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He's talking about the main Dashboard tab, that one automatically refreshes the data every ten seconds if you leave it active.
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For some reason my carrier isnt displayed right on edsm. The system its currently in is right but the ID is wrong. Its currently in Syrivoo NT-I c9-1 and shown as QNF-L3Z when it should be K2G-BVT, which according to edsm doesnt even exist so neither the market nor the services that are online can be displayed in edsm.
Im using EDDiscovery
"Dashboard", sorry! Using russian interface, didn't double-checked this
Ah, no problem, thanks for the reply! :)

Unfortunately that didn't seem to help.. I left it on the Dashboard tab for a while and it seemed to update all my exploration stats. But just today I opened the page and the Exploration tab once again shows "refresh the page to calculate 1 of the remaining 69 days". So for some reason the website doesn't seem to save my exploration stats between sessions.

I am currently on a long expedition; I'm pretty sure 69 days is the last time I docked. But I have turned off the option to "Delay scanned celestial bodies until docked", so I expected it to update the stats anyway.

It would be nice if it would "remember" them, but I guess I can just refresh the page a bunch of times each time I want to view my stats.
Is there a more up to date documentation for the API? Some of the responses are supplying more info than the website mentions. For example what is the shipFuel value in the Commander's Last Position response and why is its value "null"? I presume it should return the percentage fuel left, but it is not because the tools that I use do not report it. What tools do?
Hello, I would like to have it confirmed again.

When selecting, ONLY the EDSM account/savefile is reseted / deleted, not the Elite Dangerous ingame account, right?

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How can I rid myself of the constant video advertising that plays on top of the page I'm trying to view? It makes the site nearly unusable.
Total hyperspace distance in dashboard hasn't been updated for 2 weeks already. Is there any way to fix it?
With me it’s the scanned value for planets that is not updating for a while now.
I am on a short round trip near the bubble but the credits value has been stuck since about a week now.
Everything else seems to be updating though.

I’m retracing my steps from my previous journey where i killed myself by slamming into a planet.
Maybe EDSM “sees” that i have already scanned those planets, as I have not been able to sell the data because i had killed myself?
I have noticed that EDSM can be a little slow to update. If you go to the "Dashboard" page. You will see it go through a 10 second update cycle. It can take several of these to gather all the information needed to give an accurate total. I have also seen the update time go negative, if you swap between windows, where it never updates. A gentle F5 will cure that issue.
Tonights play session was the same.
flight log was updating correctly, but the dashboard total distance didn’t.
However, the jump counter does change.
the value scanned was also still stationary until the last system i visited.
There the scanned value suddenly increased.
The system wasn’t a new one. Still one of those I visited in my previous tour that ended badly.

also F5’ing the page gently (or hammering it profusely) doesn’t work for me.
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