Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous Update 1.04 Change Log

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Great news, but I have to admit sometimes I find then change log entries a little... er... cryptic.

A translation into thickonese would be handy sometimes.
I guess these are some information for developers rather then for normal humans.
I need to bet on the meaning sometimes but it's ok for me :)
Why does this always happen, when i just decided to play again? :D
But it's nice, cruising around, getting this server broadcast about the impeding update and then log off in anticipation.
No it means if by some weird circumstance a station moves body or disappears you can load the game.

ah thank you.
hope you and the team had some great days off.
even if there was a release delay , I think you all at FD are doing great.
could you kiss David for me ?even if I'm a guy hahaha.
There are some online changes as well which Andy will post in his update, but one change is worth mentioning here - there should be an improvement in matchmaking that should mean you are more likely to see other players if they are in the same region as you.

Does this mean same region of space in-game, or same geographical region in real life?
Michael is it safe to travel through the galactic core now?

I've had two characters stuck out there since Christmas, one returned home by support but the other guy is still out there.... all alone, surrounded by bugged systems *sniff* :(
It means that when a mission has multiple consequences to the background sim then they are all applied rather than just the first one.

Thanks for keeping your word Michael and looking into the background sim. I have no doubt it is akin to looking into a bucket of wriggly worms. We appreciate this is going to take time to rule out all the bugs.

Big thanks from the Lugh Freedom Fighters

Lugh Lámhfhada abú!
"- When deciding if we should go hostile to a faction we just shot, consider whether the target has a local bounty rather than a bounty with their own faction. Prevent people being attacked by the police after attack nearby wanted targets"

Can someone describe this? I don't understand this sentence.
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