News Discovery Scanner 3 - Audible Asteroids w/Ross Stack

Oh great idea ! The job the sound team have done with ED is impressive ! Love to play with my headphones so I don't miss a thing :)
Did it have to be exactly 50% rotten, or would 40% suffice? And, what about half-fresh cabbages? ;)

I wonder whether any of the sounds in Elite have been constructed from the sound of twisting a custard cream in half...
It depended on the toughness of the wall and the strength of the thrower.
the sound of twisting a custard cream in half...
I sure hope no custard creams were harmed in the making of this computer video game!

Crawford's Pink Wafer biscuits deserve everything they get though.
Looking forward to this pro-scanner peek, just hoping it isn't at light speed menu clicking like the mining and squadron live stream was. Yeah, that was a poke in the ribs and all in good fun.
Oh, I'm actually not sure I want to watch this. I mean, the audio in this game is AWESOME, and I absolutely love it.

But if I watch this stream and he tells me the audio of the explosion is just a Dyson hoover being switched on followed by two wooden clogs being clapped together, then forever more that's all I'm going to think of when listening to the game.

Sometimes, I really don't want to know what's behind that secret magical curtain of mystery.
It's how they apply the Dyson Hoover and clog sounds that makes it magical :)

Robert Maynard

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.... and the sound team obviously had no hand in the fire alarm tone - far too bland and generic for their high quality work.... :)
A thoroughly great performance and explanation about the audio effects in this stream. I congratulate you.

The "fire alarm incident" was with incredible timing .... surely someone must have triggered it in jest ! The jokes while you guys were offline were hilarious.

Anyway, a great stream to remember. Thanks guys. [up][up][up]


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This was the best stream to date for me personally. Absolutely fascinating. To see how much passion and work goes into designing a ONE sound effect in game... Just wow. Hats off, jaw on the floor, slow clap.

I would love to see MoM talk about AI. Speaking to her at Lavecon about this was really something too.


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Couldn't agree with Roots more. Easily the best livestream we've had so far. It's always so good to hear the passion that the people working on Elite have and the amount of love and detail they put into the game. It was a pleasure listening to you explain just a little bit of your work Ross. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.

When the Discovery Scanner streams first started we all hoped they would continue for a very long time. I'm guessing the huge pressures of the Q4 update put a stop to that, but I really hope they can now resume. Bring on MoM next!

If you fancy answering a question Ross. What is the strangest/funniest foley sound you've done for Elite?
Despite the unavoidable interruption, this stream was a very informative stream. Sound-design is a very important part of game-design or media in general which usually only gets noticed of something went wrong, similar to the user interface. Games are expected to sound great and this kind of stream will probably increase the appreciation of the "invisible arts".
That was truly an awesome stream.

Please do more of these as it is really fascinating seeing the amount of work and passion that goes into creating Elite: Dangerous.

Thanks Ross, Ed, and the rest of the sound team!
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