Every thing currently wrong with Community challenge

So you're suppose to sign in and do nothing for 6-10 real life days just so you can afford a breeding pair of peacocks @3-500cc each? Sounds fun.

There are a bunch of ways you can make CC friend. You can find a lot in YouTube but here are few tips that worked for me:

Buy nike monitor pair... They give a bunch of kids, ostrich and warthogs are also a good source,
Once you get enough from them buy bengal tigers. After that you will never run out of CC unless you are really bad at this game.
These are the few points I would like to mention that I realised are wrong with the community challenge. I also do most of these things so I am also at fault, but I think something could be done to bring some change.

1. Instead of people coming together people start to compete.
What I understand from the description of community challenge is that people coming together to do the right thing. Instead all of us are just trying to be at the top. It is better than before that now the tier system is 10%, 30% and 75%, but still, I don't know what but something needs to be improved.

2. Price goes so high that people cannot buy.
This time during Pandamonium I was lucky enough to get started early and bought a few pair or pandas before their prices went high. But by the time I thought of adding new pandas to increase the gene pool most of the pandas were of 10000 cc, and their stats were not even half decent of what I already had. I think many who even want to take part, cannot take part because of this and the community is the one to blame for not letting them.(Me too as some were still buying them at 10000 cc, I too made a lot of cc).

Although I always try to avoid this, I am sometimes forced to do this as I cannot buy anymore animals either because their price is too high or I don't have any room left in storage.

4.Zoo going bankrupt
As everyone who has tried to breed more and more must have realised that guests do not donate for multiple habitat containing same species and thus it is hard to maintain the Zoo (although I was still making money by a secret technique :p), which is not in the spirit of a community challenge.

5. Not being able to enjoy other aspects of the game.
Out of 7 days of the week about 3 to 4 days I only play to be at the top tier in the community challenge so I'm not able to have much experience of the creative side. I know everyone can decide how to play, but I want to enjoy creating along with taking part in Community challenge. But right now community challenge is so competitive that I cannot make time for anything else. If it would be clear that reaching the top bar means you are in top 10% then it would be really helpful for me.

I know that most of these things depend on the players but still if some of these can be addressed, I would really appreciate that.
To be honest, all of the above mentioned points are the exact reason why I don't participate.

Everytime I see the community challenge, I'm like: "Cool, but I have a zoo to run, no time for that".
I had to chime in here because of this one line. You don't always have that option because people buy the cheap animals and resell them at ridiculous prices so basically the only ones available are priced ridiculously. At least they are every time I have even tried to play franchise. It's stupid how much CC you need just to get some basic animals.
I'm always able to buy Frontier animals when the release to wild events are running. It's boring to spam refresh the market until a Frontier animal pops up but they're pretty frequent (and I do mean spam refresh). It can take anywhere between 5-40 seconds I'd say (unless the Frontier trade listing are broken which was an issue in some of the early events).

I have never, ever, seen an animal has already been sold message when buying from Frontier, even when I wait to decide if I want the animal - I can only assume other people can't buy the Frontier Zoo animals you see (but I could have a bug/or just have been super lucky with the hundreds I've bought for events so far).

I do think Frontier should have a separate animal market from the player market so it's easier to buy non-player animals (but the current one's so buggy I doubt that's viable).

So you're suppose to sign in and do nothing for 6-10 real life days just so you can afford a breeding pair of peacocks @3-500cc each? Sounds fun.
You are joking, right? I can see 4 listed for cash and the rest are 5 CC per animal on my first market search. You can buy 80 all stat peacocks for 20CC at the moment. If you're not seeing any cash listings for peacocks I'd submit a bug ticket, as it sounds like your animal market is broken.
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Everybody can buy the cheap ones. Just click and enter, when you see one. I got myself a nice herd for the challenge tomorrow, all below 1000, and some of them even below the 100. You need to be careful, let the others hasty click, just take it easy and slowly you get the routine: Check age, check genes, click and enter. If you don't get the animal, don't worry. There are more where these came from.
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