EDDiscovery - Exploration Tool for PC Users. Journal, 3dMap, Voice

This thread is about using EDD for exploration. See the player tools thread for support.

ED Discovery is a Windows Application which assists you in piloting in the Elite Dangerous universe. Started by Commander Finwen, it has been greatly expanded in the last few years by a team of programmers who have added many features. Originally only a explorers tool, since Elite 2.2 and journals it has many more features which warrant a post in this section because its useful for all commanders, whatever your profession!

Major Features:

  • History of your journey through Elite
  • Speech output - make your computer speak as you scan, fight, dock, land. Add NPC voices.
  • Free Voice Control - control Elite using your microphone! Install the FVC action pack, make sure you have key bindings set in elite for items you wish to voice control, and talk away! Over 140+ voice commands built in!
  • Inara integration
  • EDSM integration (11.0 adds an EDSM web panel)
  • 2D and 3D Maps from EDSM Data
  • Search EDSM star data
  • Combat, Trading panels
  • Overlay panels which can be layed over the Elite screen to provide extra in game visual data
  • More than 30+ panels of information on combat, trading, exploration, star data, ship loadout
  • Expedition, Exploration and Route Planning
  • Corolis and ED Shipyard export of your ship
  • New for 11.0 is a webserver - this gives you a ROCCAT style grid on your tablet to control your ship by.
Note Mac support is now suspended and the Mac version on Github is out of date.

See our wiki with a full help guide. Talk to us and other users directly using Discord.

See release history for detailed information on EDD history.


EDD supports add on packs that can be installed individually and which expand ED Discovery. The add on packs themselves are customisable as they are written in a simple programming language.

The main pack is the voice pack, which reads out the journal entries as they happen in your chosen windows text to speech voice. Voice recognition pack is available, as above. Customisable keyboard shortcuts packs are also available if you wish to use tools such as voice attack to control ED. Other packs are available, check your in program add-on menu.

EDD now also supported 3rd party DLL integration for the adventurous programmers out there.

ED Discovery look is fully customisable, you choose the layout, you choose the colours. We include some default themes to get you going, the one shown here is Elite Veranda.

The User Interface featuring multiple information tabs, multiple panels per tab:

Customisable Pop outs, both transparent (so you can place them over ED and have them in game) and non transparent, covering information that you need for exploration:


And for engineering/exploring:

ED Discovery features a 3d star map of commanders visited systems, courtesy of EDSM. You can pan and zoom, click, see information on your trip and on each star:

ED Discovery integrates with EDSM, EDDN, Elite Galaxy Online, EDDB, Inara. It can send your journey to EDSM and retrieve information from EDSM from your account. It can send your information (scans etc) to EDDN for upload to the tools which use this. It will update Inara on your current state of play. It will inform EGO about your amazing discoveries.

Over 30+ panels of data is available, giving you data on your ships, their loadouts, your commodities and materials. It has panels to allow you to plan an expedition, plan a exploration star set, plan a route through the galaxy.

It has panels which can be transparent and can be overlayed on top of your Elite Dangerous Borderless window to provide HUD like features.

A screenshot converter allows you to convert those pesky BMPs from ED or steam into a PNG and give them a decent name. Route planners allow you to plan your trip. Your history can be filtered for view, individually on each tab/pop out, showing only the events you want to see or using a advanced filter to remove events on a much more individual basis (npc chatter for instance).

ED Discovery can be downloaded from here. We support both stable builds, and beta builds, each individually installable. We also support portable builds where you can place the data where you want it.

This is an free open source project, you can inspect the code at github. No code is hidden. All is available for you to build or inspect.. We welcome contributions to the code base and user reports of any issues, either at our discord or via Github issues.

This software uses the Apache V2 license and is (C) EDDiscovery team 2015-2018. It is provided without warrantee and with no liability, as per the license.
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+1 for this. I found it after just staring off on my first exploration trip. Invaluable tool. Amazed at what you guys can do for the community
Very happy to see an EDDiscovery thread back on the exploration forum. Exploring the galaxy would not be the same without it :)
Prob do it Friday.. all the new data is in it, just waiting to see if any more comes in for inclusion ..

Next year i have a lot of stuff in plan.. one of which is a much improved 3dmap..
New thread, hooray much appreciated, I was alarmed slightly that when the old one was moved that it would become a seldom visited dust covered relic of a once great and thriving dicsussion, look forward to the new release for 3.3 update
That's good, to know this is the new forum. Hopefully the the 3D map improvement will make it faster. I for some reason have a bad lag using it with all the stars and paths shown for some reason, and I have a fast computer too...
The 3dmap is using out of date GL technology.. the new one will be using shaders. But thats for next year.
Will that improve performance in the 3D map? I rarely use it now because its so sluggish to use on my pc, I use the map on the EDSM website instead.
I hope so - it will use the graphics processor to do most of the work, unlike the current version.

Remember you can reduce the computational load on the current version by disabling stuff..
Yeah, the only real bugaboo for me in EDD is the 3D map. I don't really use it because I find it fairly cumbersome to use as is, so am very much looking forward to a revamp.

Just some ideas of my own for it, which may be entirely possible as it is right now, and I am just missing how to do it, but I would love to see some easier to use, and more robust filters that would allow me to say display only systems I have visited, display only specific star types, only systems at specific ranges above or below the plain, things such as that.
Unfort. we can't do star types - we don't have that data. EDSM may have some, but it will not be full and reliable as star data type was not logged until recently.
What about locations on planet? FSS does show number of locations on planet when you scan it but I didn't saw any data in log. Could you poke FDev about it?

And maybe create another EDD appreciation thread? All these "+1, this is great tool" posts will make this thread convoluted and messy.
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