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I am one of the few guys in Italy who managed to reach Elite Status in First Contact...

Unfortunately I couldn't ask for a badge, then.

I was too young and naive to get past Competent in Frontier... :p

I think I still have the save file...
That Gal Cop telegram signed by Tony Beckwith; i wonder if that was the Tony Beckwith i worked with at Probe Entertainment? He started in the bedroom programming days!

Tony Beckwith was one of the guys working at BT/Firebird who coordinated the Elite competition, not sure what his real job title was. I have a bunch of letters and a few photographs from the time that might have him in the background...
Those badges are fantastic and you should be commended for keeping them safe all this time. I'm very envious, as my Elites were gained on CPC, Newkind & Oolite - no quarter of a century vintage bragging rights for me!

Unless I roll up my sleeves when E : D arrives...:cool:
It must be him - Started at Firebird:


I worked at Probe from 1996-1998; I was a motion capture technician :) He worked on "The Italian Job" as well, which i did the mo-cap for while i was working at Audiomotion :)

Yeah that must be the same Tony Beckwith I have Elite related letters from him between 85-87 which is a perfect match for his time spent at Telecomsoft/BT/Firebird.

His Elite letters where either signed 'On behalf of the ELITE Elders' or '1st President of GalCop' :)

Just imagine you where sitting beside the 1st president of the Galactic Co-operative of Worlds, the main man of the Elite galactic government, and you never knew it ;)

Looking at his game credits.... and I see Split/Second from 2010 I loved that game and played it to death a real twist on the racing genre, I was really dissapointed when I heard that the follow up game got canned and the studio closed down.
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Those badges are fantastic and you should be commended for keeping them safe all this time. I'm very envious, as my Elites were gained on CPC, Newkind & Oolite - no quarter of a century vintage bragging rights for me!

Unless I roll up my sleeves when E : D arrives...:cool:

Would it be rubbing salt into the wound to say that maybe the Elite badges are too common, and ask how many people have a personalised framed Order of Elite award :eek: :smilie:
Really dumb qustion I'm sure ..... but I have a 29 year old badge that means the world to me .. http://wouter.bbcmicro.net/pictures/software/elite_pins.jpg (the one on the left) .... any plans to continue this ? (a shiny new badge for shiny new Elite:Dangerous players that make it to Elite)

I would also love to have a physical badge once elite status has been achived but I am all for making my own :)

You are truely elite if you have an original elite status badge! Well done commander!
Just a thought but what about a self printed certificate generated by the game with a unique code and indication of how many pilots have already achieved it, it could include in small print any human pilots that were killed in your exploits or rather endevours but only list them once (just in case it looks very one sided)
Wow .. seems there are not that many about ... have been trying to get a nice photo of mine, sadly, despite canon 5d MkII + 100 mm Macro lens, by HTC desire has taken the best pic so far of mine (see avatar) ...
I shall endevor with the 21 MPixel camera to get you a pic with all the tiny nicks and scratches (lightling a shinny badge with black/red enabel I have discovered is very ..... frustrating ... think I might have to go 'old school' and take it outside [nothing like a cloudy day to light your subject enenly] )
Perhaps we original badge holders should get together in-game, a sort of old timers Elite. Go off every now and then helping out new players and searching the galaxy for the last of the original Elite.
Awesome. I never made it to Elite back in the day.
I really hope that Frontier will do something similar with ED. It's really something special! :)
I would seriously make a pay-pal pledge for a badge, on the condition I only got it when I actually made Elite in E: D :)
David has already mentioned that they don't have the molds for the badges so it's unlikely that you'll be seeing them anytime soon.

That said with all this modern new whoopdedoo technology I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

I have a laser cutter at work. I might see if I can have a crack at cutting out a logo sometime. We are getting a 3D printer sometime this year too so I might be able to come up with something.

(assuming I'm allowed to)
Forgive the nooby question here, but are they going to be issuing badges to players who achieve Elite Status in ED?
And does the line in the Kickstarter FAQ have any baring on its colour or is it talking about in game emblems??

From ED's Kickstarter FAQ:
Membership is offered to pilots who have proven their ability by reaching “Elite” rating within the Pilot’s Federation, but the founding members are not put through such an indignity. All “The Elite” are entitled to display a special silver “Elite” emblem, and the founders a golden one with the word ‘Founder’ beneath it.

The FAQ is talking about in-game emblems as I understand it, I'm not sure if they are a decal on your ship or a marker next to your name if you are in a chat environment (perhaps when on a station) but they are virtual, not real.
Ah boo, k thanks guys.
Still i hope that they will issue Elite Badges out to those who attain Elite Status.
I cannot find mine. :(

I am sure that the Spectrum 48K version had one. It had everything else.

Will check on ebay.

The badges we have did not come with the game. To get one you had to first reach Elite status and send your save game code to the publisher, Acorn in my case, which was verified and a badge sent out.
Frontier really need to bring these badges/medals back for those that reach Elite status :)

Also, a badge should be given to anyone with Elite Founder status too.
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