Did anyone notice the little "movies" on the Guardian Beacons?

Yet again i went out to my favourite, no longer existant (😭) race of people (or rather their ruins and beacons) and noticed something. On the Beacons you find some kind of Pictures running in an endless cycle.
They change when you activate the Beacon.

Knowing the Devs, they usually dont put such things in there for no reason. If this has been brought up already im sorry, if not maybe it helps to further understand or find stuff.

Not activated:

Looks like a fly-over on one of their sites (probably yet undiscovered type?), on a continuous loop.
In a wider context, there are good probabilities that You could be right. It is this pattern:

I have seen it long time ago at the first discovered Guardian site:

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Remember back when things where being discovered in the sounds UAs made when put into visual mapping software?

Some of the symmetrical patterns in those images remind me of that.

The question would how do you extract these images to do the reverse operation to see what they sound like?
It could be the Guardian equivalent of a Rorshach test...
Or maybe they just liked pretty pictures, any sufficiently advanced civilization develops an eye for patterns and symmetry (speaking from my experience with the advanced beetle race that is to supercede us).
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