Discovery Scanner: Dev Diary II - Forging Your Path Recap


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I watched Dev Diary 2 and Fdevs said Apex Transport is NOT Instant! However, they didn't mention if your ship can follow but I think you'd have to transfer it like you do now.
Did they? I must have missed that, maybe through moderating :D Though that was one question that I noticed a content creator had asked because they said the community had asked them because it wasn't answered 🤷‍♂️
Who knows. Would be nice to get it added to the Q&A list then.
I remember clearly it was answered but by the other guy (Luke Betterton) and not answered by Stephen but he did ask the guy and the answer was it
will take real time to travel. o7 :)
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If you play No Man's Sky it will most likely be the same exiting your ship as in that game. What I mean is you'll exit your ship instantly without walking out manually from the ship itself, if that makes sense.
It does. Similarly to how we enter/exit our SRV and SLF. So I'm guessing that's how we'll enter/exit buildings as well. Instant teleport
Who will be producing suits, gear and weapons? Will there be new manufacturers or are ship companies also those that produce our on-foot equipment?
Can you give some examples of the suits that will be available?
Commanders will be able to purchase and switch between multiple suits to help them with different mission types. Outside of the Flight Suit (currently in-game) you will also be able to equip the Exploration Suit, the Combat Suit and the Scavenger Suit. You will also be able to purchase multiples of each suit and give them different loadouts, dependent on your particular playstyle/mission.
The suits we mention above will be geared towards different mission activities. You do not need to own that suit type to take on a specific activity, however doing so will certainly make life easier. Suits can be upgraded in a variety of ways to help improve their capabilities. We will be announcing more on the different suit types and upgrades in the future - stay tuned!
Awesome information, Stephen!

Will you tell us how commander clothing cosmetics will be handled with new suits? Will clothing cosmetics purchased for commanders go over the chosen suit to provide a visual difference? How will existing/future clothing cosmetics work?
Also, will helmets need to be manually put on/taken off? I'm assuming through the videos so far that you will be able to remove your helmet. If you can go in an unpressurized environment without your helmet, do you get a chance to frantically try and put it on, or do you just die?
How will Fleet Carriers fit into Oddysey? Can FDev reassure us that Fleet Carries will not become obsolete when Oddysey arrives.
Will I be able to get out of my ship in the FC hangar?
Will I be able to use Apex Travel to and from my FC?
Will other players be able to get in and out of their ships on my FC?

If I have 2 ships at the same Space Port, can I walk from one to the other?
If in a wing can I use Apex Travel with wing mates?

I have tonnes of questions regarding Oddysey. But that's just a couple for now.
Hey CMDRS, we're thrilled to see all the questions coming in and know you're keen for more information. We're collecting your further questions and will answer them in due course. It's fantastic to see you're just as excited to Odyssey as we are to share it with you!

I can provide an answer for you if you like?

The reason your camera went out of focus was because you were waving your hands around and it was trying to lock on to them, throwing you out of focus.

Ways to avoid it

1. Don't wave your hands around close to the camera
2. Sit further back from the camera so the relative depth of field is better.

Bonus points for more light of the same colour as the main light source i.e. the window, so daylight white bulbs)

Sorry I'm a Camera Op and lockdown has exposed me to far too many ropey video cams on the TV.

ETA: Also your mic level needs turning down because it was distorting, try speaking normally and only have it hit around -9db that way you should be able to avoid distortion.
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This Question is probably true.. Will there still be Day and Night cycles and will weather be added afterall? I ask because the Snow world must have had a storm at some point..
And will there be worlds that have Rain?? I <3 Rain storms! :p
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