Everything We Know about Engineers and Materials in Oddessey

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  • If you have additional information on an engineer, please include screenshot evidence. If its a new engineer not on this list, a full account of what they offer and the costs would be appreciated.
  • If you have additional information on the location of resources, please include: a screenshot of where you found the item; a screenshot of the system info for the system you found it in; a screenshot of the settlement info for the settlement you found it in; the type of room and container you found it in.

I've been spending the past few days collating information on the engineers, how to unlock them, and how to get the materials for their upgrades. So, first off, the very basics:
  1. Odyssey engineers have three stages, but these are different from the horizons engineers. First is finding out about them, second is doing a task for an invite from them. Unlike horizons engineers, as soon as you receive an invite, you are able to go to them for engineering. The third stage is then providing them a resource to be informed about a new engineer.
  2. There are three types of engineers, Force, Dynamic, and Strategic. Force engineers provide damage focused mods, strategic provide capacity and range type mods, and dynamic provide more miscellaneous improvements.
  3. The game now randomly generates surface sites on inhabited planets, located by the DSS. These operate like FSS signal sources, though they don't have visible timers, and are randomly generated periodically on the client. Additionally, these surface sites are a mix of already existing horizons content and odyssey content. While the horizons and odyssey sites annoyingly often share names, a site with a threat level will always be oddessey content, so these are what you should seek out for material gathering.
  4. A huge variety of materials are easily available by looting settlements after doing a restore/reactivate mission at that site. The materials at disabled settlements are not marked as stolen, and restore/reactivate missions give you grade 3 access, so you have full access to the facility already. Assets are found in unlocked containers and scattered in the world; Goods are found in locked containers; Data is found from data terminals located on the walls in various locations in bases. The loot table for all 3 is determined by the type of room they are located in.
Now, onto how to unlock the engineers. As of writing (as far as I am aware), nobody has managed to unlock any of the engineers other than the public knowledge ones.


  1. Common Knowledge
  2. Travel 100ly total in shuttles. (Trivial.)
  3. Knowledge of new engineer: 5 Push. (Push is easily obtained from "irregular markers" surface POIs that have a threat level, but can also be found at crashed ships in low security systems.) This gives knowledge of Kit Fowler.


  1. Learn of from Domino Green
  2. Sell 10 Opinion Polls to bartenders. (Opinion polls are rarely found from dormitory data terminals. Tourist settlements tend to have a lot of that terminal type. With this reduced to 10, this is far more reasonable now.)
  3. Knowledge of new engineer: Knowledge of new engineer: 5 Surveillance Equipment (fairly common good found in security) Gives Knowledge of Yarden Bond.


  1. Learn of from Kit Fowler
  2. Sell 8 Smear Campaign from bartenders. (As of Update 5 these have been showing up. I suspect they only spawn in anarchy faction controlled settlements. Testing pending. Try anarchy faction controlled tourist settlements, in the habitat data ports.)
  3. End of Domino Green Line


  1. Common knowledge
  2. Complete 10 Ground Conflict Zones. (Self Explanitory. Working fine with latest update.)
  3. Knowledge of new engineer: 15 Settlement Defense Plans. (These are extremely rare, found on command, security, and crashed skimmer data terminals The crashed skimmers can sometimes be found at irregular marker sites, which can be relog spammed. This took me four hours.)


  1. Learn of from Hero Ferrari
  2. Sell a total of 25 Multimedia Entertainment, Classic Entertainment, and Cat Media.
  3. Knowledge of new engineer: 5 Insight Entertainment Suite. (Very common good located in almost all locations.) Gives knowledge of Uma Laszlo.


  1. Learn of from Wellington Beck
  2. Reaching Unfriendly reputation or lower with Sirius Corporation. (Good opportunity to Sirius of power regulators through support missions.)
  3. End of Hero Ferrari Line


  1. Common Knowledge
  2. Complete 10 Restore/Reactivate missions. (This is time consuming but not difficult. Settlements being disabled is tied to BGS, if the system you are in has no missions available nearby, move to another system.)
  3. Knowledge of new engineer: 5 Genetic Repair Meds. (These are a good rarely found in locked containers in medical and processing rooms.) Gives knowledge of Terra Velasquez.


