Release ED Recon: an EDMC plugin for traders and bounty hunters in Elite: dangerous

V1.6.2 "Persnickety Shrimp"
EDR should auto-update on shutdown. If this fails, check the first post for further instructions.

New features
Quickly find stations and fleet carriers with the essential services: repair, rearm, and refuel.
  • Send !rrr in chat to find a station with repair, rearm and refuel services in the current system. Variations: !rrr deciat < 10 to search within a 10LY radius of Deciat.
  • Send !rrrfc in chat to find a fleet carrier with repair, rearm and refuel services in the current system. Variations: !rrrfc deciat < 10 to search within a 10LY radius of Deciat. Be sure to double check docking access rights before heading toward the resulting fleet carrier.

Improvements and bug fixes
  • Search features should now work in Colonia.
  • Search features' check for "lockdown" state wasn't done properly and could result in returning candidate stations with inaccessible services.
  • Fix on distance parameters for search features (e.g. !if < 20 should now work)
  • Extra tips added.
  • Treat Odyssey settlements as ambiguous results for Search features given inconsistent data on landing pad sizes, and some advertised services that actually don't exist (e.g. interstellar factors). Also, avoid returning Odyssey settlements to Horizons players.
  • Avoid returning Fleet Carriers as candidates for the !staging command.
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EDR V1.7.0 "Amano Shrimp" is out

New feature
Ship locker and backpack assessment, because 68% of odyssey materials is not worth keeping...

odyssey materials assessment.JPG

Odyssey comes with a lot of new materials, most of it has no known use (i.e. useless materials) and some of it is only required for unlocking engineers (i.e. becoming unnecessary materials). EDR will now tell you which materials are Useless or Unnecessary, so that you can either discard them from your backpack to make room for more useful stuff, or sell them at the bar, or exchange them (especially the Unnecessary ones) with other players.

EDR will show a material assessment when the following events occur:
- Collecting a new material
- Discarding a new material (so that you know what else can be discarded)
- Selling some material (ditto)
- Transferring materials from/to your ship locker (so that you know what else can be discarded to make room)
- Sending !eval locker or !eval backpack will show the top 3 useless and unnecessary items.

The assessment will show:
- The total count for a given item (e.g. Opinion Polls (11))
- The category of a given item to make it easier to find (e.g. Opinion Polls (DAT:11)). DAT: data, GDS: goods (aka items), CNS: consumables, : assets (aka components).
- If the material is from the backpack, you will see how many you have in your backpack and in total (e.g. Opinion Polls (DAT:2/13))

Caveat: some materials are only sellable at Bars in Anarchy but the feature currently doesn't make that distinction. Also, double check with the latest information (e.g. on before getting rid of an useless/unnecessary material. Please file a bug if you find any discrepancies.

EDR should auto-update itself on shutdown but if you need to grab the latest release:
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