Dinosaurs Dinosaur Wishlist Mega Thread

Forgot these ones:


Rugops - Eckhar Formation (another digsite for Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus)


Ouranosaurus - Tegame Beds

Therizinosaurus - Nemegt Formation
These are the list of Dinosaurs I'd like to see added to the game.


Triassic Period


Jurassic Period

.Compsognathus (Though may be too small to be implemented into the game)
(would look like how Dilophosaurus should of looked)

Cretaceous Period

(Would be fed using Ostrich eggs from a dispenser as well as the carnivore feeder)
(Would be feathered)


Triassic Period

.Massospondylus (possibly omnivorous)

Jurassic Period

[SUB] [/SUB].Dryosaurus

Cretaceous Period

(Possibly omnivorous)
.Oviraptor [/B](Would be fed using Ostrich eggs from a dispenser as well as the carnivore feeder)

Oviraptor is no more an egg eater than any other carnivore. That idea was discredited over a decade ago. It was thought to have been eating the eggs it was found with. It later turned out those eggs were from it's own nest. It was brooding like a good mother bird. Not an egg thief like the name suggests. Basing a new type of feeder on this just for the Oviraptor is just nonsense.
These two

Plateosaurus (herbivore, 10 meters long)

Diabloceratops (herbivore, 5.4 meters long)
For new dinosaurs that I want for my Jurassic World Evolution wishlist. I would like to have...

1. Saurophaganax
2. Tovrosaurus
3. Yangchangosaurus
4. Acrocanthosaurus
5. Megalosaurus
6. Tarbosaurus
7. Albertosaurus
8. Gorgosaurus
9. Daspletosaurus
10. Pachyrhinosaurus
11. Centrosaurus
12. Einiosaurus
13. Protoceratops
14. Therizinosaurus
15. Coelophysis
16. Guanlong
17. Utahraptor
18. Pryoraptor
19. Mapusaurus
20. Tuojiangosaurus
21. Wuerhosaurus
22. Siats
23. Tyrannotitan
24. Argentinosaurus
25. Giraffatitan
26. Saichania
27. Tarchia
28. Euoplocephalus
29. Pinacosaurus
30. Dryosaurus
31. Ornitholestes
32. Oviraptor
34. Gigantoraptor
35. Saltasaurus
36. Aucasaurus
37. Herrerasaurus
38. Gojirasaurus
39. Plateosaurus
40. Crylophosaurus
Name Meaning: High Spined Lizard
Nick Name: The Sauropod Butcher
Genus: Charcaradontosauridae
Length: 11.5-12 meters (38.ft-40.ft)
Mass: 7.2 Metric Tons(6.3-6.8 short Tons)
Height: 4 meters
Continent: North America, U.S (Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Maryland)
Formations: Twin Mountains Formation, Antler's Formation, Cloverly Formation, Glen Rose Formation and Arundel Formation.

Diet: Dinosaur Flesh
Prey: Sauroposeidon, Tenontosaurus, Sauropelta and Deinonychus

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What about hybrids and other fictional species?

Posted the above accidentally, before finishing it. I'll continue

It seems like everybody hates them, Secrets of Dr. Wu is regarded as both the best and worst DLC. The best because of the population, social, comfort and habitat genes, extra islands and missions, and the worst because...hybrids.

Personally I don't mind them, I see them as another species of "genetically engineered theme park monsters, nothing more and nothing less".

So, I'll be the first one to request an hybrid. You may know of the Chaos Effect toyline, the first time the franchise tried hybrids (and didn't sold well) which included the unreleased Ultimasaurus, a Tyrannosaurus-Triceratops-Ankylosaurus-Stegosaurus-Velocirraptor chimera.

I think it would be interesting to have an hybrid more difficult to unlock (it would need not just 2 but 5 complete genomes plus research), but being realistic it probably won't be included because of copyrights issues (Is it Kenner? Hasbro? Universal? Sadly it's not Frontier)

A posible solution: call it Diabolus rex, the development name for Indominus in Jurassic world. I think "the devil king" sounds cool.
Saltasaurus: 42 feet in length-Sauropod
Irritator: 22-26 feet in Length-Spinosauridae
Oxalaia: 46 feet in length-Spinosauridae
Yutyrannus: 30-32 feet in length
Plateosaurus: 16-33 feet in Length
Dryosaurus: 14 feet in Length
Pelicanmimus: 8.2 feet in Length
Supersaurus: 110 feet in Length-Sauropod

my second half that I forgot to include in my previous list but still pretty cool dinos none the less awesome creatures.
Dinosaurs the game desperately needs:
- Dryosaurus
- Therizinosaurus
- Ouranosaurus
- Albertosaurus or another smaller, leaner tyrannosaur.
- At least one more hybrid, bundled with a set of real dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs I want:
- Amargasaurus
- Oviraptor
- Pachyrhinosaurus
- Deinocheirus
- Acrocanthosaurus

Also, surprise me.
I would be interested in some oddballs as well as my original list.
Having a herbivorous Oviraptorid like Anzu wyliei that could fight with small carnivores would be very cool.
A carnivorous Oviraptorid counterpart like Citipati osmolskae would make it pretty interesting to have both dietaries in the same family.
Plateosaurus could be our first biped to eat from a tall feeder, and also defend itself with its thumb claw
Aucasaurus or Rugops could give us a dedicated scavenger that will only eat dead dinosaurs or the meat feeder and co-exist peacefully with herbivores while bullying off other small carnivores
The rest of my B-list is
  1. Australovenator (Australia needs a second dinosaur and what better one?)
  2. Alamosaurus or Saltasaurus (An osteodermed sauropod would be very cool)
  3. Dacentrurus (More European dinosaurs never hurt)
  4. Austroraptor (A huge raptor with no need to differentiate it from the others)
  5. Rebbachisaurus (Classic African sauropod of which we have zero)
What about hybrids and other fictional species?
Please, no more.

Dinosaurs the game desperately needs:
- At least one more hybrid, bundled with a set of real dinosaurs.
Ugh no. I don't think I'd buy any DLC that contains any badly designed hybrid. Holding real dinosaurs hostage in such a DLC would be a waste of good dinosaurs imo. If they decide to add more hybrids, they definitely need to be in their own pack so that people can avoid hybrids altogether if they want and just get the real dinosaur packs.
Yeah, you're right. People shouldn't have to pay for hybrids. Instead, they should be free! Added with a free, automatically installed steam update that's unavoidable!
I've got 6 that I'd like to see.
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