  1. Learn of from Jude Navarro
  2. Complete 6 Covert Heist and Covert Theft Missions. (Patch 2 Fixed this.)
  3. Knowledge of new engineers: 15 Financial Projections. (Yet another dormitory data type.)


  1. Learn of from Terra Velasquez
  2. Sell a total of 20 Biological Sample, Employee Genetic Data, and Genetic Research to bartenders. (All found in agricultural labs.)
  3. End of Jude Navarro Line

Next, we have what mods the known engineers offer (with in-game descriptions), and their material costs. Additional mods are known to exist from pre-upgraded items in shops, but I will not include them here until their engineer is known.

Mod list has been removed as they are now available on Inara.

Information on where to find materials for mods in proceeding post.
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Assets fall into three categories, chemical, tech, and circuits. Items within the same catergory can be freely traded between via the bartender. They spawn in settlements by catergory, for example, laboratories tend to have chemical assets, while manufacturing rooms tend to have tech, and circuits are most common from cutting open panels on crashed ships and SRVs. As they can be easily traded and obtained by the hundreds from restore missions, they are trivial to obtain for engineering and will not be listed here.
  • Relogging at a settlement will prevent any non-mission assets, goods, and data from spawning. You must despawn the settlement to reset this.

Goods are obtained only from locked containers and lockers in settlements or from containers at crash sites. There are a few goods that are specifically obtained as mission items, or within containment units in settlements. As far as I'm aware, these are all only used for missions, with the notable exception of power regulators.
Power Regulators
Power regulators can be obtained in two ways: crashes and mission rewards. Destroyed SRVs, crashed ships, and one of the crashed satellite models will all have one or more large panels that can be cut open for some circuits and a slot containing a power regulator. This regulator has a very small chance of being functional. While regulators can be farmed using this, mission rewards are likely faster and more reliable, as the odds of a functional regulator are extremely low.
  • While reloging at settlements prevents other things from spawning, it does not prevent the circuits and power regulator inside SRVs from spawning.
  • The regulator can be targeted while still inside from the SRV, allowing you to immediately check if its functional without opening the panel.
Schematics are fairly common as mission rewards, which is nice as a reliable method of obtaining them. They can also be found in command center and power center lockers. Look for settlements with large seperate command buildings, as that layout has a large locker which will commonly have many schematics. Military settlements reliably have this building type. Weapon schematics specifically can also be obtained from irregular markers and the large cargo containers around crashed anacondas.
Weapon Schematics
An efficient method of farming specifically weapon schematics was found by Node. Under procurement can be found larceny missions which require you to go to a mission specific irregular markers site. At these sites, so long as you do not take the mission item, relogging will respawn the items in the other containers on site.

Biochemical Agent (Illegal)Irregular Markers, Crashed Ships
Building SchematicCommand
Cast FossilExtraction
Chemical SampleLaboratory
Compact LibraryMost Locations, common in Dormitory
Compression-Liquefied GasPower Plant, Industrial, Laboratory, Mission Reward
Deep Mantle SampleExtraction
Degraded Power RegulatorSee Power Regulator Section
G-MedsMedical, Crashed Ships, Mission Reward
Genetic Repair MedsMedical, Extraction (Processing Room)
Health MonitorMedical, Crashed Ships, Mission Reward
Hush (Illegal)Irregular Markers, Crashed Ships
Inertia CanisterPower Plant, Industrial, Laboratory, Agriculture
InfinityMost Locations, common in Dormitory
InsightMost Locations, common in Dormitory
Insight Data BankMost Locations, common in Dormitory
Ionized GasPower Plant, Industrial, Laboratory
Lazarus (Illegal)Irregular Markers, Crashed Ships
Microbial InhibitorLaboratory, Agriculture
Nutritional ConcentrateLaboratory, Agriculture
Personal ComputerMost Locations, common in Dormitory
Personal DocumentsMost Locations, common in Dormitory
Petrified FossilExtraction
Power RegulatorSee Power Regulator Section
PushIrregular Markers, Crashed Ships
Sales RecordsDormitory
Ship SchematicCommand, Power Plant
Suit SchematicCommand, Power Plant, Mission Reward
Surveillance EquipmentSecurity, Mission Reward
Synthetic GenomeAgriculture
Synthetic Pathogen (Illegal)Irregular Markers, Crashed Ships
True Form FossilExtraction
Universal TranslatorMost Locations, common in Dormitory
Vehicle SchematicCommand, Power Plant
Weapon SchematicCommand, Power Plant, Irregular Markers, Mission Reward

