Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.2.07 incoming

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Fix Commander Stats for selling level 2 and level 3 survey scans

Can sombody explain how you do a level 2 or 3 scan?
Does this mean we have been doing level 2 & 3 scans without knowing it?

Excellent patch BTW
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Setup a remote connection with your phone. When i'm out and about and i notice there's an update i use my phone to control my computer and launch ED to update while im away.

I use a Galaxy Note 2 with a program like Chrome Remote Desktop. It works great.
Adfjusted Type 7 and Viper collision mesh to make them a bit harder to get stuck in the starport entrance cage

dont agree with bowing down to people crying.
game is called DANGER after all
Hope this does not include the ridiculous 200cr FF bounty.
Indeed, also interested in the problem that this is a fix for? Must have missed a memo. I've been known to accidentally clip a copper during the act of assisting them in their enquiries, and being a good citizen I always immediately head back to the nearest station to pay my dues. I'd consider it most unfair to be destroyed on my way to pay the fine.
uhhh so if i get a 200cr bounty from a stupid npc who flys in while im attacking a bounty or attacking a wanted ship before my scan finishes i have to go find a stupid outpost or risk my 1 mil insurance to get it reset, please clarify
Selling Level 2/3 Survey scans ??!

Does that mean this old mystery will finally be solved?
As I'm out on Discovery again - I'd sure like to know how to perform one in the 1st place...
(I'm unaware of anyone who would have found out so far)

I think they might be scans with normal and ADS? The only other stat was systems visited, I think. Maybe it's something new - as the Arissa goal is approaching it's end, I'm getting my Asp out to the expanse to explore again once I finish. Timing's just right for me if I need to get some new gear...
- Treat capital ships like players for assigning kills (prevent exploit)
- Don’t allow NPCs to kill steal by them hitting the powerplant

Praise the Sun \[T]/

This of course means that capital ships are now a bad thing to have in a conflict zone, but it's a lot better than what we had before...

- Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted. This is the same reaction with committing a violent crime near the station.

here is what I don't understand: Why aren't wanted players denied docking in the first place? do you not have to identify yourself when asking for docking permission and why not?

What sort of craziness is this? Please explain more.

How are we supposed to pay off fines if we can't dock?

Fines do not make you wanted, and therefore won't deny you docking permission.
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If I remember correctly a level 1 is the ping, level 2 is a normal scan of the surface and level 3 is a detailed scan of the surface.


The reason for all the questions is that there is a stat in the right panel for level 2 & 3 and they have always been zero, and we have got no explanation of them. So will they start to work now, or will they still be zero?
What sort of craziness is this? Please explain more.

How are we supposed to pay off fines if we can't dock?
Hello there

I lost my viper day before yesterday and one mill in bounties due to trusting auto dock and getting snagged on the cage whilst I fed my cat.

I, for one, welcome our overlord's changes.


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