Discovery Scanner: Dev Diary II - Forging Your Path Recap

Just want to say...

Elevators seamlessly get you from your hangar to the hubs... So teleports, then? :D


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Few questions,

About mission boards.
  • Will mission boards at spaceports or surface ports offer only missions for on foot gameplay? Or will also current ship based missions be offered in first person at those hubs mission boards?
  • Conversely will the current ship based mission board offer on foot missions?
  • Will the current ship based mission interface remain the same with static pictures and text based or will it show animated talking heads and voice?
About social hubs matchmaking:
  • Given there will be tens of thousands of social hubs and ports, players may end up very spread out and rarely actually meet spontaneously unless they plan in advance a specific gathering. Will there be an automated match making system whereby players staying at different social hubs in different locations will actually be placed together under a telepresence or similar lore based scheme?
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Given that we’ve seen footage of what looks like a bartender does that mean there’s going to consumable rum in the game?

Will food and drink perhaps become a necessity? Like....survival mode style? 🙏
I only have one thing to say: Hanger? Really? :)
Got to have some method of carrying all those different suits around with you - I’m sure with the new outfit Engineering we’ll have Lightweight Double Braced clothes-rails (with “Fabulous” experimental effect for Empire types) to pull around after us 😁
Will there be mirrors, so I can see my suit ?
Without doubt and you will be able to appreciate the power of the costume. :)


🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 😷
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