Dinosaurs Dinosaur Wishlist Mega Thread

We need dinosaur packs at least all two month when they are not able to fix the game we like too. Then we need still more dinosaurs for the actual game.

Triassic Dinosaur Pack:

Jurassic Dinosaur Pack:

Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur Pack:

Ceratopsian Dinosaur Pack:

Marginocephalian Dinosaur Pack:

Sauropod Dinosaur Pack:

Small Ornithopod Dinosaur Pack:

Herbivore Dinosaur Pack:
I'd like to see more Triassic dinosaurs. Also, Therizinosaurus would be a great addition to the game and is a MUST in my opinion.


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Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur Pack:

Hadrosaurid Dinosaur Pack:

Sauropod Dinosaur Pack:

Ornithopod Dinosaur Pack:

Ceratopsian Dinosaur Pack
For for future DLC, I would love to see my Top 5 Dinosaurs for Jurassic World Evolution...

5. Oviraptor - This dinosaur was mention in Michael Crichton's original novel Jurassic Park. Dr. Alan Grant expects to find fossils of at his Dig site at Snakewater. But it only made its brief appearance in Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues and Jurassic Park III: Park Builder. The only time I saw this dinosaur was in 2000 Disney's film Dinosaur, and two documentaries, Dinosaur Planet from Discovery Channel and National Geographic's Bizarre Dinosaurs. To be honest I feel like this dinosaur should be put as carnivore in my opinion but people are saying this dinosaur is an omnivore meaning it eats on eggs, plants and meat. But who ever decided to put an oviraptor as carnivore thats fine by me. This dinosaur needs more attention.

4. Yangchuanosaurus - Sixteen years ago, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis where planning to put Yangchuanosaurus in the game. But it got scrap (possibly replaced by Allosaurus). However, its name can still be found in the in-game files. This dinosaur is really my favorite dinosaur in my book. This dinosaur was only seen in the anime Dinosaur King - Season 2. When I saw this predator I was like "Oh this dinosaur needs to be in a Jurassic Park franchise". I could picture this guy tackling a T-Rex, I-Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, and other dinosaurs. Plus, people who want this dinosaur to be in Evolution, I can see how much they would love this animal.

3. Amargasaurus - I love this herbivore. Just by looking at the two parallel rows of tall spines down its neck and back, makes me love the dinosaur even more. I would love to see this dinosaur to be in the game if they decided to put it in Jurassic World Evolution. I could see this dinosaur traveling in herds but I would picture it being killed in the same animation with the Indominus Rex. Amargasaurus only seen in Dinosaur King, and Bizarre Dinosaurs, but it would be cool to see in the game if the fans including myself getting lots of attention with spiky-necked dinosaur.

2. Ouranosaurus - This dinosaur appeared in 2003's Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. I see lots of people wanted this animal to return, I do too. But people on the internet were mention this so many times saying this dinosaur will be in the future DLC. Just by looking at this dinosaur makes my fans happy to see walk in herds, getting attack by raptors and t-rex. And even watching it socializing with other ouranosaurs. If anyone wants this animal to be in the game, I am saying "Yes".

1. Saurophaganax - Out of all the dinosaurs that has appeared in the Jurassic Park Franchise, one of them has not given a really big push is Saurophaganax. When you think about it here is the dinosaur that looks like Allosaurus, and it's bigger than T-Rex. This is like Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock type of dinosaur. The cool name meaning for this dinosaur is "Lizard Eating Master" and I could picture it fighting the T-Rex, and other dinosaurs. I would say this dinosaur will be the lone predator because it hunts alone and I really would love to see this dinosaur to be put into the game and this needs a lot more attention.

Thats my Top 5 dinosaur so far. Do you agree with my list or do you perfer other dinosaurs to be in this game. Reply and let me know.
I would like to see some dinosaurs I think would add a lot in niche and variety. The game is shaping up well, and having some of these dinosaurs in game would add some interesting variety in choice and replay ability.

African sauropod with armored bumps on the back.

Small carnivore from Africa that is not agile looking as the current roster. Plus would be the 3rd and smallest abelisaurid in game, ties with the indominous rex genome.

Paralititan (size?):
Large sauropod from Africa, there is no need for Girafititan as the brachiosaurus would cover that niche well with its JP design.

Iconic herbivore with a distinctive sail, it has Operation Genesis nostalgic attached to it.

Possibly the smallest sauropod to have in game, would have a very distinct skull shape.

A prosauropod from africa from the jurassic period.

Notable medium carnivore with sharp claws. Would add a creepy factor in game.


A large asian carnivore from India, often depicted with a large spike on its head.

