Release ED Recon: an EDMC plugin for traders and bounty hunters in Elite: dangerous

V1.0.5 "Marshallest"
Bug fix release for 1.0.4

  • more robust auto-update (creates updates and backup folder if missing)
  • fixed localization oversights resulting in too long labels
  • fixed failures of the search function when handling temporary (null) systems
  • fixed an incorrect test for shipyard and outfitting in the landing guidance feature
  • fixed incorrect fall-backs for missing or n/a station data that resulted in incorrect "available" display issues.
EDR 1.0.6 "Sheltered" released!
New Features
  • Landing map for Farseer Inc in Deciat.
  • Extensible map system for landing guidance.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where user configuration files for the alternate display weren't picked up.

map farseer zoom.png
What version of EDMC has to be installed? I have EDMC 3.4.3 (under Linux), copied the EDR files to the plugin folder but the plugin is not activated.
Not sure but 3.4.3 might be the python 3 version of EDMC, and EDR is still python 2. You may want to download an older version of EDMC.
So, EDMC / Python version is correct.

I haven't used Python 2.7 much, so I have more or less only the base system installed. Do I need any additional python libs installed?
I think I found the problem: the line 'from audioffedback import AudioFeedback' (line 21 of file failes because the file '' creates the class AudioFeedback only for the platforms darwin and win32 but not for Linux. Any chance to have Linux added too there?
EDR 1.0.7 "Cullinan" released!
Existing EDR user: 1.0.7 will auto-update when you close EDMC, just give it a few minutes.
New features
- Low Temperature Diamonds mining stats: maximize your efficiency and credits!

mining stats.png

- Fleet Carrier support: landing guidance, support for fleet carrier jump and repairs events.

Bug Fixes
- Reminder for limpets was sometimes failing
- Duplicated T in T-01h02m labels, e.g. outlaw sightings.
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