Data is by far the limiting factor on engineering mods. Many data materials are available from mission rewards in decent quantites, but several vital ones do not seem to be. Furthermore data terminals seem to have very large pools of possible data and are far less common than the massive quantity of lockers from which assets and goods are found, as well as taking time to download, sometimes several minutes.
Manufacturing Instructions
Manufacturing Instructions have been made far more common after the alpha. They can also now be found in a very wide variety of data ports. Known locations include: Industrial, Extraction, Crashed Satellite, Laboratory, and mission rewards. They can be farmed by finding a crashed satelite at an impact site POI, and relogging to reroll the data port, but it may be more efficient to get them from mission rewards as they are available in decent numbers from those.
Accident LogsDormitory
Air Quality ReportsDormitory, Power Plant, Mission Reward
Atmospheric DataCrashed Satellite, Mission Reward
Audio Logs?, Mission Reward
AX Combat LogsSecurity
Ballistics DataSecurity, Mission Reward
Biometric DataMedical, Mission Reward
Blood Test ResultsMedical
Campaign PlansDormitory
Cat MediaDormitory
Census DataDormitory
Chemical Experiment DataLaboratory, Mission Reward
Chemical FormulaeLaboratory
Chemical InventoryLaboratory, Agriculture, Mission Reward
Chemical PatentsLaboratory
Classic EntertainmentDormitory
Clinical Trial RecordsLaboratory, Mission Reward
Cocktail RecipesDormitory
Combat Training MaterialSecurity, Dormitory, Mission Reward
Combatant PerformanceSecurity, Mission Reward
Conflict HistorySecurity
Criminal RecordsSecurity
Culinary RecipesDormitory
Digital DesignsDormitory, Mission Reward
Duty RotaSecurity, Power Plant
Employee DirectoryDormitory
Employee ExpensesDormitory
Employee Genetic DataAgriculture, Laboratory
Employment HistoryDormitory
Evacuation ProtocolsDormitory, Mission Reward
Exploration JournalsDormitory
Extraction Yield DataExtraction, Mission Reward
Faction AssociatesDormitory
Faction Donator ListDormitory
Faction NewsDormitory
Financial ProjectionsDormitory
Gene Sequencing DataLaboratory, Agriculture, Medical, Mission Reward
Genetic ResearchLaboratory, Agriculture, Mission Reward
Geological DataExtraction
Incident LogsSecurity
Influence ProjectionsDormitory
Internal CorrespondenceDormitory
Job ApplicationsDormitory
Literary FictionDormitory
Maintenance LogsPower Plant, Agriculture, Mission Reward
Manufacturing InstructionsSee Manufacturing Instructions Section
Medical RecordsMedical
Meeting MinutesDormitory
Mineral SurveyExtraction, Mission Reward
Mining AnalyticsExtraction, Mission Reward
Multimedia EntertainmentDormitory
Network Access HistoryDormitory
Next of Kin RecordsDormitory
NOC Data?, Mission Reward
Operational ManualSecurity, Laboratory, Medical Mission Reward
Opinion PollsDormitory
Patient HistoryMedical
Patrol RoutesSecurity, Mission Reward
Payroll Information?
Personal LogsDormitory
Pharmaceutical PatentsMedical, Command
Photo AlbumsDormitory
Political AffiliationsDormitory
Production ReportsIndustrial, Mission Reward
Production ScheduleIndustrial, Mission Reward
Purchase RecordsAgriculture
Purchase ReportsDormitory, Medical
Purchase RequestsAgriculture
Radioactivity DataPower Plant, Mission Reward
Reactor Output ReviewPower Plant, Mission Reward
Recycling LogsDormitory
Residential DirectoryDormitory
Risk Assessments?, Mission Reward
Security ExpensesSecurity, Mission Reward
Seed GenealogyAgriculture
Settlement Assault PlansCommand, Mission Reward
Settlement Defense PlansSecurity, Command, Crashed Skimmer
Spectral Analysis DataLaboratory, Mission Reward
Stellar Activity LogsCrashed Satellite, Agriculture, Mission Reward
Tactical Plans?, Mission Reward
Tax RecordsDormitory
Travel PermitsDormitory
Troop Deployment RecordsSecurity, Mission Reward
Union MembershipPower Plant
Virology DataLaboratory
Visitor RegisterDormitory
Weapon InventorySecurity, Mission Reward
Weapon Test DataSecurity, Mission Reward

