Dual Universe

Yeah that's my thoughts as well. Quite a few times I've been tempted to back but I'm just going to hold off. Plenty of other games I need to get through :)
i just remembered Dual Universe yesterday and wanted to check its status.

now... if i remember correctly, Dual Universe is pure player based, with no NPC "life" at all.
Yeah, for what it's worth Dual Universe gives confidence in their technical abilities, however many of their promises feel very snake oilery (we will see when it all comes down to production). As for time frame it really surprises me no at all. All these projects will be late, will take long time to complete, and that's without added taste of incompetence like with CIG.

If anyone is ready to wait for that long, sure :)
Not guaranteed to run on win7.
Buh bye.
I suspect by the time it comes out many of us will probably have upgraded from Win7 anyway.
Good enough for me tbh, i won't consider spending until i have seen post-release reviews.
Trickier for those who want in at an early stage, yes.
As was Windows 2000, and I initially lamented Windows 7....but I moved on and wouldn't countenace going back to either of those two OS's now.
Have fun using exclusively Win 7 in 2020.
Last comment from me on this, as it's going too off topic, I'm sticking to my convictions, and all my game purchases are linux/steam play only.
Which means that as of right now, I'm holding back from X4 purchase until their nix release.
Anywho, sorry for that everyone.
I can see Space Engineers, Skywanderers, Empyrion, etc in here. The players wanting true mp in a large verse will love this.
Though everyone in one space doing all this, well, that is yet to be seen.. ;)

Hope they have pressurised ship interiors, as does SE.
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