Release - Elite Dangerous Astrometrics

Introducing, Elite: Dangerous Astrometrics.

Elite: Dangerous Astrometrics is a website devoted to providing maps, graphs, charts, and data extracted from the Elite: Dangerous game, via player submissions to, via programs such as ED-Discovery.

It started out as an experiment, downloading the EDSM data dumps and building a local copy of the database, and then attempting to make some visualizations. This rapidly grew into a wide range of maps and graphs.

The name "Astrometrics" is intended in the Star Trek: Voyager sense of the term, relating to cartography and visualizations, as well as data and analysis, rather than the real world "Astrometry" which refers to precision measurements of stellar objects in the sky.

(FYI, there's a thread in the Exploration section for this as well, where the discussions originally started)

  • Maps of discovered systems and bodies
  • Additional maps breaking out systems by mass codes, stars by age group or type, etc.
  • Charts and Graphs of body distributions
  • Spreadsheets of rare or interesting subtypes
  • Videos of exploration history recorded by EDSM
  • Video creator to animate your own exploration history
  • Exploration tips, and ship configuration templates
Some examples:

(click for expanded views)

My own exploration history, created on the website:


Star class distribution:

Visited/Discovered star systems:

Discovered systems history heatmap:

Riding along with the Gnosis got me some up-close encounters with Thargoid Hydras, so I've updated the compass rose to use their nice 4-pointed outline instead of a Cyclops.

A truly amazing bit of work Commander!
I’m on PS4 do you know if there is anything I can do to get my journey logs in a similar fashion?
Once again....brilliant utility, I especially like your builds. Who would have thought the Krait could be so jumpy lol!
Video Length

Is there a way how i can increase the number of jumps in the travel vids? Because i am missing about 17k jumps or so. I know there is the 18k frames limit but my vid stopped at 12k frames?!
Hi there! I can bump up the limit a bit. But mainly the way to get more into it, is to increase the speed in the settings. When it allows more jumps per second, that lets the video include more.

Looking at the program, it looks like I wasn't tracking frames correctly, in that it wasn't taking into account the video speed quite right. I've fixed that, so it should now allow 36k frames total.
If you don't mind sharing, where did you get your overlay for the galactic regions? I tried to find a clean map of the new regions a while ago, but the only one I could find was also overlaid with the community regions as well.
Thanks for making such a brilliant site and utility. It really is invaluable. I don't suppose you'd consider creating a new map category just for Earth-likes, would you? It would be interesting to see where humanity could flee to, if it had to emigrate from the Thargoids.
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