This list is very incomplete, and there seems to be a large amount of overlap on where data can be found. Help expanding it would be appriciated.
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I see a lot of these data items as mission rewards if you check the Mission Boards inside stations and settlements. Some of the items needed to unlock engineers too.

I really hope this is not true because despite Piers' claim that items will only be marked as stolen when someone sees you pick them up it is not true.
I can be alone in a corridor taking some things and they are immediately flagged as stolen.
The same goes for crashed sites with a container. There is absolutely no one around and items are already flagged as stolen with a message that they will be discovered by a security scan.

If I wouldn't be able to use them then they are useless.

Here's the link:
Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1002691212?t=00h32m35s
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Admittedly I have not tested this since the alpha. It was an issue in the alpha, where they were displayed as availible resources in upgrades, but could not actually be used. If someone can provide evidence to the contrary, that would be helpful.
Settlement defence plans can be obtained rarely from Irregular Markers [Threat 2/3]. You can reset these.

They take 90s to download. Prepare for battle, you can see up to 6+6 scavs here.

Admittedly I have not tested this since the alpha. It was an issue in the alpha, where they were displayed as availible resources in upgrades, but could not actually be used. If someone can provide evidence to the contrary, that would be helpful.
This is old information.

I've upgraded with stolen stuff since Alpha 2. It was a bug.
Suit schematics and weapon schmatics are often found in locked lockers in PWR; reactor rooms too by me
And what about the tasks for Terra Velasquez will be repaired? and when? Thank you
It has been reported as a bug, but the more people who report and upvote the bug the faster it'll get fixed. Just log into the issue tracker and search Terra Velasquez, then add your note and upvote.
havent read anything past the second post.

power regulators:easiest method(while mission items can still be used), cancel restore missions and pay 100k, keep mission item(they sell too)
suit schematic(havent found these on foot yet, just building and vehicle schemes...):salvage missions, cancel afteer you return to pay the 100k fine

someone on the forums said they were able to use mission items for upgrades, im still working toward g4 mav, so i cant prove this.
havent read anything past the second post.

power regulators:easiest method(while mission items can still be used), cancel restore missions and pay 100k, keep mission item(they sell too)
suit schematic(havent found these on foot yet, just building and vehicle schemes...):salvage missions, cancel afteer you return to pay the 100k fine

someone on the forums said they were able to use mission items for upgrades, im still working toward g4 mav, so i cant prove this.

I've used loads of mission items, and I think it's great and I really, really hope that Frontier don't "fix" what isn't broken here.
Just unlocked Hero Ferrari after 18 low and medium conflict zones in Hou Hsien followed by numerous log outs.

Hero's page shows only 5 (five) Settlement Defence Plans need to share knowledge of next Odyssey engineer as of 03 Jun 21.

p.s. I used 7 mission Power Regulators (along with 3 mission reward Power Regulators) to upgrade my Mav suit to G4 so yes, mission items can be used for upgrades.


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Some of the ingredients for mods vary depending on which suit/weapon you are modifying. e.g. for laser weapons you might need Microcapacitors whereas for kinetic you'll need Weapon Components. The Wiki makes the same mistake of listing just one recipe for each mod.
  • Relogging at a settlement will prevent any non-mission assets, goods, and data from spawning. You must despawn the settlement to reset this.
Could someone explain what "despawning" is, and how it is different to re-logging, please? As well as how to do it.

Great write up and information, +1 OP.
I believe that means you need to get far enough away from the settlement for the instance to reset. Probably quickest to go up to supercruise and back down.
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