Release Elite Cougar MFD Cockpit Display - game changing new companion app

I've been putting off trying this because I was never happy with the screen kludges needed to light up the TM Cougar MFD, but I have found some displays that will mount under the MFD and allow my MFD's to remain attached to my Monstertech desk mounts.

They are not cheap, but for me this looks perfect. I have a pair on order but like everything else, it looks like 4 - 6 weeks to fill the order.

Email communication was fast and payment acknowledged promptly.

There's also a review on YT that was very positive that convinced me to take the plunge.


There area few more videos available

Not long to go now (this weekend) for the big release. This release focuses on giving CMDRs extra screens for information, and these screens are fully customisable with a visual editor. As long as the number of displays remain the same, then design changes will be instantly visible. You can now dynamically re-assign which roles goto each display, so for example Orrery to screen 3, Galaxymap to screen 4 and you can have upto 8 screens. However, screens #0 and #1 are fixed and can not be reassigned because these screens are dynamic in that they react to Elite's states and thus display game related activity data on as needed basis.

Version v1.600 Released
I'm please to announce a major release and set of fixes for Cougar Display.
  • Customisable information panels
  • Display role assignment
  • Up to 8 simultaneous displays
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated documentation

Version v1.610 Released
I'm please to announce a major release and set of fixes for Cougar Display.
  • Custom panel designer - better screen user interface handling width/height input
  • Custom panel - Materials - now shows materials of body when approaching orbital descent
  • FSS Discovery - now automatically updates when all bodies found event occurs
  • High gravity warning - planet approach
  • Heading overlay window - now maintains Z order when active
  • Better multimonitor support - detecting and repositioning of display windows out of bounds from any monitor

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