A small pachycephalosaurid from JPOG. Would be a great variant from the standard trio as it is not scientifically seen as a stage of growth of the pachycephalosaurus.

A giant bipedal herbivore with a unique defense mechanism, popular choice as well.

Would be the asian variant of the tyrannosaurus rex. I would prefer this over yutyrannus as the latter is famous to be covered with feathers which goes against JW's featherless code. Would also fill the niche of a large carnivore.

Would be a very unique large carnivore that is the most bird like of the roster, could be JW's oversized carnivorous ostrich.

A uniquely shaped bipedal herbivore with a distinctive hump. Would add to the weird factor in dinosaur selection.

The largest hadrosaurid we could have in game, it would add to the wow factor of the sizes hadrosaurs could come in. May very well be immune to carnivore attacks except for the giant carnivores (T-Rex, Gigantosaurus, Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus).

Possibly the smallest ceratopsian to have in game, plus one of the few that is a quadruped. Would be interesting to introduce the prey choice of velociraptor.

A sauropod with a club tail and is mentioned in game in the ankylodocus ingen database. Would be wonderful to have a smaller and naturally occuring dinosaur that would be compared and even be enclosure partners with the ankylodocus.

A dinosaur direct from japan, plus possibly the smallest hadrosaur in game. This would be a fun dinosaur if Cabot finch could connect this dinosaur to Japanese investors of Jurassic World, a nice nod to John Hammond's success in funding jurassic Park in the novel.

An interesting dinosaur that would have a great deal of creative design choice from frontier as it is an omnivore, possibly the only one in game?

(I am combining these two as Antartica is yet to be in the fossil map)

A recognizable austrailian dinosaur with long arms, could be the small carnivore of austrailia.

A recognizable dinosaur with a distinctive crest on its head, may be big enough to eat guests whole if enlarged similar to the ceratosaurus.

A large sauropod with an armored back like a nodosaurus.

Possibly the smallest nodosaur/ankylosaur we could have in game. Very distinct and could be the most sociable of the species.

The australian counterpart of the dryosaurus and would share the same rig.


Very recognizable prosauropod from the triassic period.

A small and obscure herbivore. Would be great to have in game for its small size and creative direction frontier could take. Plus would be the last dinosaur in the dinosaur list! (Z)

An odd dinosaur that is particularly large but has a very short neck.

Largest carnivore in the european region.

Possibly the smallest herbivore we could get in game.

A tyrannosaur relative from britan, really small but more developed than the proceratosaurus.

The first dinosaur genus to ever be named should have a notable position in this game.

A famous Fallen Kingdom taxidermy, this would allow for some cool forest exhibits with such an elusive dinosaur.


Very distinctive sauropod with frill. Small in size.

A fairly large small carnivore with a really long snout.

A rather small short necked sauropod that is VEEERRRRYYY round in shape. Would be a lot of fun to have this sauropod lumbering around the park.

A small spinosaurid that could be a more scientifically accurate counterpart to baryonyx.

A small sauropod that has gotten famous with the saying "Someone is feeling a little saltasaurus".

Argentinosaurus huinculensis.:
If the Dreadnoughtus is going to be the largest dinosaur in game, we could have argentinosaurus be the largest dinosaur with a horizontal pose in game. This particular subspecies is large, but should be small enough to fit into the game. We could have Cabot Finch say that he discussed with Dr.Dua on a smaller variant of the argentinosaurus to save money restocking the food the larger variant would eat.


An oddly horned ceratopsid that has gained popularity in jurassic world alive.

A well known hornless triceratops. It could have a unique kill animation where it knocks out the large dinosaur instead of stabbing it with its non-existent horn.

A larger variant of the diplodocus in game, would be a unique unlock dinosaur and a roommate to the diplodocus.

A JPOG dinosaur that is a also a tyrannosaur.

A well known small dinosaur also from JPOG. Small herbivore from the jurassic period.
Megasized Hadrosaurs\Lambeosaurs and Unique IGUANODONTIANS I would very much like to see in the game of Jurassic world Evolution within the time frame of his games lifespan.😉👍

Hadrosaurs-Iguanodontian Sizes



Close Cousin: Edmontosaurus, 39.4.ft in length
Found in Northeast China
a-herd-of-shantungosaurus-dinosaurs-sergey-krasovskiy (2).jpg

Close Cousin: Corythosaurus, 33.ft in length
Found in California USA
magnapaulia-f6779551-cae8-42f3-8cdb-553b42cb255-resize-750 (1).jpeg


Close Cousin: Iguanodon, Tenontosaurus
Found in North Africa
Ouranosaurus_AfricaScene_01_100ppi (1).jpg


Close Cousin: Iguanodon, Ouranosaurus
Found in Wyoming-Montana USA

close relatives of Dilophosaurus one is beautiful and the other is ugly in comparison however both dinosaurs are absolutely needed for Jurassic world Evolution since Dilophosaurus is the only member of its family in the game I suppose maybe perhaps they could include these dinosaurs but without the ridiculous skin flaps on the neck.

