Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.3.02 incoming

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I thought fuel was supposed to cost the same amount per tonne no matter which ship you have, and no matter how much fuel capacity you have?
Thanks for balancing the damage from interdictions (and emergency drops). With the prices of wear and tear, it was definitely out of balance. Hopefully this will fix it.
Something that seemed missing was the word "stability".
Hopefully this update will go some way towards improving the random disconnects introduced with 1.3 last Friday.
- Fix for resource extraction sites using repeating ships when spawning new ones
- Fix for the various intensities of RES locations. High, normal and low now mean high skill, medium skill and low skill, which they didn't before
Does this mean Combat Zones not RES?
I thought the RES was sposed to be high/low with regard to amount of resources against risk/reward when mining?
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- Reduced the amount of wear damage taken from emergency super cruise drops
- Reduced the amount of wear damage taken when interdicted

By how much though? i did 2 'hunt pirate' missions, interdicting most of them to do it at the time
Anaconda went from 100% integrity to 85%. it cost me 2.5 million to repair it to full
I got little over 1.6 million in bountys and the mission rewards. (800k+600k for missions. plus another 200k for bountys, give or take)
See a problem here? :|
Do either of these Fixes prevent the collectors blowing up randomly after 10 seconds worth of use at times, or when they are trying to dock their first collection to cargo bay? Last night in 3 different locations/scenarios in 2 different ships my friend had more than 6 drones expire in under 2 minutes once collecting containers i had abandoned for him, and then later whilst trying to mine.
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