Developer Update 3 - August

I hope that link between on foot and aerial gameplay means we will be able to drop pods into the conflict so they can cut open the turret housings so we never even have to land the ship.
The following issues will also be resolved in Update 7:
  • Too much CC returned when systems revolt.
Will you be checking in with the PowerPlay community to see if you've done it correctly this time? Or will it be like it's been every other time, where a fix is only partial in some way, and then gets ignored for another twelve to eighteen months?
Wow looking good so far. Since you're making new social areas and that is in active development, What about social hubs for Fleet Carriers? Is this now on the table and or being actively worked on?
We're flying ships that run many hundreds of tonnes routinely.
It's not going to be pushe around by 0.01% of an atmosphere.
As for the rendering thickness.
I believe any weather patterns like dust storms is far more likely to influence the "visual thickness"
of the atmosphere than the air itself.
by 0.01% you mean 20% right? because thats what odyssey claims to have
The grind...what about the grind?! UUUrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!
The only grind I do is my coffee.
I have g3 of artemis, maveric (with bigger backpack), and dominator, plust g3 p-15 (fast reload), executioner with scope, tormentor(?) with suppression (don't remember grades for plasmas), all found while visiting stations doing horizons delivery missions (getting a fed rank-up).
I've even done some upgrades, and an eng mod (reduced power usage on artemis).
Not a lot, of course, but what's the rush?
I even got a couple of other engineers unlocked by doing other things (CZ one via the CG, settlement restore one because I enjoy restoring settlements). The rest will happen eventually.
I don't think it will come in this update, otherwise they would have specified Fleet Carriers. Bringing the social spaces to Megaships is a good start though and I can imagine it being expanded to Fleet Carriers in the future.
Look closer at Arthur's face
when he explains what is included and what is not in the coming update (a couple of seconds after he finished saying that).
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