UNIQUE feature: Crest upon its head
Close Relatives: Dilophosaurus, Monolophosaurus
Found in Antarctica



UNIQUE features: Crest on its Snout
Close Relatives: Dilophosaurus, Cryolophosaurus
Found in Xinjiang China


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Do you have a list of Dinosaurs you would like to see in the game?

It could be a top 5 or top 10 list or even more.
Post them here.

Multiple posts are allowed in this thread.
And now here's a few more! Because HA-HA that's just me!

Chilesaurus ----------------- Toqui Formation (NEW)
Yangchuanosaurus ------ Lower Shaximiao (NEW also features: Huayangosaurus, which is actually where it should be, not in the Ziliujing Formation), Upper Shaximiao (NEW also features: Mamenchisaurus, Gigantspinosaurus, Chungkingosaurus, which is where those three actually should be, not lumped in with the Ziliujing Formation)
Tenontosaurus ------------ Cloverly Formation
Zephyrosaurus ------------ Cloverly Formation
Minmi ------------------------ Bungil Formation (NEW)
Europasaurus ------------- Langenberg Mountain Quarry (NEW ....and also not really a formation, but again it's the best I can come up with)
Cetiosaurus ---------------- Great Oolite Group (NEW)
Do you have a list of Dinosaurs you would like to see in the game?

It could be a top 5 or top 10 list or even more.
Post them here.

Multiple posts are allowed in this thread.
I honestly just want an aquatic DLC or flying reptiles.
CRYOLOPHOSAURUS-26.ft in length
wouldn't mind if this was found in a dig site in the southern part of Tasmania close to Antarctica okay. I know that's in scientifically accurate but Antarctica isn't a part of the atlas map search for fossils.

338_cryolophosaurus_melissa_frankford (2).jpg


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Do you have a list of Dinosaurs you would like to see in the game?

It could be a top 5 or top 10 list or even more.
Post them here.

Multiple posts are allowed in this thread.
Honestly, I've been thinking lately about making a park with the Jurassic World Facts dinosaurs, so I'd kindly ask you to add the dinosaurs of the app, and these are the ones:
10) Pachyrhinosaurus and Nasutoceratops
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Here's my updated list of dinos that would be nice to see added to the game:

Top 5 most-wanted dinos:
  • Amargasaurus - sauropod with tall spines running down its neck/back
  • Concavenator - JW:FK diorama, theropod with a distinct back crest
  • Cryolophosaurus - antarctic theropod with a distinct head crest
  • Therizinosaurus - an odd (most likely) herbivorous therapod known for its massive claws and odd body shape
  • Homalocephale - JPOG, a pachycephalosaurid with a wedge-shaped head
Other interesting additions:
  • Albertosaurus - a tyrannosaur in present JPOG
  • Deinocheirus - a large bizarre ornithomimid with long arms and humped back
  • Dryosaurus - JPOG, small herbivorous ornithopod
  • Halszkaraptor - a small semi-aquatic dromaeosaur with a short tail, swan-like head/neck, and short flipper-like forelimbs
  • Kosmoceratops - skeleton in JW:FK, ceratopsian with a rather unique frill
  • Microceratus - in JW, a small bipedal ceratopsian
  • Mononykus - in JW:FK diorama, a small therapod that had stubby little arms ending in a single claw
  • Ouranosaurus - in JPOG, a hadrosaur with tall neural spines that likely supported either a sail or hump
  • Oviraptor -a small theropod with a toothless beak and cassowary-like crest
  • Pegomastax - a species of heterodontosaurid: herbivorous dinosaurs with parrot-like beaks and canine-like teeth
  • Plateosaurus - an early sauropodomorph from the triassic period
  • Qianzhousaurus - an odd tyrannosaur with a long, almost crocodilian snout
  • Rugops - a small abelisaurid, used in I-rex's creation

Despite how divided the community is with hybrids, i still think it would be cool if we got some of the hybrids from the JP Chaos Effect toy line. The following hybrids would make the best candidates from this line imo:
  • Compstegnathus: (Compsognathus + Stegosaurus + african tree frog) - if compy isnt added, could use Troodon in its place, since i firmly believe Troodon is frontier's way of adding in the compy. Could renamed to something like Troostegodon lol.
  • Omega T-rex / Raptor Alpha : since these are just a genetically enhanced version of their species, these could just exist via a skin
  • Paradeinonychus: Parasaurolophus + Deinonychus
  • Velociraptoryx: Velociraptor + Archaeopteryx. Could maybe only require velociraptor genome at 100%
  • Ultimasaurus : mix of T-rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, and Stegosaurus
I'd also include Amargospinus on this list, but it uses Amargasaurus to create the hybrid which is kind of redundant if that sauropod makes it into the game.
There are a few dinosaurs I'd love to see in the future and some I think should be changed.

