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Bruce G

Greetings Commanders!

These forums are a space to discuss everything Elite Dangerous, and being the vast galaxy that it is, there's a lot to talk about. While we watch the forums to see what the latest is, we're not always able to show our presence and respond in each of the threads in all of the various sections.

To give you, our forum users, a direct line to speak with us, we've created this AMA ("ask me anything") style thread. Every Wednesday at 15:00 UTC one or more of the Community Managers will be here to answer your questions regarding any aspect of the game. You can ask us what we think of certain suggestions, what the progress is on a given project etc. whatever you wish. We hope you'll understand that sometimes we'll be limited in what we can say (before you ask for Odyssey spoilers), but will always be as open and direct as possible.

To prevent these sessions from turning into clearing a backlog each week, we'll only take questions posted after the session begins. When it's time for us to sign-off we'll let you know in our final reply, so if your question comes after that, it may not be answered. Make sure to post it again during the next session if this happens.

To keep the thread tidy and easy to read (for yourselves and us), we won't be allowing Commanders to reply to other Commanders' posts and replies to us. Any posts besides questions for us or replies to our answers will be removed.

We'll only accept one question per post - please don't post a bunch of questions in separate posts as these will be skipped. Instead, try to ask your most burning question and wait a while before posting another and use the interim to check other questions and answers to see if your queries are covered.

Keep an eye on News and Bulletins for the first AMA thread which will be posted at 15:00 UTC on Wednesday!

See you in the black,


UPDATE - thanks for joining us for the first AMA! We'll be hosting another this Wednesday at 15:00 UTC and the same time every week hereafter.
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(y) 🎉
I already know 4 questions off the top of my head I'd like answered.

I like the idea of this though, regular discourse with the community on the forums is something that can only be a good thing.

Agreed. Hoping for something more than Frontier Xtra provided.
o7 FDevs! Awesome thread, thank you!

(UPD: Ok I'll repost this later...)

1. My main question for the whole ED:
What's your opinion on player-driven economy and world in general?

I'll try to explain:
I know we have BGS, but I'm talking about more direct influence on the trading, mining, etc.
For example, to make market prices to 100% depends only on the player's activities. If player mine and sell a lot of painite - then it's price automatically will go down, then players switch to another activities - the price eventually go up.
It will require some actual simulation for production and usage of the commodities by NPCs/Stations though.

2. Second question (related to the first one):
Player crafting, modules and ships trading.

Did you ever consider such mechanics? Not just one-time consumables (restocks, injections), rather to be able to craft custom modules, even ships.
Or at least trade engineered modules between players? Maybe via Fleet Carrier services...

TL;DR: I desperately waiting for any player-driven meaningful systems in the game... Because BGS and Power Play (while they are player-driven indeed) they does not really affect the game in any meaningful way, e.g. no effect on regular activities.

Bonus question:
Raxxla. Is it currently accessible in the game for players?

Just Yes or No...
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