks brap_man!

Good luck, Brett! Thanks for everything.

No, thank you - for helping to make our community what it is today! (y)

All the best, Brett! May the equivalent of void opals be plentiful wherever you choose to go. :)
Wherever it may be, I hope there is a lot of it!

Good luck Brett, we will miss you and some. Frontier will not be the same. I blame FaulTj. Live long and Elite!
Thanks INaeem, and thank you for welcoming so many commanders to our community years ago!

Godspeed man, you will indeed be missed!
Thanks Viajero!

How will Zac maintain control of the forums without @Brett C ?

The mods now have direct control over their sub-sections. @Sir.Tj will keep the community in line, TJ and his ban hammer...

Take care Brett, it was awesome to meet you and thanks for all the hard work o7
Hey EidLeWeise, I think we met back at Frontier Expo? If so, it was a pleasure meeting you back then, and always was grand talking to you on Discord!

Fairwell, Brett. It's been a pleasure knowing you. Best of luck in your next en devour.
Thanks and (if memory serves right) hope all is still going well with Elite Diplomatic Corps? :)

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Well thats gone and done it, Dentons crying.

Good luck for the future!
Hm, that's a new image of him...

Thanks for the kind words, Rubber Nuke. :)

A huge thank you from everyone at Delta Squadron.
Thanks for having the patience back in the day dealing with your PMF and group! Glad to see you still around in Elite! :)

It's been a pleasure to work with you these past few years. FD will be diminished without your presence on the team. I know that wherever you go they will have gained a dedicated and knowledgable CM whose good humor and skill will be valued highly.

If I get around to your neck of the woods in the future we will have to do lunch again as well. You know the place. :)
Thanks for the high praise, Jenner.

Next time you're around in the KC area, and if i'm in KC, sounds like a plan. :)

Best of luck in your long journey out to uncharted stars, Brett.

Sorry, that sounds like you're dying, doesn't it? Don't die, Brett. Have fun. Take care. And don't be a stranger.
I won't be dying anytime soon... unless someone comes along to gank me in Elite open. ;)

Thanks for all the help and co-operation which continues to help me operate my dev posts scraper :) .

Good luck on your new adventures!
It was a pleasure helping you get your dev tracker up to par from things on our end. Thanks, Athan. :)

Has to be TJ's fault somehow.

Good luck Brett!
I already blamed TJ for something else though... :(

I may have tortured him quite a bit over the years.....I know he flinches and tries to run everytime we meet up.
I mean, you do try and nab my picture whenever... I've seen your creations! :eek: :D

Best wishes on your new journey, whatever it is! I actually just realised that I thought of you as more of a volunteer mod than a Frontier one, which shows what a good job you have done!

One question. This doesn't mean @Sir.Tj is in charge does it?

That's a lot of doomsaying. ;)

Thanks for your activity on the forums over the years, Barking Mad!

Good luck for your future Brett! (y)
SenseiMatty, thanks, here's hoping. :)

Good luck Brett! Thank you for everything you’ve done in your various roles and best of luck for your future! o7
Thanks for the support, Crow! :)

Aww BrettC you will be indeed much missed!!!!
Best of lucks and success in your new endeavors!!
Thanks for the kind words, Kancro Vantas.

o7 from here!
o7 Stefan.

Good luck and Godspeed in your new endeavors.

Speaking of which, where are you going so that we may follow to totally not make your life hell?
If you dig around, you'll probably find my social media accounts (along with all of my random weather and science postings). ;)

A sad day indeed BC.

Thanks for all the support, guidance and weather reports.
The weather is always fluid and dynamic, always something new! :D

o7 Brett. Good luck!
Thanks, Wolfe9!

Good luck Brett. Shame to see you go.

Who is TJ going to blame now?
I blamed him above. ;)

Brett C

Good luck on your future endeavors.
Thanks, Captain Crazy.

O7 Brett! Everyone will miss you and good luck with your new adventure!
I'll miss you all too... it does hit in the feels. Especially with Ozric's post, which I quoted below.

Fly safe CMDR!
Thanks Big Maec!

Best of luck for your future endeavors, Brett
Thanks EUS! :)


Man, it's the end of an era... I'm struggling to try and find the right words...

Thanks so much for your help and dedication over the last few years for me being a mod, and far more before that. You have been an absolute rock for these forums, they certainly wouldn't be as active or as vibrant without your input over the last 5 years or so. From a mod point of view you've been there whenever we needed you, I sometimes wonder if you sleep at all as you would always be there regardless of timezones. Even if we had just Flamingo'd up. Not that we ever made mistakes... Though I'm sure it was someone else's fault if we did 🤔

From a user point of view, you have always been clear and concise when communicating with us. You've kept things in order and somehow managed to keep your head throughout everything that's been thrown at you over the years. And there's been some big things that have had to be dealt with on the forums, before and after I became a mod.

I'm incredibly sad to see you go, though maybe not all the music choices ;) I wish you nothing but the best for the future and wherever you end up next they will be incredibly lucky to have you.

Oh, this one hit me hard. Ozric, thanks for the very supportive words. I never have liked "beating 'round the bush" to answer things, I think you and others can see that clear as night and day over the past few years. :)

That is true of just about everyone who knows you........

Thanks for the support you gave during the "dark times". The Moderator team will miss your steadying hand.
Good luck in the future, whatever it may bring.
Thanks Ian, it was a pleasure having you as one of our original volunteer moderators!
Good luck, Brett,
and thx for all your work for Elite and I wish you all the best in future. It's sad news however, you and Ed were both a people that I had firmly attached with this great game.
Thanks, Martind Forlon. There's some new faces on the block, so do give them a chance!

Sorry to hear you are leaving but i wish you well in your future endeavours, and thank you for your work in helping to create and maintain the community.
Thanks for the kind words, Phongsalt. :)
Good luck out there wherever you find yourself next Brett. May Space Cat's Whiskers guide your Paws in the Darkness.
So long as the cat does not tip over my gin and tonic, we're smooth flying! ;)

Good Luck in your Future Endeavors.
Thanks, Heater. :)
Good luck in your future endeavours. ^^ wow, snap.

Thanks, Flimley!
All the best, Brett. You'll be missed.
Thanks, and thank you for the 3rd party app continuation of EDDI! :)
o7 & Thanks
o7 Commander

Happy last minute travels!
Thanks Icy Bow!

I can't believe he's dead
I'm not dead yet... Granted, TJ about met his maker while I was in the UK last time (lol). He was deanimated, floored, ......gobsmacked even!.... at my BBQ connoisseur-ing while in the UK. It stunned him so much, he took a picture of it. But that's a story from another book... :p

Best of luck Brett.
Thanks for being there to listen, even when nothing could be done.
Thanks, Commander Endincite. :)

Just three things to say to this news.

Good Bye.

Good Luck.


We're Doomed!
/me squashes out the doom ;)

Hopefully the Brett Mk II (for lack of better name) has been well-prepared in holding leashes and lashes, a formidable task indeed.
Depends on the firmware version. ;)

Good luck, and safe travels. o7
Thanks Rust n' Sawdust!

Fair winds and following seas for all your future endeavors.
Thanks Habu2u!

Good luck on your future trails, Cmdr o7 o/ o>
Thanks, Wobblin Gobblin!
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