List of Dinosaurs I'd like to see in the future in no specific order:
  1. Nasutoceratops - Bull-horned ceratopsian from Utah.
  2. Pachyrhinosaurus - Famous ceratopsian for their large, bulky, hornless noses.
  3. Amargasaurus - Unique looking sauropod with 2 long "sails" along it's body. Could be added in the Ischigualasto Formation in Argentina.
  4. Lambeosaurus - A larger version of the Corythosaurus with a larger crest.
  5. Rebbachisaurus - Sauropod with mouth that looks like a bill and high neural spines, quite unique among other sauropods. Would be a great addition as a smaller sauropod using the apatosaurus animations.
    This dinosaur could easily be implemented in Morocco alongside Carcharodontosaurus. Nigersaurus from Tegama Beds could also be an option.
  6. Albertosaurus - Smaller cousin to the famous Tyrannosaurus. A dinosaur present in JPOG and probably something many JPOG fans expected to be added in this game for good reason.
  7. Dryosaurus - Tiny dinosaur that lived alongside Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus. The lack of Jurassic dinosaurs and it's size would make it a great addition to the game.
  8. Plateosaurus - Could be rigged on the Edmontosaurus or Iguanodon rig with some extra tweaks and extra animations. Could be added in the Iguanodon Mine in Belgium or added in a new dig site in Switzerland.
  9. Alamosaurus - Already featured in the Jurassic Park Franchaise as a skeleton in the Visitor Center in the first movie. Showcasing the skeleton is a great way of marketing, increasing the ticket sales for safari rides in the sauropod enclosure. It would also be a great addition among the Brachiosaurus, Dreadnoughtus and Mamenchisaurus.
    Could use the Mamanchisaurus rig to give it the tilted neck.
  10. Ornitholestes - Small carnivore and egg thief. Would fit in among the other small carnivores perfectly.
List of dinosaurs who could use a visual change:

  1. Carcharodontosaurus - The Carcha is extremely thin, not only the body but mainly the head, I understand that creating a game with over 50 species of dinosaurs
    requires some decisions weither to add or change things on the dinosaurs to make them stick out in the crowd among all the other apexes, sauropods, hadrosaurs etc but right now, the Carcharodontosaurus looks motre like a Chilantaisaurus.
  2. Dreadnoughtus - The sound they make is incredible and ftruly fit a large sauropod but the head looks like a bored bulldog.
    Also, in the INGEN database, it is stated that it is heavier than the Brachiosaurus, Ithis is probably something that has been discussed in the forum before but is somewhat odd as it is the "biggest dinosaur" we're talking about. The overall shape, muscle mass and look of the Dreadnoughtus is not even near the Brachiosaurus.
    The dinosaur could if nothing else be given a small size increase and perhaps change the head to look more like that of the Camarasaurus.
  3. Archaeornithomimus - The belly of this poor thing looks like a balloon and could easily be reduced by 50%.
  4. Dilophosaurus - The Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park are 6 meters long but because they only show a small 3m specimen the general public have pretty much accepted that the adult size of a Dilophosaurus is the one seen in the movie. What we have running around in the parks are juvenile Dilophosaurus at the moment, with the Herrerasaurus and other small carnivores being introduced slowly, why not increase their size to their real counterpart?
Also, the weight of many dinosaurs does not add up, according to the database the Spinosaurus weigh 20 tons compared to the Carcharodontosaurus 4.4 tons. Most sources estimate the Carcharodontosaurus to weight at least 6+ tons and comparing the creature with the 14 ton heavy Giga and 20 ton heavy Spino makes you wonder if the dinosaur is in fact just hollow? Same thing goes for the Carnotaurus, it is the same size as the Ceratosaurus but thinner, yet it weighs twice as much.

Their weight is simply numbers and do not effect the gameplay but putting a 4 ton creature in the same enclosure as something that weigh 5 times as much would be a big no for me if I were a park manager.
Giving the creatures somewhat realistic numbers makes the game a bit more believable and do have impact on how some players build their parks and enclosures.
Putting creatures and carnivores of the same size and weight in one enclosure "feels" safer than for example putting a Ceratosaurus in the same enclosure as a Rex.
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