End of the Road

Thanks, Commanders - I've been cheered by the responses here! I thought all was lost until FD released a future update where materials could be transferred like fuel.

Below are a few quick pics from the system location:

As you can see, I am quite far out and at the edge. This would be some rescue if it could be pulled off!!!
Chiggy, I will send you a friend's request when I jump back into the game - have to sign off now as it is late and my nerves are shredded. Will be back on again tomorrow morning to mine as much as I can from the moon.

I would just like to take the moment to thank everyone for their support and encouragement - I was going to bite the proverbial and self-destruct out here. Now however this is turning into something as epic as the DWE.

I will videolog Chiggy's arrival and save it for posterity!

So now I am in a dead end bouncing between two systems, unable to boost, and with one planet I can land on that lacks Germanium - the one material I am missing.
Good luck for you, CMDR.

Just a question: You did not wrote anything about Jumponium Level 3? Do you have at least 3 Niobium and 1 Polonium left? If so, you have Arsenic and Yttrium on the planet....
Billions of people all over the Galaxy are now following your fate and the heroic effort to Save Cmdr Macedonia!

If this hit GalNet we can expect Trillions of souls praying for our heroes safe return.

One of the most famous rescues ever attempted!

And By GOD!! Sell the movie rights!! ( "The Martian" - scr*w you! This is the real epic rescue! )
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